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I'm struggling.

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Well, I gave up. Mostly because I just couldn't make myself care about what happened to the characters.

Ronnie Jen There's a distinct difference between the way men and women view this book. It's interesting.. but far from great.

Little Essentially it's a love story. And stereotypically, yes, women like love stories more than men do. (Actually, women like love stories more than actual men, but I digress.) Good sci-fi always looks at deeper issues through the lens of an alternate or future reality. Often those deeper issues are the essance of humanity, goodness and evil, the repercussions of government ideals, whatever. The Time Traveler's Wife looks at the deeper issue of love. If you're not too interested in love, forget about it. I mean, if you're not too interested in government Brave New World won't hold much interest. If you don't care about the issue, a new lens to view it is as borring as the old lens.

Paul Duncan Zac - I recommend that you listen to the Audio CD if you're struggling - the Audio is read by both a male and female narrator and moves very smoothly. This is how I was first introduced to the book (plus my particular interest in the time-travel theme and it's compelling cover art).

I found it well worth the time. I'm a sucker for a good love story, especially with some sci-fi shoved into the mix.

Marisol I agree Zac. I'm a woman, and although women are supposed to like love stories more than men, I just couldn't get through this one.

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Vee I actually loved the book, it stills my favorite one till this day. I agree with Zac that listening to the audiobook makes a difference since it is read by a man and a woman, I like the version read by William Hope.

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Jen If I'm desperatly trying to get through a book and it's just not hitting like I wish it would, I go audio (see Paul's note on Message 5). I read this one AND listened to it - I'll be honest in saying that, in this case, I preferred the audio by far. Just reading it, I might have given it 3 stars. After listening, it's a 5 star all the way.

Lily Anne If you're going to try to read this book, I'd recommend that you try to move through it as quickly as possible (with all that time travel, some of the plot points get confusing if you're not paying attention). I agree with the other comments that it's more a love story than a science fiction piece. I don't think it's particularly well-written, but I did find the concept fascinating - the idea that you could still fall in love with someone who's supposedly "destined" to be your one and only in life.

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Joe If you're not into love stories I would suggest putting it down and moving on to something else. Although it is an engaging and unique take on a love story, that's all you're going to get: a straight forward love story. I was deeply disappointed when I finished reading this because I was expecting so much more, like the husband was going to thwart an assasination attempt or something equally thrilling and suspenseful and bit more sci-fi. Not the case. After I got over the initial shock of this being a love story and nothing more, I realy liked it for its orginality alone. However, if you're expecting something sci-fi and are not into love stories I say move on.

message 10: by Joe (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joe Don't get me wrong. After I had a chance to process what I had read (and getting over the initial disappointment of it being a love story) I truly enjoyed it and have recommended it to others with the caveat that it's an unique love story but nothing more than that. I admit there is a lot to the plot and sometimes you really had to work to make the connections but I enjoyed that. I like it when books and movies make you work for the plot and don't spoon feed every detail to you .

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Salma You know, everyone was raving about this book and I know people who never read anything who say they couldn't put it down. I tried picking it up a couple of times and it just didn't speak to me. But I think I'm going to give it another try.

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Becca Becca I strongly dislike this book. It's just too cornball for me and there are WAY too many plot holes. Are you just supposed to shut your brain off and not ask questions as to "how"? I dunno, I couldn't succeed in doing that.

I pretty much stopped reading when the time traveler was talking about going back in time so he could do himself. I'm sorry, but how am I supposed to take that seriously?

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Salma What?? Do himself? I'm intrigued...anyway, I haven't read the book so I can't make an educated comment, but if so many people found it boring, with plot holes, etc. why on earth did it make bestseller lists for so long?

Little Because for every person who hated it there were 2 people like me who loved it. It's science fiction, so the basic premise of the book involves a willful suspension of disbelief. For example, to read the book Animal Farm you have to imagine animals having political aspirations. It’s not realistic, but it’s the basic premise of the book, so if you can’t just swallow that fiction, you’ll never enjoy it. Same thing here. You have to just swallow the fiction that this guy has time-travel-epilepsy. If you can’t, you’ll spend the whole book going, “Oh come on, that’s not realistic.” Talking animals aren’t realistic either, but you read Charlotte’s Web.
That being said, aside from the initial suspension of disbelief (ok, so the guy time travels accidentally), the rest of the book works. I’m a stickler for that in time travel books. There are 2 chronologies here, his and hers. And if you follow either one separately, they work. He doesn’t know anything that hasn’t happened to him yet, even if it has happened to her (i.e. if 40 year old him meets 10 year old her, at age 20, she knows about it, but he doesn’t.) And all together, it’s a beautiful love story built on the premise that people are destined for their soul mates, which is something a lot of romantic girls like to hear. Hence why so many of us liked this book. :)

Lindsay Stares I don't think this book is science fiction. It's romance/literary fiction with a science-fictional element. If you go in expecting a science fiction style plot, you will be disappointed, as I was. (Besides, I think the whole time travel conceit was underused and surprisingly boring.)

This is a good book for people like the friend who recommended it to me, who read romance or literary fiction and like science fiction/fantasy. I think that the main group of folks who read this book are of this type, and they enjoy it.

Once it was popular, people like me, (who read science fiction, and tolerate romance/literary fiction) got a hold of it, and didn't enjoy it as much. (It's also not for people who read romance/lit fiction, but dislike fantastical elements.) In my view, there lies the disparity between the two reactions.

message 16: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim Rader Well, it's not really a book *about* time travel. Certainly not science fiction. It's really a love story in which one of the characters happens to travel through time. If you don't like love stories with sad endings, I'd say to stop reading.

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Kira i gave up too- totally uninteresting

Heather Yes, keep going...I foudn it difficult to get into at first, but then you get to a certain point and everything begins to come together. I really enjoyed this book.

ChingyPingy I thought it was brilliant. The time travel was tied in so well and no room was left for paradoxes (that I could find!).

Melody I loved it...for the first 300 or so pages. Then, I just wanted it to end. It drags on and the characters become somewhat less interesting, and it gets extremely depressing. She could have edited out quite a bit of unnecessary stuff and it would have been far more compelling.

Sarah I am currently reading this book for my book club and am having serious trouble. I don't think it's that well-written, first of all, and I feel like I'm reading something from Oprah's Book Club. The time travel element is hard to grasp, and I just don't do well with sappy. Any advice? I really feel like I should keep reading it, but every time I pick it up I feel slightly disturbed. It's a similar reaction to how I felt about Never Let Me Go.

Melissa Oh hated this book. I finished it but hated it. You didn't miss a thing.

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