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message 1: by Cole (new)

Cole | 2 comments I realise there are two ways to number them, but there is no proper numbering system in which The Magicians Nephew is number .5. Also, books are supposed to be numbered in chronological order here right?

message 2: by Carolyn (last edited Sep 07, 2012 11:39AM) (new)

Carolyn (seeford) | 579 comments Not addressing your first comment, but as for your second, no, not all series are numbered chronologically. Generally, a series is numbered based on the author's own order preference, if that is available. Some series are listed more than once, to distinguish between publication order and internal chronology, both of which can be equally valid. A good example of this is the Darkover series by Marion Zimmer Bradley, the author herself spoke of reading it either way.

message 3: by Krystal109 (new)

Krystal109 | 1086 comments Can you link to the series or book where The Magicians Nephew is labeled .5? It is possible that it was a typo.

Also about the order, both are legitimate and are allowed to have a separate series for it. The same goes for numbering for other languages. If it is a legit ordering system, them it is equally valued and allowed on GRs.

message 4: by Banjomike (new)

Banjomike | 5524 comments There was one edition which showed the series number as "#0.5" which is obviously rubbish. Replaced it with #6 because, as all sensible people know, the best way to read the Narnia books is in publication order.

message 5: by Krystal109 (new)

Krystal109 | 1086 comments Lol. Cool.

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