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message 1: by Leonardo (new)

Leonardo Noto (LeonardoNoto) | 31 comments I'm having a 24hr giveaway on Smashwords for my dark historical thriller, "The Life of a Colonial Fugitive." Check it out and please review it afterwards!

Dr. Leonardo Noto or follow me on Twitter @DrLeonardoNoto

message 2: by Leonardo (new)

Leonardo Noto (LeonardoNoto) | 31 comments Only 8hrs left!

message 3: by Rick (new)

Rick F. | 11 comments Leonardo wrote: "Only 8hrs left!"

Just downloaded it- looks like a great book!!!
LOVE the cover too!!

"An historical thriller based in the American Revolution. Young Jonathan Lee is falsely accused of heinous war crimes by his treacherous regimental commander. Jonathan is forced to flee The Colonies to escape the hangman's noose! Jonathan fights his way across a warring Atlantic and then joins a Portuguese mercenary regiment that is preparing to deploy to the Kingdom of Siam, a kingdom that is squirming under the iron-fist of a mad king!"

The Life of a Colonial Fugitive by Leonardo Noto

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Leonardo Noto (LeonardoNoto) | 31 comments Thanks! Hope you enjoy it; regardless, please review it when you're done!

Dr. Leonardo Noto

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