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Edith's Mansion

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Edith's limo pulled up to the mansion and the driver helped her out. She walked inside and smiled.

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Edith strode inside, walking to the library. On her way, she stopped a maid and said, "Please have tea brought to the library." Edith entered the library, pulled out an old romance novel, and sat in a plush chair and began to read.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) ((If you're bored we could say that Edith is Blake's friend and she was just invited over to his house with Kristy.))

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((Okay, I guess.))

Edith quickly got bored of her novel and called her friend, Sybil. No answer. Her friend Hazel. No answer. Her friend Henri. No answer. Finally, she called Blake, who she was acquainted with - they had met at an awards ceremony.

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When Blake answered, Edith replied with a bubbly, "Hi Blake. It's Edith." "I have nothing to do and am rather bored, so I was wondering if you'd like to do something together." "Thank you Blake. I'll be there shortly." Edith hung up and had her hair and makeup done before having her chauffeur dive her to Blake's mansion.

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Edith walked out of her car and huffed. "Well!" she exclaimed, walking hurredly through the house. "Do you need anything, Madame?" The butler called after her. "No, no, I'm fine." Edith called back, stepping into her room. A maid stepped in and said, "Madame Edith, I would like to remind you that the ball is tomorrow, and you still have not thought of someone to bring." "SOMEONE TO BRING?!?!" Edith asked, incredulous. "No. I will not bring anyone. You are excused." The maid walked out, leaving Edith with smoke coming out of her ears. "I would never bring anyone." She murmured.

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Edith walked out in a huff. She stepped into her limo and said, "Drop me off at the restaurant. Yes, the one in town. Thank you."

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Edith walked in, her heels clicking. She went to her room, where her maid was dusting. The maid turned and said, "Madame-" looking as scared as ever. "GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, YOU STUPID SILLY GIRL!!!" Edith screamed. "Madame, I can explain-" The maid stuttered. "I SAID GET OUT! YOUR LUCKY MR. BLAKE DID NOT ACCEPT YOU INVITATION OR THE CONSEQUENCES WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH WORSE! YOU ARE FIRED! NOW GET OFF OF MY PROPERTY!!!" Edith shoved the maid out the door, who ran straight past the butler and into the cold misty night.

Beth ~Mrs.SheldonCooper~ | 24 comments As Rachel passed what looks like to be Edith's maid, she knocks at the door and waits.

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The butler opened the door for Beth. "Can I help you, miss?"

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Beth ~Mrs.SheldonCooper~ | 24 comments Rachel looked up at him. "I'm here to see Edith. May I come in please?"

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"Of course, miss. Come right in." The butler led Rachel to the lavish parlor and went to get Edith. A moment later, Edith stepped in, looking as ravishingly beautiful as always. "Hello."

Beth ~Mrs.SheldonCooper~ | 24 comments Rachel looked up and saw Edith. "Hello. I'm Rachel. You look amazing!"

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Edith smiled, although it was the tiniest bit forced. "I'm Edith. It's nice to meet you, as well. And thank you."

Beth ~Mrs.SheldonCooper~ | 24 comments Rachel nodded. "Your welcome." Rachel looked around."And I love your mansion too."

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"Thank you again. What was your reason for coming?" Edith asked.

Beth ~Mrs.SheldonCooper~ | 24 comments Rachel thought about it. "We have the same last name. I wondered if, I don't know, maybe we can see if we're you know." She paused. "Related?"

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Edith had a quizzical look on her face. "Related..."

Beth ~Mrs.SheldonCooper~ | 24 comments Rachel started pacing. "It could be a possibility."

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"It could." Edith agreed.

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