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What is the your opinion of Satan after reading this book?
Dhanaraj Rajan Dhanaraj Sep 02, 2012 01:56PM
Have you formed new opinions on Satan? Or have you changed your opinion on Satan? Or Are you still unsure of your opinions?

I mostly have the same opinion. I thought there were some interesting new characteristics that Amorth revealed about demons. I had thought that they like possessing people because it meant they would not be in hell, where they'd suffer much more, as revealed in the Bible story where Jesus exorcised the man and let the demons go into pigs. But Amorth at one point seemed to say that the demons like possessing people because they like to inflict suffering on people, despite the fact that the more evil they do, the more painful their own suffering will be in hell. So I guess my opinion of demons has changed a little bit. I used to think of them more as seducers, but now I think of them as pure hatred and malice.

Dhanaraj Rajan I agree to that Vincent. Demon can just mean pure hatred and malice. Though this aspect of demon is interesting and revealing to know what I, in fact ...more
Jun 16, 2013 02:30AM

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