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Shannon Amici | 16 comments The Hope Award for Children Touched By Cancer is an award for children's literature which explains cancer in ways that a child can relate to. This possible award winning book should be able to help children "empathize with distant situations and sorrows and joys." This children's literature award goes to a book that offers comfort, hope, and understanding to children of all ages who are dealing with and are touched by cancer in some way.

The final date for nominations will be March 5, 2009!

Work cited:
Nye, N. S. (1998). The flag of childhood: Poems from the Middle East. New York, NY: Aladdin Paperbacks (introduction)

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Sarah (sed5071) | 14 comments Our Mom Has Cancer

I nominate this book by Abigail Ackermann because it helps young children who has a family member dealing with cancer. It is based on a true story about the two girls who wrote the book. It shows how their lives were affected by their mother having cancer. I feel that this book will be great for children because, after reading it, they will feel that they are not alone and that somebody out there knows what they are going through. "Our Mom Has Cancer" is a 9-12 year old read.

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Darlene | 14 comments I nominate the book "Cancer what's it like" by Angela Royston because of the real view that the book gives for children and all the things that cancer patients may ago through. It talks about what is cancer, cancer treatment, preventing cancer, and many other topics. The book has real life illustrations of things like the blood cells, x-rays, and chemotherapy.

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Corby Lancaster | 14 comments I nominate "The Lemonade Club", by Patricia Polacco. This is an extraordinary story based on actual events of a little girl's battle with Leukemia. The little girl is in fifth grade when it is discovered that she has the disease. Her fifth grade teacher has always taught the class that if life hands you a lemon or two.. to make lemonade. As the little girl is going through her treatments she makes the remark that no one knows how she feels, to her astonishment her teacher shares her news of being diagnosed with breast cancer and she has been going through treatments also. This is an inspirational story of how when people come together to support one another that it does make a difference. There is an interesting twist at the end, but you'll need to read it to find out what it is. It will touch your heart. This book deserves the Hope Award.

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I nominate "Isabel and the Miracle Baby" by Emily Smith. In this book, eight-year-old Isabel feels her mother no longer cares about her because she has no time or energy even to listen when Isa tries to share her sadness about being unpopular, her jealousy over her new baby sister, and, most importantly, her fear that her mother's cancer will come back. So many children are affected by cancer and this book will touch the heart of those children and hopefully have a positive effect on children that haven't experienced a loved one suffer with cancer.

message 6: by Linzi (new)

Linzi Wilkinson | 14 comments I nominate " Tickles Tabitha's Cancer-Tankerous Mommy" by Amelia Frahm. This book is about a family whose mother develops cancer. She has to wear a wig and is sometimes moody and tired. Before Tabitha's mom got sick she liked to laugh, tickle and giggle with her mother. The book ends with them laughing until her face turns pink. This book is very cute! I encourage all to read this book.

I would rate this book for 3-5 grade. This book is well written and is illustrated by Elizabeth Schultz. This book was written in 2001 and published by The Nutcracker Publishing Company.

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Lori | 19 comments Dear Bruno by Alice Trillin I nominate the book "Dear Bruno" for this award. This book is in the form of a letter, written to a young boy who has been diagnosed with cancer, from a woman who has battled the disease and won. Through humor, honesty and encouragement, the book explains various treatments for cancer, the testing involved, and most importantly, the emotional impact of the disease. Due to its unique letter format, this book could be used as a read aloud for any grade level, but would be most appropriate for grades 4-6 as an independent read.

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Ericajean | 13 comments Kathy's Hats A Story of Hope by Trudy Krisher
I nominate Kathy’s Hats: A Story of Hope by Trudy Krisher for the The Hope Award for Children Touched By Cancer Award. Many cancer patients are uncomfortable with losing their hair and cover their heads with hats for security. When a little girl began feeling different and embarrassed, her mother suggested putting on her “thinking cap”, which was most important of all. In the end, her classmates make her feel more comfortable by wearing hats until they all, including her, throw them into the air. Simple illustrations.

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Amy | 16 comments I nominate "My Book for Kids with Cansur: A Child's Autobiography of Hope" by 8-year-old Jason Gaes. This book is written and illustrated by a child with first-hand experience with cancer, surgery, and various treatments. He gives open and honest insight into his personal experience, offering hope and comfort to those who are suffering from cancer or have questions about it.

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I nominate the book "Sky Memories" by Pat Brisson. In this book, 11-year old Emily deals with her mother's battle with cancer by creating memories of the sky with her. In spite of her mother's declining health, Emily and her mom are determined to hang on to every single memory they can before her mother passes. I think this book deserves to win The Hope Award because it depicts a young girl's struggle with her mother's cancer in a way that encourages making and clinging to memories. It is suitable for children in grades 3-6. Sky Memories by Pat Brisson

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Amber | 14 comments Good Luck Mrs K by Louise Borden I nominate the book “Good Luck, Mrs. K!” by Louise Borden. This book is about a girl who starts third grade and falls in love with her teacher, Mrs. Kempczinski. Soon, Mrs. K becomes sick and the students learn that she has cancer. The students make her cards and notes while she is in the hospital. I think this would be a good read aloud book if there is someone the children know, like an adult, that they learn is sick with cancer. It shows how a group of children deal with someone that is close to them having cancer. The story gives hope and gives a small lesson of how children face the illness.

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Shawn Cunningham | 15 comments I nominate “Hard Hit” by Ann Turner.

This book tells of the a high school athlete who is at the top of the world, as far as high school goes, but is devastated to find out his father has cancer.

This books helps deal with the emotional and physical strains of dealing with cancer. This book uses poetry to help deal with the loss of a loved one.

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Patrick Stoner | 10 comments I nominate "Becky and the Worrying Cup: A Children's Book about a Parents Cancer". This book is good for students who's lives have been affected by a parent being diagnosed with Cancer. It is a way to reach them and help them cope with the situation.

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