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message 1: by J.G. Keely (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:26AM) (new)

J.G. Keely (keely) | 15 comments Mod
Well, seeing as I found most of you by going through the reviews of 'Transmet', that should be one book we can get a bit of discussion on. I know we've all put our thoughts out there, but I since this is a place for discussion, we have the ability to express some parts of the books that confused, frustrated, or pleased us in a way that requires some feedback.

I thought some of the technology levels were a bit off, when compared to one another, but that's always the sci'fi geek complaint; and I must remember that transmet started pre-Matrix.

My favorite part of the series was this diatribe: "Did you ever want to set someone's head on fire, just to see what it looked like? Did you ever stand in the street and think to yourself, I could make that nun go blind just by giving her a kiss? Did you ever lay out plans for stitching babies and stray cats into a Perfect New Human? Did you ever stand naked surrounded by people who want your gleaming sperm, squirting frankincense, soma, and testosterone from every pore? If so, then you're the bastard who stole my drugs Friday night. And I'll find you. Oh, yes."

I just love that turn.

message 2: by Felicity (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:38AM) (new)

Felicity (faerye) I actually haven't finished Transmet. I'm an asympotic reader of series -- if I like them, I slow down in my reading so I won't use them up, which usually means I stop entirely at some point.

However, up until a few years ago, I found Transmet to be the most compelling dystopia I had read, for the simple reason that it seemed most likely given our present. The kaleidoscopic culture of raunch and religion, fad and apathy seemed nearly upon us. We've angled away from that fate, though, I believe.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I think _Transmetropolitan_ is really boring.

message 4: by David (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:57AM) (new)

David | 4 comments Mod
Transmetropolitan is to me more proof of something I've had to accept as gospel. The characters of your story will drive it's popularity more than any other aspect. Give me your Harry Potters, your Elminsters, and your Spyders and I'll give your huddled masses worlds whose holes are paved over in a layer of pure characterization. These are not places where you should go looking under rocks and behind corners. Watch the people, look fast, follow the action, and be dazzled by the lights.

Don't look for the time turners or the single hard drive that stores every bit of data around, and you'll never feel let down.

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