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message 1: by Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner), The Founding Bookworm (new)

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 4407 comments Mod
No spoilers here please.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't think this is a spoiler--what do people think about how much Jessica drinks?

message 3: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (xtoloveistolivex) | 534 comments It seems like she's drinking much more than the average person. I mean, do we all really need wine every night before we go to bed? Probably not. Maybe she's looking to self medicate...

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Wilkerson (misslaurenwilk) | 425 comments I think she is too, Kelsey. Then again, when some kind of diaster is going on, I can honestly say I might drink a little more than average. Haha. Still not as much as Jessica though. The other night I had a few smirnoffs when we didn't have power just because we were all bored. Haha.

I definately liked this book. It dragged on during some parts though. And I never really understood her relationship with the artist guy (I can't remember his name right now). They apparently have lots of sex, but they don't really say much more about it. Weird to me.

message 5: by Christa (new)

Christa (mynameischrista) I agree with you Lauren, I didn't get her relationship with him either. I felt like the relationship was just about sex with them.

message 6: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) I just finished last night and really liked it. I probably drink more than necessary so I didn't find her drinking problematic. I've also been in strange "relationships" based on sex and in my experience its been mostly rebound type situations.

message 7: by April (new)

April (booksandwine) I haven't read this yet, but I definately have a glass of wine every night before bed. A glass of red wine per day is supposed to be good for your heart.

On a side-note, I hope I finish the book I'm currently reading and get to start Jessica Z tonight at work.

message 8: by sara frances (new)

sara frances (sara_frances) I don't think Jess drinks that much. I have a beer or two every night with dinner. I don't really drink it to get drunk. I drink it cos it tastes good.

message 9: by Christa (new)

Christa (mynameischrista) I don't think she drinks much more then someone of her age. She does seem to get drunk more through out the book but it doesn't seem like it's an every day occurrence it's just how the book was written.

message 10: by Annie (new)

Annie Hartman (anniebananie) | 242 comments I agree a little with everyone. Jess drinks a lot but I think when you're young, and by young i mean twenties (underage drinking? noooo), you tend to drink more (again, not like i know anything about thaaat..)
Jessica's relationship with Pat really irritates me just because I had that kind of relationship when I came back to school in August. The kind of relationship where you want more and they just want a hook up. So I definitely feel for this girl.
And I absolutely adore her!

I got a late start on this book because I was late to join the site and had to order it- but Im SO glad I did. All my suitemates want to read it after Im finished!!!

message 11: by Annie (new)

Annie Hartman (anniebananie) | 242 comments ALMOST DONE!!!

I feel bad for hating josh now :(

message 12: by Tami (new)

Tami | 3103 comments Mod
I started this two days ago and am about half way or so through. I am a little behind in my reading. :)

I don't see her drinking as an issue. I have friends that drink and friends that don't. The thing with it is, if it were an issue she would get nasty or mean once in awhile while drunk. So far she hasn't.

I am also holding out on whether I like or dislike any of the characters so far. :)

message 13: by Annie (new)

Annie Hartman (anniebananie) | 242 comments Tami: youre about to be one of us.. the jess obsessed. lol

message 14: by April (new)

April (escapegal) Tami, I disagree. I'm not saying that she drinks an inordinate amount, but I do think she drinks a little more than she normally would as an escape. THAT'S when it's bad. And people can have drinking problems and not be nasty, some just get really depressed.

message 15: by Tami (new)

Tami | 3103 comments Mod
I agree, with the depression versus nasty, but I still don't see her drinking as a problem. She seems perfectly able to do without. When it is a problem they can't do without.

It might classify as a spoiler so I won't say what Jess does, but there are things later on that she does that I find much more troublesome than her drinking.

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