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message 1: by Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner), The Founding Bookworm (new)

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 4407 comments Mod
Spoilers here..

If you can..try to put what page you are up might help someone who isn't as far along in the book.

message 2: by April (new)

April (booksandwine) I finished it just now at work, and I wish I wasn't here so I could just bawl my eyes out. I just, ah, my heart feels like it's wrenched all right. And I've been IMing every single one of my friends to make them read it, since it's soooo good OMG.

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (vorvesm) | 132 comments April, I cried at the end lol only cause I was in my room by myself so I didn't feel stupid. I felt the like the end chapter was so emotional!

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily okay, i'm going to be honest. i wasn't really feeling this book and here's why-

i thought it was written very well, but the beginning sort of threw me for a loop because the author described such a closeness between jessica and patrick...the fact that she automatically makes two pieces of toast because she knows he'll stop in, they are kind of described like an old married couple with a sort of closeness which comes from having a really good friendship with someone....then when she finds out that he might be sleeping with someone i feel like she doesn't really care. like we see some surprise, but there isn't really any anger and hurt from it. And it just felt like to me that it was apparent in the beginning that she loved him and it bothered me that she didn't care that he was sleeping with someone.

oh the second thing that bothers me, josh and jessica's sexual relationship. so unhealthy, but at least i felt like that worked with the storyline, it just bothered me.

okay, done ranting.

oh wait, one more thing. I loooved the last part of the book. everything after the bomb was my favorite part. i love her relationship with her sister!

message 5: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) I feel like she was bothered about Patrick but at the same time they weren't really in a relationship so maybe she didn't feel like she should be angry at him about it...but she stopped talking to him demanded her key back and got involved with Josh.

message 6: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (vorvesm) | 132 comments I love her relationship with her sister too. I thought it was really silly when they were taking the pills and stuff together just cause they wanted to do stuff together.

message 7: by Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner), The Founding Bookworm (new)

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 4407 comments Mod
i honestly couldn't get into this book at first. i was in such a reading slump because of it..but towards the middle it got better. I didn't understand why she didn't fight a little harder for Patrick..but i agree..they weren't an item and she was the one that said no at first..soo..i guess she didn't have any right to be mad..i HATED her relationship with Josh..i felt it was just wierd and unhealthy..but it had it's points where i thought maybe it would stop being like that. i LOVE the relationship with the sister. soo much. and then i love the relationship she developed with Josh's sister. I also loved the fact that she really began to understand her mother at the end. ahh and the whole Gretchen thing cracked me up because that has happened to me so many times..i like a guy or something and he already has a girlfriend when i meet him or something and then i end up being bff with her. lol.

message 8: by April (new)

April (escapegal) I hated her relationship with Josh, too- I think it was realistic, though. Too many people are in unhealthy relationships but stay involved for the wrong reasons (not like I have any personal experience with THAT, LOL). Then the end really threw me for a loop when Josh turned out to be not-so-psycho after all.

message 9: by Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner), The Founding Bookworm (new)

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 4407 comments Mod
*SPOILERS--finished the book--*

haha i know..when i found out that it was really actually cute why he borrowed her key..i was like awww..i guess he wasn't so bad..they just had an unhealthy relationship but he wasn't as crazy as i thought he was lol..i really was convinced he was a bomber/a conspirator with the bombers well before it was suggested in the book..but i was so glad that he wasn't! so do you guys think that her and Patrick ended up together after all?

who was your favorite/least favorite character out of the whole book?

message 10: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) I was convinced he was involved with the bombings for most of the book as wasn't until we find out he wasn't so bad after all that I realized he might not have been involved at all.
My favorites were Gretchen and Gert
Least favorite would have to be Josh's brother-in-law...I know he was only in for a bit but I couldn't stand him.

message 11: by sara frances (new)

sara frances (sara_frances) I'm going to go against the grain here and say I loved Josh. He's completely fascinated me. I knew Josh was pretty out there (artist, helloooo!) but I had a hard time believing that he could have done those bombings. Patrick could be walked over all day long, IMO. That kind of guy just bores me to be honest.

message 12: by Emily (new)

Emily Okay I wasn't a huge patrick fan in the beginning, but at the end when he takes care of sweet!! Josh would have never done something like that, he was way to self centered.

message 13: by Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner), The Founding Bookworm (new)

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 4407 comments Mod
i wasn't a huge fan of patrick in the beginning either..i did see him as sort of a pushover and kind of boring. i think Josh was just too bizarre for my tastes anyway..i mean..i like quirkiness in a person but there was way too much there for me..and i felt like he didn't care about her as much as Patrick did..but at the same time..I guess people have different ways of showing that they care/love you.

This book definitely made me think of alot of past relationships and how healthy/unhealthy they were..similarities to Jessica and her relationships..etc. Anyone else do that too?

message 14: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) I think I only liked Patrick because he reminded me of an ex that was incredibly sweet but I was frustrated with his passivity so I screwed things up. I think I like to imagine I'm the type of person who would be happy having someone like that but I know I would screw it up again.

message 15: by April (new)

April (escapegal) I totally saw myself in the Jessica/Josh fiasco. And I didn't think Patrick was passive; I think it would be wonderful to find a guy that respects a woman's wishes...JESS was the screwed up one!

message 16: by Annie (new)

Annie Hartman (anniebananie) | 242 comments I JUST finished it!!! i looooove this! its crazy because i would usually not read something like this let alone really enjoy it.
I love that everything came full circle between jess and patrick. And I was happy that things got cleared up about Josh. I was REALLY hating Josh.. I feel kind of bad now that I did. I really thought he did it- the bombing. I was glad to find out that he didnt.
I loved the end when she is on the plane and find the note in her atlas and then leaves the phone numbers and goes to Pat. It was a GREAT ending, the perfect circle-back style ending.


I just put it out in my common room for my suitemates!

message 17: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (xtoloveistolivex) | 534 comments I guess I'm the only one who loved Patrick! He just seemed like the kind of guy who would sit down with a nice cup of coffee, cuddle, and have a meaningful conversation with you. Stable. He was sweet. =)

message 18: by Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner), The Founding Bookworm (new)

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 4407 comments Mod
oh i liked Patrick! :)
just not in the beginning..but then i really came to understand him more.

message 19: by Annie (new)

Annie Hartman (anniebananie) | 242 comments Kelsey and Jamie: I liked Patrick a lot too!

message 20: by Janet (new)

Janet Just finished it as well. I liked it, I didn't LOVE it. It really kept me interested though, especially after the bombing and the possibility of Josh being envoloved. I really liked Patrick but I HATED Josh. Well until you find out everything about it. But it was a good read, not a waste of my time, that's for sure! :)

message 21: by Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner), The Founding Bookworm (new)

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 4407 comments Mod
this is a really random comment..but the girl in the book (i forget her name and don't have the book handy) who has that secret blog that Jessica realizes is this girl..anyways..i have always wanted to have a blog like that where i write snarky, secret things..haha kind of like Gossip Girl but not as mean..i especially wanted to do this while i was in college because my school was small and alot of people were these holier than thou Christians and were stuck up..and i knew everything about all of them and i just wanted to write it all out in a blog..haha but then i realized that it would be mean.. :)

but would be fun to have a secret blog where nobody knows your identity and you have code names for people. lol

message 22: by Annie (new)

Annie Hartman (anniebananie) | 242 comments jamie: I go to a small college too and there are PLENTY of people I wouldnt mind writing about. I think that would be fun.
I thought that their blog was a fun idea too. maybe we should team up like they did- sounds like they did pretty well with it! lol

message 23: by Tami (new)

Tami | 3103 comments Mod
You could blog about the people at your school, just set it somewhere else, so noone would know it is your school. Just remember to post us the link. :)

message 24: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) that is a great idea Tami. I have a customer who is expecting me to write a book about my coworkers and other customers...

message 25: by Annie (new)

Annie Hartman (anniebananie) | 242 comments i think a book like that would be hilarious! i dont know if I would have the knack to capture the way people really act though. But I would love to read yours anna!

message 26: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) I don't think I have the knack either...but I wish I did

message 27: by Annie (new)

Annie Hartman (anniebananie) | 242 comments i always wanted to write about my town.
ever seen sweet home alabama? its that without the southern accent. comical. really, i swear. lol

message 28: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (xtoloveistolivex) | 534 comments Aww I love that movie!

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