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message 1: by Howard (new)

Howard Loring (howardloringgoodreadscom) | 1174 comments John:

After seeing what others said I would amend one my choices by dropping the atlas in lieu of some antibiotics (an excellent idea), so here's what I would now take:

A good knife and
A well-stocked first aid kit,
Now w/ a supply of anitbiotics (in pill form so they wouldn't have to be refridgerated).
Plus a compass and
Some gold coins, for trade.

message 2: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
Good choices, Howard. But you have to narrow it down to one. In this scenario, you can only take a single item, making the choice a little more challenging.

message 3: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
Sorry, I accidentally deleted the original post for this thread announcing the book giveaway. I was trying to edit it to clarify the question, but I hit the wrong button. Sorry. I will repost it below.

message 4: by John, Moderator in Memory (last edited Sep 03, 2012 09:54AM) (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
It is time for our next monthly book giveaway. Our featured book this month is The Ruby Brooch by Goodreads Author and time travel group member Katherine Lowry Logan. Our question for this month's drawing is this:

"If you were sent 1,000 years into the past, what one item would you wish you could take with you to help you survive in your new environment?" Only one item allowed in this scenario.

Some of you may recognize this question from an earlier giveaway, but with so many new members I decided to recycle it. If you answered it before, please answer again as your answer may have changed.

Note: The author is offering the winner a choice between a signed paperback or an ebook version of this book.

Anyone who posts an answer to the above question will be entered in our drawing. The winner will be selected at random and will be announced on September 9. So that means you have just one week to post your comments for a chance to win this book. Once the winner is announced, the author will contact that person to arrange for delivery of their free book.

I will invite Katherine to post some additional info about her book. And please feel free to ask her any questions you might have. Also remember that the winner of this giveaway is encouraged to write an honest and thoughtful review of the book once they have a chance to read them. Good luck all, and "may the odds be ever in your favor."

message 5: by Howard (new)

Howard Loring (howardloringgoodreadscom) | 1174 comments John, duh, can I not read?

I'll go w/ the antibiotics.

If I didn't need them I might impress someone who did.

Even 1000 years ago, it paid to have some powerful friends.

Katherine Logan (katherinellogan) | 11 comments John,

Thank you for this opportunity to talk about THE RUBY BROOCH.

Kit, the heroine in the story is a paramedic. She thoughtfully plans her adventure back in time to 1852 to solve a family mystery and discover her true identity. She doesn't want to get killed but neither does she want to get caught with "things" she can't explain. I will tell you, she does take antibiotics with her!

During the Chrstmas holiday a few years ago, I was working on a scene that required a gun. I know nothing about guns. I went to a local gun store. It was noisy and crowded. I stood at the door and stared with wide-eyes not knowing what to do. A young man at the counter asked if I needed help. I said, "I need a gun that will kill as many cows as possible in the shortest amount of time." Everyone in the store went silent and men stared back at me. I gulped and said, "I'm writing a scene and my heroine needs a gun." After a few seconds, everyone relaxed and shouted out suggestions. I'll never forget their expressions. In the 15 years from conception to publication, I have collected many stories about my research into a time in our country's history when women had small voices but indomitable spirits.

The story is a romance, but it's also a "coming-of-age" story, a quest, and a mystery.

Cullen, the hero, is more of a Renaissance Man than the typical Alpha hero found in romance novels. He quotes Shakespeare, hums Bach, and cares about children, but he is not without issues! It was fun putting these two characters in the same covered wagon and creating a way for them to grow together.

I traveled the Oregon Trail in 1998 from Independence, MO, to Portland OR, following the wagon ruts through Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon. Yes, they are still there. It was an incredible trip, my first trip west, and I saw the land, much as the emmigrants saw it, and I was in awe!

The Ruby Brooch will be followed by The Emerald Brooch and The Sapphire Brooch, hopefully next year. The Sapphire Brooch takes places during the last few months of the Civil War. The Emerald Brooch takes place several years after the war. Both stores are about characters the reader meets in The Ruby Brooch.

I will be glad to answer any questions about my research or the story.


Linda B.D. (LindaBD) | 85 comments A VERY detailed history book of that era.That way I would know and when whre I needed to be to keep myself safe. Also I have no ereader or nook,ect.

message 8: by Gayle (new)

Gayle (gayleramage) | 26 comments I was going to say antibiotics, too, but since I can't actually have antibiotics (because I'm on warfarin tablets), I'll have to come up with something else.

I think I'd go with gold coins. At least it may buy me something to eat, possibly, before I keel over with who knows how many diseases. ;-)

Now, I know I could take antibiotics to help others but the question was ".. to help you survive..". :-D

message 9: by Lois (new)

Lois (loisbennett) The book sounds fantastic!

I'd probably bring my contact lenses so I'd be able to see everything that's going on... that might be helpful to survival! :)

(I know I've answered this question before, but I can't remember what I wrote last time... probably the same thing...)

message 10: by Larry (new)

Larry Moniz (LarryMoniz) A large waterproof box of strike anywhere Blue-Tip matches.

message 11: by Ken (new)

Ken Magee A keg of Guinness. People from Ireland always take Guinness with them wherever (or whenever) they go.


message 12: by Larry (new)

Larry Moniz (LarryMoniz) Ken wrote: "A keg of Guinness. People from Ireland always take Guinness with them wherever (or whenever) they go.

Cheers "

Shor' and yer a stout lad! :-)))

message 13: by Tej (new) - added it

Tej (TheyCallMeMrGlass) | 1676 comments Mod
Is this a one way trip or can I return back?

If one way, I'm not sure I'll have a great time living in the 11th century. Wars and mad people are all over the place...oh wait, not much change there, I guess I'm already used to that then. I'll be sure at least to place a bet at the bookies on Byzantine beating Bulgaria.

But what would I take? one item, one blasted item? Man, how did I get into this situation!? Is this a new kind of court sentencing..."I sentence you to life imprisonment in 11th century Byzantine war".

Right, I'll take one big barrel of Jack Daniels. Drat, that aint gonna fit in the time machine, well not with me also in it. I dont want to just survive, though, whats the point, I gotta enjoy the rest of my time there as much as I can. So what can I take, what have we got they havent, that I can enjoy and find useful for a long long time? Well, I reckon an iphone wearing a solar powered jacket case like this one will serve me well:


Its one item, everything can have a cover on it, right, just like the clothes we're wearing makes us one. So with a kindle app installed on it, I'll load that little pocket baby with all the survival books, history of the 11th century, My Goodreads "TO Read" list including Katherine's Ruby Brooch which sounds really good btw (I'll notify someone to look out for 1000 year old scrolls containing my review stored in a designated cave at The White Cliffs of Dover and get him/her to post it here). On the phone I'll also have my top ten favourite movies, lots of photos to remind me of home, some other photos er...pleasing to the eye (you know, like Saturn and its rings), lots of those completely time wasting games that I will never criticise their worth ever again, especially the face punching game in which I can upload a picture of the judge who sentenced me to this era.

If I am able to return back, then I'll voice record some emperor's speeches, take some photos then get the hell outta there.

message 14: by Howard (new)

Howard Loring (howardloringgoodreadscom) | 1174 comments Gayle, I agree & your point is well taken.

But I think as well that having friends, especially in high places, would help me survive.

Gold was among my original items, always valuable, but just be careful when pulling it out & in front of whom you do so.

Larry, I didn't think about fire & that's a most excellent choice, too.

Not only would they come in handy, but you could also barter matches a few at a time & everyone would soon think you a wizard, not a bad rep.

Now, 1000 years ago that might be dangerous, but if done judiciously, well as I've said, friends in high places.

Katherine Logan (katherinellogan) | 11 comments Okay, I have to confess again. Kit takes her iPod, too! There are some things a girl can't leave home without.

message 16: by Lance (new)

Lance Greenfield (LanceGreenfieldMitchell) | 155 comments No question, I would take my J-Class yacht.

If I had a crew consisting great warriors, we would be able to run down any vessel that sailed the seas, and emerge victorious.

On the other hand, if I had a crew of wimps who didn't like the idea of piracy, at least we'd be able to outrun even the fastest viking ship!

By the way, my J-Class yacht is currently berthed in my bay of dreams in the deepest oceans of my head.

message 17: by Howard (new)

Howard Loring (howardloringgoodreadscom) | 1174 comments Tej, I checked out the white cliffs & failed to find your review.

Sounded as if it would have been good, too.

Perchance I was in the wrong Time Frame, a situation I find myself in often, I'm afraid.

message 18: by A.K. (new)

A.K. Adler (akadler) | 113 comments Taking a time machine is cheating, right?

I like Tej's idea of taking a solar-powered iPhone stocked with all the knowledge and entertainment one might need, but for variety's sake, I'll take along a cricket set and teach the locals how to play.

message 19: by Laura (new)

Laura | 11 comments Well, I'd take a thick history book on the era, for that area. I wouldn't want to get in with the people who would get me killed. I'd want to make wise decisions. -laura

message 20: by Meg (new)

Meg (megj_richmond) The box of strike-anywhere matches is a great idea. (I love those things.) I think SOAP would be an important line of defense against bacteria, etc. But hopefully a good lye soap would serve this purpose. So I'm going to go with some sort of still to distill water.

message 21: by Heather(Gibby) (new)

Heather(Gibby) (Heather-Gibby) | 404 comments I think I would take a really good pair of hiking boots. If your feet aren't comfortable, you will be miserable!

message 22: by Art (new)

Art (artfink1) | 92 comments Being a long-ago Scout, but still prepared, I'd take along my POCKET SURVIVAL KIT, which I've had along with me for years. I know I'm paranoid, but I have in it 2 needles, water purifying tablets, pain-killers, a flint and steel, safety razor blades, 6 fish hooks, fishing line, a wire survival saw and antibiotic cream, all in an altoids box. It's small enough to fit in a pocket, light enough not be a burden, and totally useful.

Katherine Logan (katherinellogan) | 11 comments Art, I think your pocket survival kit would get you through just about anything, but where is the Macgyver knife?

message 24: by Ken (new)

Ken Magee Art wrote: "Being a long-ago Scout, but still prepared, I'd take along my POCKET SURVIVAL KIT, which I've had along with me for years. I know I'm paranoid, but I have in it 2 needles, water purifying tablets,..."

Art, The kit sounds great, but I think I want to lodge a complaint. I think you've got a wee case full of loads of stuff... in fact, you want to take a wee case AND loads of stuff.

I think the time-travel police need to have a look at this case!

message 25: by Tej (new) - added it

Tej (TheyCallMeMrGlass) | 1676 comments Mod
Howard wrote: "Tej, I checked out the white cliffs & failed to find your review.

Sounded as if it would have been good, too.

Perchance I was in the wrong Time Frame, a situation I find myself in often, I'm afraid."

Looks like I got executed too soon for making too much on that Byzantine bet :(

message 26: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 50 comments So I'm guessing a time machine so I could get back is off the table? :-) How about that well stocked (including antibiotics) first aid kit. Probably not one item since Art is getting a hard time about his Pocket Survival kit. I'm thinking some sort of reference of medicinal plants.


message 27: by Jo (new) - added it

Jo Burl (burlgirl) | 11 comments My very first thought was a good pair of bifocal glasses. But my eyes change every year, so my next thought is a very good survival book. I'd have to research which it'd be, but I'd like one that will teach me how to make antibiotics as well tell me how to make many other things. Plus, I'd like to put notes in there on history, which probably isn't allowed. My husband tells me to take a gun, but after you run out of bullets then you just have a high tech club, so I'm still leaning to the book on how to make things. I wouldn't take it on an ereader since once that's out of juice you can no longer access the information.

Debbie | 84 comments I think the best thing I could bring would be a comfortable and durable pair of shoes. Lots of walking. I don't suppose they had cars yet, right?

message 29: by Madhavi (new)

Madhavi | 1 comments I would probably take my three year old son wth me or if tht would be too dangerous for him I would borrow some of his imagination and creativity with me...so tht it would definately help me get out of any situation there and would even help me transport back here! Children (pre-schoolers) have such a great imagination and creativity; also the power of immense adaptibility. They teach us how to see a situation in a differnt and simple way!

message 30: by Omar (new)

Omar Riaz | 22 comments So we are talking about 1000ish CE. In that period general people were dying amidst Arabian and European wars along with plagues.
I would probably get a nice Beretta M9 with magazine full of bullets-inside with me.
Yeah!!! that would do it. Its different, i'll be the only person in the universe to have it in that time. I guess fire of just one bullet would be enough to put fear into people minds to make my point that "i am worth something".

message 31: by Christopher (new)

Christopher McGoldrick (ChristopherMcGoldrick) I would simply bring a bag of glow sticks. I would use them one at a time and convince the people that I carry the power of light in the palm of my hand.

message 32: by Howard (new)

Howard Loring (howardloringgoodreadscom) | 1174 comments Christopher & Johnsnow3x, youch on both of your choices & here's why.

Intemidiation works Jonsnow3x, but only as long as it's backed up by action & as this could be done for only a while (only as long as your ammo lasts) what then?

Wars & plagues would become the least of your problems.

Christopher, the sticks are a good choice, but for the same reason (limited time frame) I'd be careful of what you boast.

If I told them anything, to protect my future rep I'd say something like 'the light god gave me the sticks' & thereby cover myself when they were depleated.

I've found that in unknown situations it often pays to be prudent.

Just an idea.

message 33: by Christopher (new)

Christopher McGoldrick (ChristopherMcGoldrick) Howard, you raise a valid point that I would have to consider if I ever found myself in such a situation. That being said, I still stand by the glow sticks. While supplies last they can be very beneficial. They can provide light (more efficiently than a flashlight which requires batteries and can suffer internal damage rendering it useless) and they can be used for protection. As you said you can convince people of their power, not necessarily to intimidate on an aggressive level, but a defensive one. By displaying such 'power' one could hope it would make aggressors think twice about trying anything.

message 34: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
How about taking a chemistry set and establishing yourself as a local alchemist? Then you could probably make your own glow sticks.

message 35: by Tej (new) - added it

Tej (TheyCallMeMrGlass) | 1676 comments Mod
Jonsnow3x wrote: "So we are talking about 1000ish CE. In that period general people were dying amidst Arabian and European wars along with plagues.

I would probably get a nice Beretta M9 with magazine fu..."

I saw a Korean film called Heaven's Soldiers where an army went back in time to another wartime period several centuries earlier. Their guns at first kept the warriors at bay but a local thief stole their guns while they slept, lol.

Not everyone will come to the conclusion that you are a god, there will be some one who wants your power ;) Taking weaponry I think will call too much attention and not be in your favour!

message 36: by Howard (new)

Howard Loring (howardloringgoodreadscom) | 1174 comments Well, weapons would be fine in principle, for protection or hunting, etc. but my point was judicious use.

I wouldn't employ them if others were around & certainly wouldn't try to intemidiate anyone because I had them.

And as said, glow sticks are a great choice also, benificial & not dangerious to others, but again, how you couch your awesome gifts is the pertinent point.

The same would apply to any advanced items mentioned, from matches to meds.

Your largest fear, no matter what you had, is not fitting in & drawing attention to yourself.

You still could use what you brought to your advantage, but only if in doing so you wouldn't blow your true circumstance.

1000 years ago, people weren't too understanding of what was out of the ordindary.

But tread lightly & you'd be OK.

message 37: by Tej (last edited Sep 07, 2012 04:34AM) (new) - added it

Tej (TheyCallMeMrGlass) | 1676 comments Mod
lol, short and...sharp. Leave it to our imagination what you will do with that knife :) Its a great tool, can last a lifetime which you can sharpen it with stone whenever its gets blunt and its multi purpose for defence and hunting.

message 38: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
Okay, here we go.

And the winner is.....

message 39: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod

Congratulations. Please contact the author and let her know if you would prefer a signed paperback or ebook. Also don't forget to post an honest and thoughtful review once you have a chance to read it.

Thanks to everyone who entered this month's giveaway. Tune in next month when our giveaway will feature Beyond the Elastic Limit by Howard Loring.

Katherine Logan (katherinellogan) | 11 comments Congrats, Jo. My email address is kathy.logan@insightbb.com

message 41: by Tej (new) - added it

Tej (TheyCallMeMrGlass) | 1676 comments Mod
Congratulations Jo! Hope you enjoy Katherine's book. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it when you've read it.

Another fun contest, although we've had the question before, it was fun reading more ideas from newer members.

message 42: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
My bad. Next month's giveaway will actually be for Howard Loring's other book, Piercing the Elastic Limit. Watch for details on Oct. 1.

message 43: by Jo (new) - added it

Jo Burl (burlgirl) | 11 comments Oh my goodness! Me? I've been away from Goodreads for a few days and what a delightful surprise to see when I come back! I'll be emailing you Katherine later in the week. (Lots of work stuff keeping me off the 'net). I'm so very excited!! Thanks John and Katherine!

Katherine Logan (katherinellogan) | 11 comments Glad to hear from you, Jo. I'll be looking for your email. Kathy

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