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message 1: by Ellie (last edited Sep 02, 2012 04:42AM) (new)

Ellie Loredan (ellieloredan) | 81 comments So either I'm too stupid to do it right or something is not working properly:

Since yesterday evening, I'm desperately trying to sort one of my shelves. Originally, it had about 300 books but I became so frustrated that I deleted it and started anew, hoping the problem would miraculously disappear - which unfortunately didn't happen.

My problem is that if I use the cover drag & drop option, instead of just swapping the numbers of the covers in question, it swaps randomly half of the list almost every time. If I do it by changing the position numbers, it also happens sometimes although not as often as with the drag & drop. But it is really painful to change all the numbers by hand, especially in case of so many books on the shelf.

Can someone please tell me what's going wrong?

message 2: by mlady_rebecca (new)

mlady_rebecca | 2048 comments I've reported a similar bug in the past, but I never got a proper response from the staff.

My best guess is that drag and drop re-ordering only works for smaller shelf sizes. No idea what that magic size is. I was having problems with a shelf of around 100 books.

message 3: by Ellie (new)

Ellie Loredan (ellieloredan) | 81 comments Ah, that's too bad! But thanks anyway. I just hope it will stop in the near future.

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