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You wake up the the sound of crashing waves and the strong smell of salt in the air. As you take in your surroundings you are in the wet damp sand as waves wash over you. You get up and stumble forward moving away from the crashing waves you start to see other people...no kids on the beach as well. They seem as equally confused as you are just seeming to regain consciousness as well. This is getting stranger and stranger..

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Malachi thought he was dreaming at first he felt groggy and tired he figured the sounds of waves were in his dreams. They had to be apart of his dream right...? His dream was just realistic that was normal. He then shot up when a cold wave washed over him ok maybe this wasn't a dream. More like a nightmare a really realistic nightmare. Malachi coughed trying to get the salt water out of his lungs and stumbled out of the water. What the hell was happening?!? Has he got out of the waves way and shivered at the thought of being anywhere near the water. He then took the thought out of his head looking around utterly confused.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) Jim woke up in a panic, feeling like he was suffocating. After sitting up and looking around bewildered for a moment, he made a face and spat a large mouthful of sand out onto the ground. Sand? He sat down and ran his fingers through the stuff, dumbstruck. What was going on? He didn't live anywhere near the water. Or, for the matter, sleep outside. What kind of weird prank was this supposed to be? He looked up, still scraping sand off his tongue with his teeth, and noticed Malachi, looking just as freaked out as he felt. "Hey!" he called, cupping his hands around his mouth.

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Malachi looked up hearing a voice to his right and saw another boy out near the sand. He started at the boy dumbstruck for a moment mouth open just starting at him trying to figure this out. Don't just stand there like an idiot go try to figure this out he said to himself urgently. Malachi then cleared his throat and waved to the boy near the sand "Hey!" he shouted back "Come over here!" he said looking out at the water again then back to Jim. None of this made sense and he was damn sure he didn't go down to the beach. He hated the beach and he wouldn't go down there but why was he here on this beach? Maybe this kid would know.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) Glancing around to take in his surroundings, he approached the boy warily. He looked several years older than Jim, and could probably beat him in a fight. They probably wouldn't have reason for that, but it was always safe to know these things ahead of time. But for now, this kid seemed like an ally to help him find out what was going on. "Please don't tell me you're as lost as I am on what happened," Jim muttered as he came up to Malachi. "D'ya know where we are? I just woke up and..." he trailed off and looked up at Malachi, feeling helpless and looking like a child who had lost his mother in a department store.

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Abby felt water wash up on her toes as her eyes slowly started to open. She rustled a bit feeling the hot sun beat down on her. But then it hit her as she jerk up from her restless sleep. She had a horrible aching headache as she looked around with furrowed brows. And what does one do when they have no idea whats going on? Some people get up and start walking around or some people might just sit there in shock.. But no, not Abby, she screamed bloody murder. She lifted her whole body up after her little panic scream looking around in every direction taking long and quick deep breaths.

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Malachi watched the boy Jim,walk up towards him and put his hands to his side. He could tell the kid wasn't his age exactly possibly a couple years younger than him but at least it wasn't some five year old. The kid looked decent and he seemed to have a level head on his shoulders he wasn't showing any signs of panic which was good. Malachi shook his head slowly as he heard what Jim said "Damn...seems to me we've got the same exact stories. I just woke up on the beach have no recollection of how I got here. I just know I'm here now..." he sighed "I wonder if anyone else is he-" he stopped his question when he heard a scream. He couldn't help but smile a little "Well I guess that answers my question"

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Rebecca was standing up a few feet from Abby she started at her for a long moment. Rebecca looked a bit wild with her hair all wet and clumps of sand in her hair,not to mention the dry sand up her legs. But she really didn't think that was her main problem. She stepped sheepishly towards Abby obviously she was nervous but that was just another look about her as well. "Hi,c-c-calm down your n-n-not the only one here" she said softly looking down slightly.

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Abby blinked for a moment running her hands through her blonde hair. She looked over to Rebecca who seemed to look about her age maybe younger. She surely had that innocent look to her. Abby went wide eyed with relief filling through her. Without a second thought she took the girl into a hug. "Thank god, I thought I was here alone, stranded while I waited for my horrible starving death to come." She breathed out in a bit too dramatic way. Letting go of the girl and looking at her with a small smile. "Okay, what's your name?" She asked with a raise of her eyebrow.

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Rebecca stumbled back slightly her bare feet making indents in the sand Well at least I know she's friendly.. She quickly hugged her back and smiled a little at the ground she liked Abby from the very beginning. "Yeah I'm g-g-glad I'm not a-alone ethier. That would suck...but still I have n-no idea whats happening" she said with a puzzled look looking around again then looked back at Abby. Rebecca's feet shifted in the sand nervously. "M-my name is R-Rebecca w-whats y-yours?" she asked looking nervous. I wish I didn't have to look weird with my stuttering in front of her she thought in her head.

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Hannah Ember didnt even process that she was somewhere different, her eyes just suddenly opened and she was staring at the flawless blue sky. Having the memory loss problem, she was used to waking up in different places. Her hands moved under her and she felt sand and heard the ocean. Her heart instanlty spead up a notch. Living know where near the ocean, she had no idea how she had gotten there and when exactly it was.
Trying to calm herself, she sat up slowly. But once she saw exaclty where she was, and endless beach and ocean, her breathing turned heavy and thud of her heart heart her chest. Scrambling to stand up, she spun in a cirlce, trying to get her bearings.

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Hannah West opened his mouth for a yawn and a mouth full of salt water went down his throat. He sat up choaking, hands on his throat. Once he was together, he looked around with alert eyes. "What the..." he mutterd to himself. Waves were washing over chest as he sat in the water. He jumped up to his feet before it could wash him away and tredged up to the beach.
West had a feeling that his buddies were pulling a prank on him, after the whole 'Snake in his shoe' insidant that West pulled. After taking a quick look around, he cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled, "Hey, guys! You got me." After a minute of no responce he added, "Come on Greg! Im hungry, this is good enough!"

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) ღஐKendraღஐ wrote: "Malachi watched the boy Jim,walk up towards him and put his hands to his side. He could tell the kid wasn't his age exactly possibly a couple years younger than him but at least it wasn't some five..."

Jim stared at Abby, an eyebrow raised. "If the worst comes, we're eating her first." He rubbed his left temple and sighed, then gazed out to the line of trees. "Madre de Dios. Well, we've gotta figure this out, but I think our main goal is finding water right now. I'm starting to regret making fun of the Boy Scouts in fourth grade." Jim squatted down and ran the sand through his fingers, shaking his head. "I'm going loco..."

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Abby smiled at her noticing the stuttering but ignored it considering that everyone had their little quirks or flaws. She knew that oh so well. She placed her hands on her hips grinning widely at her. "Oh, I'm Abby. Short for Abagail but you know? It's just to long of a name for me. And really I just don't find it too appealing. Now, Abby, that's a name." She beamed feeling like she was talking a million miles a minute. She took a deep breath taking a look around, her eyes only slightly showing fear and panic for a split second. Her brows rose at the sight of two boys together. Taking her right hand she pointed over to them. "No way! Okay, so we wont die alone together too." She exclaimed then went ahead and grabbed her hand running over to the guys. "Come on!" She shouted pulling Rebecca over to where she saw the guys. (Jim and Malachi)

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) Selena looked around her and felt a bit exhausted. She didn't know how she felt exhausted but she did. Selena saw some more people. A couple of more girls and guys looking about her age. She seemed like she was in the water and it pushed her back. The waves pushed with the smell of seasalt. She wriggled her nose from the awful smell and stood up heading over to where the other people were. They seemed friendly enough. Not going to harm her or do anything. She thought. Selena looked around and it laid her hair on the nape of her neck. It seemed like everyone was as confused as her. she looked at the one guy who sat in the water seemingly it seemed he was talking to one of his buddies. Either she was imaginging or something. She shrugged and went along with it. She didn't know if she should go over and help him or go and talk to the others. So she went to the guy who seemed like his friends were pulling pranks on him. Selena went over and sighed softly. "You okay? You do relaize your talking to yourself right? I mean its not horrible to be weird but there's no one named greg this you were referring to but you and I and the others." She gestured to the other girls behind her and guy. Well if she didn't know about this guy somehow surely he would tell her what was happening or she would find out sooner or later.

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Hannah Ember looked up and down the beach, not seeing anything but that might have also been because she was to paniced to bother really looking. Suddenly somthing cliciked in her head. My note book! She reached in her pocket and snatched her little note pad she writes everything she does in, evey hour.
Flipping to the last page she read, "Eating dinner with Mum and Pa." Then, nothing. But that didnt make sense. She franticly flipped through more pages. There has got to be more in here! she screamed in her head. Ember always wrote when she went to bed and when she woke up, and if she eneded up at this beach, she had to have woken up at some time, right?

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Amburger James woke up blinking sand out of his eyes. He felt water lap against his feet. "Otousan??" He called out quietly. He sat up and looked around. Other people were walking around and none of them looked older than 18 or 19. "Hello?" He called out uncertainly, hoping someone would notice him.

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Oddity wrote: "ღஐKendraღஐ wrote: "Malachi watched the boy Jim,walk up towards him and put his hands to his side. He could tell the kid wasn't his age exactly possibly a couple years younger than him but at least ..."

Malachi couldn't help but grin at his statement taking it has a joke but then grimaced thinking if they in fact had to turn to cannibalism. It was a possibility if this island did not provide food...would they have to eat...others? He shook the thought out of his head not wanting to think about that but if they had too he guessed they had too. It was survival of the fittest he figured and he would try his best to survive. Malachi then nodded "Yeah,1 get water,2 find shelter suns going down fast,and 3 try to get everyone together" he said to himself and Jim. If he would have to he would try to bring order to this it was nothing worse then having a bunch of kids panicking. He then saw Abby walk towards them and watched her and the other girl follow her. He felt he knew what story they were gonna stay about having no idea what happened. Same story that seemed to be going around all leading to dead ends.

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Ashton was laying face first in the wet sand unconscious until he started to stir slightly,he groaned and rolled over onto his back. He started at the now setting sky for a moment puzzled as he started at the sky his hands ran through the sand. "What the....?" he racked his brain trying to figure out why he was on the beach. "I don't remember taking a vacation to a tropical area...I go to the Bahamas and Hawaii in two months from now..." he said to himself with a puzzled look trying to understand. Ashton then got up getting more confused he was in one of his fanciest suits it was all sandy now he then groaned again in annoyance. "Great just great! This is Italian Silk! It will take forever to clean!" he said clearly annoyed. He was so involved with himself and what was happening with him he didn't notice the other kids.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) Grid squeezed her eyes shut and covered them with her hands. The ground underneath her was muddy, and the sun was so bloody bright. Mud? She rolled over and let her cheek rest on the ground. She was too tired to care. After about a minute, she opened her eyes. It was dark from her face's shadow, but there was indeed mud. No, wait... wet sand. She realized why she had slept so soundly, and a panicked glance over her shoulder confirmed it. The sound of waves. Water crashed onto the surf about a foot away from her toe. She looked down at herself. Dirty, cut from seashell fragments, damp but quickly baking in the hot sun. Her arms were already starting to peel from sunburn. Her skin was itchy and uncomfortable feeling from the sand. A thin layer of sweat covered her, and she felt like her black t-shirt and pants were about to make her pass out again. She was just about to strip down when she noticed the other kids for the first time. Scarlet in the face now, and not from the elements she sat down and held her head in her hands. What kind of screwed up nightmare was this? Was she mad? Maybe she was hallucinating and would wake up in a nice straight jacket. Grid moaned, not looking up.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) ღஐKendraღஐ wrote: "Oddity wrote: "ღஐKendraღஐ wrote: "Malachi watched the boy Jim,walk up towards him and put his hands to his side. He could tell the kid wasn't his age exactly possibly a couple years younger than h..."

"Easy enough, although I probably won't be saying that in a minute." He watched the other kids, thoughtful. "Maybe hold some meeting. But that'll have to wait- it'll probably be a few days before anything like that gets done. Well, we better get an early start." He took another glance at the other. "They'll be joining us soon enough. C'mon." Jim was about to begin the trek into the woods when he stopped short. "Wait. Check your pockets." He stuffed his hands into his own and pulled out a crumpled up plastic wrapper, a pack of gum, and a crumpled playing card. "Nothing, dammit..."

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Ashton after finishing fuming over his probably ruined outfit he came to the conclusion he could just buy another or 12 more exactly like it. Yeah..what am I freaking out about..this was probably some surprise vacation someone set up for me on..MY OWN PRIVATE ISLAND! Yeah that's it! But wait...who were these kids? Ashton then started at Grid with curiosity she seemed panicky and really nervous that made a few warning signs go off in his head. Why was she nervous..should he be worried as well? He tried to push the thought away and walked towards her. His small chance of hope with the private island started to slip away this didn't seem right not at all. Ashton was standing over Grid looking down at her as he nudged her with his foot "Hey..hey you..what are you doing?" he asked with an eyebrow raised.

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Oddity wrote: "ღஐKendraღஐ wrote: "Oddity wrote: "ღஐKendraღஐ wrote: "Malachi watched the boy Jim,walk up towards him and put his hands to his side. He could tell the kid wasn't his age exactly possibly a couple y..."

Oddity wrote: "ღஐKendraღஐ wrote: "Oddity wrote: "ღஐKendraღஐ wrote: "Malachi watched the boy Jim,walk up towards him and put his hands to his side. He could tell the kid wasn't his age exactly possibly a couple y..."

Malachi started worriedly at the horizon the sun was setting fast and the sky wasn't as blue anymore it was obvious it was setting. "The Suns setting fast we have to find some shelter try to figure this stuff out..." his voice trailed off as he tried to think he then saw Jim start to move towards the Jungle. It looked dark and unknowing full of danger...who knows what could be in there...or maybe that was just his imagination making it look worse. He then grabbed Jim's shoulder "No wait,maybe we should think about this in half an hour it will be dark and its already dark in those woods..we can't afford to get lost in there..I say we go in the morning.." he said trying to justify himself he hated the thought of being in the Jungle alone hearing strange sounds of animals. It sounded dangerous. "Maybe..maybe" he then scowled kicking some sand "Dammit I don't know.." he sighed trying to think. He then saw Jim looking through his pockets and did the same. Please let it be there please let it be there he pleaded in his head. He then smiled taking out a red Swiss Army Knife and showed Jim proudly. "At least we have this,I'm sure it will do us some good but it still dosen't solve our daylight problem"

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) She looked up at him. "Oh, you know, just waking up on a beach in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a bunch of strangers. What are YOU doing?" She tilted her head curiously. "Hey... if you just woke up... why are you wearing a suit? Never mind, this is weird enough. You're probably just a figment of my diseased imagination anyway." Grid realized she was looking up at him like a little child and stood up hurriedly, wiping sweat off her brow. Where was her phone? That's right, she'd left it on her dresser. Not like there'd be any connection here anyway. Her parents may have a company jet, but they wouldn't know where to look... she pressed her hands over her ears and closed her eyes like she was trying to block something out. She probably looked crazy. She probably was. Her pills were at home, too...

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Ashton's eyes turned harsh and into a glare "Well accuse me Caption Obvious I just thought maybe you had a better clue what was happening. At least I'm trying to figure something out while your looking like a schizophrenic psychopath curled up in the corner" he fired back angry at her obviously. He wasn't used to people talking back to him usually they obliged to what he said or maybe they were just being kind because of his money. But still she had no right to treat him like that! Ashton rolled his eyes trying to make his suit look a bit nicer by wiping some of the sand off "If you must know this is normal attire for someone of my prestige and besides its classy" he said with a informative attitude seeming quiet proud of what he was wearing and how he looked.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) Jim grinned. "Hey, I'm sure it'll solve a lot of other problems in the future. But you're right... maybe we could get some wood from the very edge of the jungle and make a fire? Or do you need other stuff for that?" He looked back at the jungle. "I bet if we went and collected stuff from people there'd be some food and extra clothing involved, but I guess for now people will be hanging onto their stuff. Plus, that's too time consuming. I just don't know..." He walked over to the water and put his toe in.

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Malachi smiled a little again looking at the Swiss Army Knife pulling out the blade checking if everything was working. Great,the knife seems like a great asset..just better keep it too myself. Don't want anyone using it other than me..I may have to protect myself He quickly put the knife back safe in his pocket where he would keep it until he needed it. He shook his head thinking hard "I recon folks are gonna want to keep what they have with themselves..but after we get some order and perhaps get everyone's attention we can try something. I doubt we will get much. I just pray we find a stable supply of food and water..or things may not turn so pleasant" he sighed heavily looking around "The thing I recon is we move to higher ground away from the ocean just in case maybe up that hill..and we can get everyone together maybe get some side of the story. But I doubt that" he absently chewed on the inside of his lip thinking.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) She clenched her hands into fists and shot daggers at him. "Look tyrant, I don't know what planet you think you're on, but I'm on planet earth. I'm tired, hungry, confused, scared, and about to have a heat stroke, and the last thing I need is for someone to come up to me thinking they rule the place! I'm trying to think of a way to get us all back home! And when my parents' helicopter comes, I will personally throw you into the ocean from fifty feet up if you don't learn some manners!" Grid realized how loud she was being, but pretended not to care, trying to keep the blush from returning. After standing there for a moment awkwardly, she pushed past him and sat down in the water, trying to wash off. He probably would try to make a comeback, so she didn't bother turning around. But what did she know? Nothing, in the way of people.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) "Yeah, can't really say I blame 'em. Now that I think about it, even a playing card and some gum would be valuable in some situation. Best to be prepared with whatever ya got, I guess. But keep everything hidden, stuff could get stolen, especially when people start really panicking. For now, let's just try to get organized and hope we don't become the plot for the next Stephen King novel." Jim looked up at the hill. "I wonder if we could get there without going through the jungle..." This kid could be useful. Better befriend him, we could help each other out. "Hey, I guess there's an obvious reason we skipped the formality, but I never caught yer name," Jim said, still looking a little awestruck around him and crossing his arms over her chest.

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"Well-I-" he obviously struggled with a comeback at first to throw at Grid to defend himself but he couldn't think of something to say to him. He scowled and kicked sand in her direction "I may not own this island..well yet but that's besides the point! I'm trying to figure out a way in how this happened and how I can get hope. My father will hear about you and how you treated me,you'll be sorry. My father is a very powerful man" he said with pride in his words seeming satisfied with what he had said. "And I do not come from another world I come from Beverly Hills. Look it up sometime" he said crossing his arms to his chest annoyed at her she made the list of people he did not like. And he didn't even know her name so mentally he put down 'Annoying Island Chick'

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) She rolled her eyes. "Thank God I never went to that private school mom wanted to send me to, I'd have to deal with people like you every day, or worse-become one. Ugh. Ooh, Beverly Hills. How fancy. And your rich daddy, too. How simply DELIGHTFUL." She inspected the tattoos down her arm, slightly calm by the familiar sight, but still angry. "Yeah, yeah. Family's rich, you're spoiled and terrible to be around, I'm going to regret not kissing up to you like everyone else does so they can use you. I've heard the dialogue many times from people better looking than you. Well guess what? I don't need to kiss up to you. I've already got more money than I need. Besides, here you have no money. You're just as poor as a street beggar. So toughen up, pretty boy." She leaned back and dipped her hair back in the water, already feeling much cooler.

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Malachi looked out at the vast open water seeming endless and there wasn't a plane or boat in sight nothing seeming man made for that matter. This was not the best situation to be in right now and he knew it he just had to stay cool and perhaps they could get through this. Malachi nodded in agreement "Yeah anything could be for our advantage lets just hope we survive for a couple weeks to figure out how we can use gum and a playing card to our advantage" he then pointed to a little path leading up a hill and going down somewhere. He couldn't tell where it led to but it went somewhere away from the beach that seemed the best way since it wasn't going through the jungle just near it. This kid seems to have some brains..I could use him as an ally or maybe he could turn out has an enemy. Well I guess that's another good reason to have a pocket knife He looked up smiling slightly and reached to shake his hand "My name is Malachi Deebs Watson. And you are?" he asked with an eyebrow raised.

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Amburger James stood up slowly to his feet and looked for people near him. There were two older boys talking by the water near him to his left and further down the shoreline on his right other groups were forming. Blinking his eyes slowly, James began to inch his way over to the group of just two boys. "Hi." He whispered tentatively, not knowing if they were going to hurt him in any way or accept him.

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((Due to the many new characters being made I don't want everything to get to confusing on one topic so new Characters go to 'The Secret Cove' Its another place to begin the Rp))

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Amburger wrote: "James stood up slowly to his feet and looked for people near him. There were two older boys talking by the water near him to his left and further down the shoreline on his right other groups were f..."

Malachi then heard someone greet him from his side and turned to see James. He seemed very young possibly the youngest kid he saw on the island,Malachi couldn't help but smile at him "Hey,you doing alright? Now before you ask me what were doing here I will answer you:I have no Idea. No one seems to really know but where trying to fix this" he assured James

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) "The name's Jim. Jim... er... Wallis." He felt more than a little stupid for forgetting his own name, but guessed it was excusable. He took Malachi's hand and shook it, then saw James. Jim melted a little inside. The kid was so young... it hit him that all these kids had families, friends, people they loved, just like him. And they'd be off no better than him and Malachi, maybe some would die. It was a horrible thought. Shaking his head, he mumbled something in agreement. Then he gave his best attempt at a smile and sat down next to James so they were almost at eye level. "Hey there."

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) Selena walked over to the others and smiled softly. She waved at them and wasn't exactly sure what they were talking about but went along with it like she usually did. "Hey guys. Uh its nice to meet you all. I'm Selena Carter." She said politelly looking at all the guys and girls and tried to not seem like she felt utterly alone and ignored.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) ((Who exactly is she talking to here?))

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) ((well mostly to everyone she felt it best to talk to the people so she doesn't feel alone so practically everyone))

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Oddity wrote: "((Who exactly is she talking to here?))"

((shes talking to Malachi,Jim and James. And the other children on the beach I think!))

Malachi looked up at Selena and also smiled at her deciding most children where settling down Well it's now or later better start this off. Get some damn order here Malachi then put on a concentrated stern face and talked in a loud voice so he can be heard "Hey everyone! Listen up" he yelled. And as everyone seemed to quiet down listening "Obviously we are not where we are supposed to be and if you haven't notice it seems where on an Island...on the beach to be specific. Now even though we have a lot of questions we have to band together night time is coming fast and we need to make the best of our time. So who's with me? Lets work together to find some shelter" he said looking around at the other kids looking at him some with tear stained faces.

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Ashton rolled his eyes at Grid all of a sudden feeling very tired he was so tired and fed up he didn't even yell something back at her. He just sighed heavily and waved her off he then saw Malachi start talking seeming to act like a leader. He couldn't help but nod slightly he seemed to know what he was talking about so he walked closer with the other kids listening carefully has Malachi asked if everyone agreed with him he nodded "I think that kid knows what he's talking about. I'm in for that idea" Ashton was still pretty annoyed at Grid and how she acted but he wasn't acting so nice either... But he assured himself he only acted that way because she started it. No way was he going to apologize.

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Amburger James nodded enthusiastically and plopped down on the sand next to Jim. "So you don't know why we are here either?" He asked calmly, his brown eyes inquisitive. He burst out in a smile, "And I am James. James Arai."

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) Selena looked at malachi and everyone and nodded softly. "Well nice to meet you to everyone and james. I was going to ask the same question. Is it me or does this isalnd or place give a weird vibe like we aren't suppose to be here or we die?" She said worriedly hugging herself as she felt everything seemingly becoming darker and colder around her. She wanted to scream and cry but kept it hidden and bit her lip hard making her lip bleed but was trying to hide it.

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Malachi sighed and ran his hands through his hair trying to keep cool and not show fear. But he was nervous for him and the others a lot of the kids where young..and he didn't know how they were gonna make it. But he tried to think positive and think positive. "Well...for some reason us kids seem to have woken up on the beach of this Island...so I can't say what that means. But it seems strange very strange but hey at least were not alone. We will try our best not to die I think if we work together we may have a chance" he said positively but still had doubt. He then looked up "Alright we have to get going now lets leave the beach and maybe we can find a place to stay for the night"

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) He held a finger to James for silence while Malachi was speaking, then turned to him once he was finished. "Nope. But I'm sure there's some way. Maybe some top secret government project. Nice to meet you. I'm Jim. C'mon, we better get going. We don't want to get left behind, and we'll need as many volunteers to help out we can get to get this to work. But don't worry, I'll make sure you're safe." He stood up and held out his hand to James, smiling but looking off at the horizon with a less confident look in his eyes. None of this felt real at all, but it wasn't a nightmare. What was it, then? Maybe they were all already dead and this was the afterlife. Jim shook his head again, clearing out his head. This island was already making him bonkers. "Let's go," he repeated more softly.
Grid had stood on the edge of the sand, listening to Malachi, and feeling guilty about the way she'd treated Ashton, no matter how much he deserved it. Well, she needed to focus on getting through tonight at the moment, and would probably apologize eventually. She had a bad feeling that if they didn't get home soon her little temper would be nothing compared to fights that could erupt from children with no supervision. It was like being back at school. With a suppressed groan, she joined the crowd and took it all in.

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Malachi then started walking up the beach towards the little pathway up to the hill. He figured that was the best place to go he didn't want to camp out on the beach and the higher they were the better because they could see people coming towards them if anyone else was on the island. I didn't think about that...maybe other people where on this island. Not likely but its nice to hope As he led everyone up the hill he felt that it was the blind leading the blind did he really know what he was doing? Not fully but he was trying,this was one time he wished he had a grownup there who possibly knew more. He hurried up towards the hill looking at the scenery so far.

Ashton hurried up and followed the crowd looking at everyone,all the other kids weren't has fancy dressed as him. In fact no one was it made him stand out even more,the thought kind of made him smile thinking he stood out. Even though I'm on this island it doesn't mean I have to dress like a castaway Ashton then saw Grid in the crowd but then quickly looked away not wanting to look at her at the moment he supposed he would have to get along with her.

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(( Ok~! Castaways go to the Hill!! Or if your character wants to be a loner you can stay here...but I sugguest you stay with the crowd))

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Amburger Oddity wrote: "He held a finger to James for silence while Malachi was speaking, then turned to him once he was finished. "Nope. But I'm sure there's some way. Maybe some top secret government project. Nice to me..."

James took the offered hand and looked in the same direction as Jim and noticed his worried expression. "Well if it's some top secret government project, they might not want to kill us." He quietly stated. "If not... then who knows." Thoughts rushed through his head. If he was there, what did his parents think. Did his parents sell him to whoever put him here? What if his family wanted him gone? Tears slowly welled up in James' eyes and he quickly brushed them away. "I hope it will all be fine." He whispered quietly to himself.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) Selena watched them and sighed softly and didn't know if they would talk to her or such but it seemed better to follow the crowd then be by themselves. she wanted to say something maybe to them so she wouldn't feel so sad and all alone but she didn't know what to say. She bit her lip pushing her hands into her pockets not wanting to cry but it seemed she did softly. She wiped them away. And maybe if she could speak to them and hope like she wasn't easvedropping it would be okay."Well if its a secret government project they would want to do more with us than keeps us alive. But we all have no idea what happen. If we just all arrived here there's more than meets the eye and surely we all will find out. Maybe malachi knows more than we do james or anything." She said shrugging softly and looking at them. She just hoped what she said would work then what she thought.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 28 comments Molly opened her eyes and quickly closed them after getting blinded by the sun. Where am I? She mentally asked her self. Molly sat up and noticed she wasn't the only person here. She rubbed her eyes and stood,hesitantly she made her was over to the small group of people. She was careful not to interrupt the group as they were talking.

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