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Ennis Rashed (m3nnis) | 71 comments Mod

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Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Me too! :D

message 4: by Ennis (new)

Ennis Rashed (m3nnis) | 71 comments Mod
damn straight! I'm liking how we started getting new characters tossed in. This should be interesting. I'd just like to remind everyone that we are trying to keep this semi-realistic, and also that there are many role options so get as creative as possible. LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD :D

message 5: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Yay! By the way, sorry if I don't reply back to a post right away. I have an incredibly slow internet connection right now. :/

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Ennis Rashed (m3nnis) | 71 comments Mod
thats fine, just reply whenever you can. No rush but if it gets to the point where it takes way to long then we may be forced to move on to another scene. You can catch up with your character and just improvise if needed.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Of course!

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Ennis Rashed (m3nnis) | 71 comments Mod
does no one want to setup victim characters? because at this point this will turn into serial killer vs serial killer which when brought up does sound quite tempting but still I think we all need variety.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Good point. I'll be sure to post a character as soon as I think of one.

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Ennis Rashed (m3nnis) | 71 comments Mod
Much appreciated Roxanne

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Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) No prob. :)

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Ennis Rashed (m3nnis) | 71 comments Mod
that is fine, just make sure it will tie into the story line but don't make it to complicated or unbelievable or else it will just be confusing :P

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Ennis Rashed (m3nnis) | 71 comments Mod
this is moving along swimmingly

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MollyRena | 15 comments I like to swim

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Ennis Rashed (m3nnis) | 71 comments Mod
don't we all?

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MollyRena | 15 comments Elizabeth wrote: "ME TOO!"

Elizabeth I like the whole story line you have going on with Zora and Mason so far. XD

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Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) I just added a bunch of victims, so the storyline should be a lot more exciting now. :D

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Ennis Rashed (m3nnis) | 71 comments Mod
haven't been around for a while. sorry about that :P. hows everybody doing?

message 19: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Personally, I've been pretty good. (Lol!) But my computer keeps freezing up so it's really hard to get onto goodreads to check for updates. :/

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Ennis Rashed (m3nnis) | 71 comments Mod
well it certainly has been a while now hasn't it.

message 21: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Yup.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Happy Valentine's day everyone! ^w^

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Moriko Drakas (MorikoDrakas) | 105 comments What happened to everyone roleplaying?! D:

message 24: by Adrian (new)

Adrian (ace-geek) Is this group still active?

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Moriko Drakas (MorikoDrakas) | 105 comments Well, me and Roxanne are roleplaying. But nobody else is.

message 27: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Sure! My OC Jakob hasn't gotten a chance to enter the storyline yet. :)

Soul Stealing~ Come and Play on the Dark Side ginger | 93 comments Woot then I get to add my new character too

message 29: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Yay! ^w^

I'll add in my character as soon as you post as yours. :)

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Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Moriko won't be able to post for two weeks. She's in Europe right now, and had no internet connection.

(Sorry if she already sent a message about this. If she did, then don't mind me! ^_^;;)

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Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) She's in England right now, but she's going to be going to a lot of other European countries. She can tell you exactly where she went when she gets back. :)

I know she'll be going to France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but I'm not sure where else she's going.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Cool! Which part? Moriko's in London right now.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) Awesome! ^w^

Sorry for the late reply; her tour group only stayed in London for two days. I think they're in Switzerland about now... I haven't gotten a chance to talk to her since her group visited Paris, about two days ago.

message 34: by Roxanne (last edited May 11, 2015 10:28AM) (new)

Roxanne Shriver (roxanneXshriver) I will be going on hiatus until further notice. There's just way too much emotional drama and stress in my life for me to focus on anything other than my new groups and work.

I will post if there is an emergency, but only then. I won't be roleplaying until at least after the summer. Possibly longer.

Anyone is open to have my OCs/character claims. Message me at roxanneRMXmarx@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns. (I check that email more often than my goodreads messages.)

Good luck with the roleplay, everyone! ^_^

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Audra  | 1 comments Hi! Is this group still alive? If so im making a character.

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Megamanlan | 1 comments Insanity is my best friend.

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