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A chat room for the moderators of this group. :)

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I feel like we should add a game that has to do with Dragon Pokemon :)

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I agree. :)

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Lets put our Pokebrains together!

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Think think think...

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How about: ...Dragon Pokemon Month's Goodbyes

The games goes like this:

PinkyPokemon: Drantini
Claire: Drantini is special because it's ability is Shed Skin. Zekrom
PinkyPokemon: Zekrom is special because it can know Fusion Bolt and Bolt Strike. Latias

And on...

Tell me if you don't get it

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You get it? :)

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Yeppers. :D

I'll post a topic for it and just a moment. :)

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Coolio. :^)

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Yayz. :)


Once, in the land of Pokemon, the great Arceus ruled all with an iron fist. Why did he rule all? Because Arceus = Creator of all. Plus, he is the first Pokemon man enough to drink that horse piss we call beer. He ruled all of the Pokemon World from his perch on Spear Pillar, overlooking the world. He made many legendaries, but none was young and innocent as Mew. Mew didn't know that some of the other legendaries cried themselves to sleep every night. An older legendary known as Latias was a female legendary with a heart of gold, who cheats on her brother, Latios. And all the youngest of the legendaries loved her, because she was sweet and had a heart of gold even though she cheated on Latios. But also in the Pokemon World, there were very strange and odd looking ones, who were considered to be the freaks of nature. But other Pokemon, usually the first and second generation ones, they felt they were to cool to be accepting of other Pokemon's differences. The Pokemon they shunned were usually the Pokemon who looked like genies, or the Pokemon who were in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th generation, or the freaks with half of their type on their body, or the Pokemon who looked like dinosaurs. (The list just goes on, so work with that.) And so all of those Pokemon all played together, and shunned the shunners who haunted them for being so weird looking. They did not listen to the words of the others that tortured them, but played together and had a wonderful time. Latias with a heart of gold treated all the Pokemon with love, respect, and tolerance, so she looked fondly upon the freaks of the Pokemon World, and encouraged them not to take the words of the haters to heart. Now, this inspired the very young Pokemon to play with the freaks as well. This made Mew very sad, because he looked at all the fun the freaks and their friends had, but he was stuck being with the popular ones, because he was young, and Arceus made choices for him. "You see, little Pokemon? You shouldn't shun anyone." Latias told the young little Pokemon, "You should play with those different Pokemon over there. Wouldn't you be great friends?" "Ok!" The youngest Pokemon said, because they were young and innocent, and did as they were told. And so, all the Pokemon who were different and the youngest all played together, and had even more fun, and the Latias with a heart of gold smiled at their fun. This saddened Mew, because he was only allowed to play with the Pokemon who spent all their time making fun of the others, while not actually being very good themselves. Mew wished he could play with the abnormal Pokemon, but he didn't dare do it, for that would anger Arceus. But Arcues was already angry, because he looked down on Latias, and thought, Ha! How dare she teach love and acceptance for those freaks?! I will not stand for this! He thought the World of Pokemon could only allow the normal looking ones in it, and not the freaks. Arceus then turned on Latias, and violently attacked her, and all other Pokemon in horror. He ruthlessly attacked her, because she wanted love and acceptance for everyone. But before he could finish her off, Cresselia came down from the moon, and landed in front of Arceus. "Arceus!" She said, "How could you do this, to cause such pain, and misery to those who only want to love?! You should be ashamed of yourself, what kind of leader are you?!" This caused Arceus to feel ashamed of himself, because only now did he realize that the other Pokemon had feelings. "You must accept the Pokemon for who they are, not who you want them to be!" Cresselia told Arceus. Arceus then set the rules for the better, so everyone could live happily in peace, and harmony. And all the Pokemon lived in peace and harmony from that day on, no longer shunning others for being different. The end.

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O....K......! That was pretty good.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) Seriously? :O

(I did it because I was bored... xD)

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Yea. Pretty good.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) *Hug* X3

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