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Romance and happiness blossoms at the Happy Cafe! Uru takes her mother's remarriage as an opportunity to work part time at the Happy Cafe. There, she befriends Ichirou and Shindou, two of the most unsociable guys she's ever met! To make matters worse, it turns out that Uru is not exactly meant for the waitressing world, as she's a huge clutz. But as this hilarious shojo tale unfolds, true happiness - and even true love - lurk just around the corner.

Happy Cafe was voted as one of the MR's for September. It received the most number of votes at 4.

message 2: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 1392 comments I'm very excited for September's Monthly Reads! The manga I voted for won(this one), a manga I nominated won second place(Codename: Sailor V) and a manga series I've been meaning to finish was chosen by the challenge winner(Beast Master). I think this will be a very good month!

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That's awesome, Kristen! I had voted for Boys Over Flowers, but it didn't win. Oh, well. Maybe another time. However, I'm excited to read Codename: Sailor V. Apparently, this is the first time it's ever been published in Amercia.

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Selena (sailorstar165) | 1858 comments Mod
I've been meaning to read Beast Master for a while, so this is a good thing. XD

Sailor V I read. It's not as good as the Sailor Moon in my opinion, but it's an earlier series and I believe the creator's first.

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Yeah. It came before Sailor Moon and now acts as a prequel to it.

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Cindy III (Polywag) | 179 comments I love Happy Cafe.

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