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Professor Slughorn looked around at the new class, looking rather pale and worried. "Hullo, class!" He said, putting on a fake smile.

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Aspen smiled at him, taking her seat in the front of the classroom. She pulled out her potions book and straightened her cauldron, then sat, waiting for the lesson to begin.

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Professor Slughorn smiled back.
Emma, Jon, and Jared sat down in a small group at the back. "Oh look, there's Vincint." Jon said, glaring at a fellow Slytherin. Vincint smirked at him.
"Just ignore him, Jon." Emma whispered. Jon sighed. "Fine. Only if Jared-" "And Jared will ignore them. Will he?" Emma said, glaring at Jared. Jared nodded. "Yeah, sure." He said. Emma nodded and went back to listening.
"Today we will be making a Love Potion. Who can tell me why people get attracked to it?" Professor Slughorn asked.
Emma's hand shot up into the air. "Yes Miss Granger?" Professor Slughorn asked. "Because when some one smells it they smell their most favorite smell they could ever think of. Then they drink the love potion and who ever made it is who they'll be attracked to." Emma said smartly. "Great job! 15 points to Gryffindor for the extra explanation." Slughorn said. Emma grinned.

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Aspen looked down at her hands, feeling unhappy, which was unusual for her.
"All right, everyone turn to page 111 in your books," Slughorn said. "The Love Potion is a very complex potion. Not all of you will be able to produce a perfect sample of it, but you must try! Begin!"
Aspen quickly flipped to page 111, reading it over quickly. Ashwinder eggs... Rose thoms... Peppermint... Powdered moonstone...
She pulled the ingredients from her bag and put in some of them. She stirred her concoction, and it started to smell like vanilla.

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Emma started the potion to a perfect start. She scribbled down something quickly before she put in teh Powdered moonstone. But that didn't make any difference. The potion turned a perfect shade of pink and smelled like pages of a new book, freshly moan grass, and strawberry cake. From one smell to the next. Just how it should be.
Jon looked at the potion confuzed that it was blue. Emma glanced over. "Jon! Peppermint is suposed to be before Powdered moonstone!" Emma snapped. Jon widened his eyes. "Really?" He asked. Emma nodded. "Oh..." He said, disapointed. Jared put in the Rose thoms and peppermint at the same time. Emma sighed. "You two just do it your way. You may have it exploud in your face but it wont be my falt because I tried to warn you." Emma said.
Once everyone finished Professor Slughorn walked around. "Good, Aspen. 10 points to Ravenclaw!" Slughorn said happily. "And Emma, 10 points to Gryffindor!" Slughorn said happily.

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Aspen smiled, but her smile was sad. She silently put her things back in her bag, and stood up. She walked slowly to the door.

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Emma, Jon, and Jared made their way out also to their next class. Jon and Jared went to Divination and Emma went to Muggle Studies.

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Aspen stepped out into the hall and headed to her next class-- coincidentally, it was Muggle Studies with Emma.

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Arria hurried into the classroom. Professor Slughorn looked up as she came in, and smiled. "You're early!"
Arria smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

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Anna followed in. "Ah good! Another early student! 5 points to Gryffindor!" Professor Slughorn said cheerfully. Anna grinned at Arria and sat down next to her after sighing of relief.

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Arria sat down, smiling. "I thought that we were going to be late!"

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Anna nodded. "Me, too." She said. She took out some parchment, her quil, her ink bottle, and her potioins book. She started doodling while she waited for class to start.

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Arria took out her potions book and flipped through it.

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Anna continued to doodle and wondered how many points Gryffindor had. It must've been many because they earned 5 and she remembered some one very smart in their house named Emma. Of course Ravenclaw mabey would have the same. Or lower. There was some one very smart in their house named Aspen.

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Arria smiled at the professor and went back to flipping through her book. "Look at this," she said softly to Anna. "Felix Felicis..."

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Anna looked at the picture and the long paragraph under it. There was a rumble of thunder, Anna jumped slightly but kept staring. A smile appeared on Anna's face. "Wow..." She whispered. "I wonder if we could make it some day, when we're older." Anna said happily.

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"That would be incredible," Arria agreed, gazing in wonder at the potion.

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Anna continued to stare at the potion with Arria. "I really hope that we do. Didn't Harry Potter creat it?" Anna asked.

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"No," Arria replied. "He make the Drought of Living Death, and Professor Slughorn gave him Felix Felicis for a reward."

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Anna nodded. "Yes. That's right." She said, remembering that she had read it. How could I be so stupid to think that he made it? Anna thought. "Mabey we should ask Professor Slughorn if we will be making it when we are older!" Anna said happily.

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Arria shrugged and smiled. "Sure!"

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Anna grinned. "We'll ask him after class." Anna said. That's when the class started filling the other desks around them.

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Arria smiled. "Okay."

Professor Slughorn stood. "Good afternoon, class! Today we will be making a Calming Drought. Can anyone tell me what this may do?"

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Anna raised her hand slowly, afraid if she'd get the answer wrong.

Ro's hand flew quickly into the air and waved around wildly, but she calmed her hand down afraid if she'd get in trouble for her wildness. Her braid was over one shoulder and hanging over her stumic. Her pretty smile was spread across her face at Professor Slughorn.

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His eyes widened, but he smiled. "Yes?"

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"Doesn't the Calmiing Drought calm people?" Ro asked. Her heart was beating against her rib cage, afraid if her answer was wrong. She never liked having her answers that was anounced to the whole class wrong. It never ended well. But she'd crack a joke to make everything better, but at the moment, all she could think about was getting the answer right for some sort of reason, she didn't know why at all.

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Arria laughed lightly, but not loud enough for anyone to hear.

"Yes," replied Professor Slughorn, his eyes twinkling. "Very good!"

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Ro sighed of reliefe and grinned down at her feet. Why am I so happy that I got it right? Ro thought to herself mysterously. She shook her head and blinked, sure that she was loosing herself. She looked back at Professor Slughorn and grinned back at him. "Ten points to Ravenclaw!" Professor Slughorn told Ro with a smile. Ro grinned.

Anna looked at Ro with great curiosity. "She looks familier." She whispered to Arria, then, when she looked at her she saw that she was laughing. "What are you laughing at?" She asked.

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"Nothing, nothing." Arria stopped laughing and smiled.

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Anna shook her head. "What is it?" Anna replied firmly.

Ro sank into her seat, it felt as if something special was in this room. She turned around in her seat and her heart skipped fifteen times in a second when she saw Anna. Ro blinked at her, then turned back around, thinking things over. She seems so familier. She thought curiously.

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"Nothing important," Arria replied.

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"Alrighty then." Anna said with a shrug.

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Arria smiled.

Professor Slughorn smiled. "Alright, now could everyone please turn to page 217 in their books?"

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Anna and Ro turned their page at the same time.
That's when Anna remembered something. Thoughts zipped in her mind. A vision of her sister taking her away quickly before getting killed. The face of Ro.
Ro blinked and saw a vision of her baby sister, and another of her as a toddler before she left. It was Anna.

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((Class over))

Tatum walked into the class room tierdly.
Professor Slughorn smiled at her. "Did you bring your homework?" He asked.
Tatum nodded and pulled out her fifteen inch essay. Then she sat in the very back corner of the class. She bit her lip to try and keep herself awake.

Rowan *call me Red* (RowanMoss) | 43 comments Rowan
I walk into class and turn in my homework to Professor Slughorn and turn to the page that he asked.

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Jade ran in. "Sorry for being late, Professor!" She apologized. Professor Slughorn waved it off. Jade sat down in the front row and opened her potions book. "Everyone read the first chapter and take down notes when you can! There will be homework to do!" He said. Jade started reading, taking down notes every once and a while. After finishing her chapter, her parchment was filled with words. So many that it was hard to even read what it all said. There wasn't a single space to write one letter. She pulled out her history book and started to read about Harry Potter since she couldn't really read about anything else in front of a professor or the students. She would be told on and sent to who knows where! Jade shuddered at the thought of going to her first detention. She read through two chapters before looking back up. Professor Slughorn was talking. She blinked and put her book away. He had told them to start working on a love potion. Jade opened her book to the correct page number again and started to work. After putting in the ingredients and mixing it around. It turned the correct shade of pink and smelled like vanilla and grass. She breathed in the smell and smiled.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments Dan and Anja exchanged glances. He sat at the desk taking notes while Anja did the same. When they were making potions, Dan stirred, and it slowly melted to brown. Anja looked over from her cauldron and smiled sympathetically, adding more fairy dust and causing it to turn the same pink as hers. They both breathed in deeply. Dan smelled Autumn air and rain, mixed with the scent of the perfume Anja's bedroom always smelled like back home. Anja smiled. She could smell her cat, leather, and Dan's bodywash. She laughed at him. "You need to use less body wash. He smacked the back of her head lightly, and both laughed overly loud.

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Rebecca ran into class, awfully late. She didn't say a word to Professor Slughorn and went straight to work. She put in all of the ingredients, slowly making it the shade of pale pink. She stirred, the pink becoming perfect. The smell was the smell of cookies that her mother had always made when she was back at home. It also smelled of old books and her mother's perfume. She smiled weakly, feeling dreadfully homesick.
She turned around at the sound of laughing. She saw Dan and Anja. Tears pricked at her eyelids, she rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand and went back to her potion.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments Dan walked over to Rebecca a cauldron. He breathed deeply, leaning over it. "Mm..."

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Rebecca jumped at Dan's sudden appearance, but felt her heart leap with joy. "What do you smell?" She asked him curiously, letting a small smile appear on her face.

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