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Around Hogwarts > Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom

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Emma, Jon, and Jared walked in. "Jared, are you sure we should do this, we'd waste our time. We don't even know for sure if-" "Emma, that is why we are doing this. Because we don't know for sure." Jared inturupted. "He's right, Emma. We have to do this." Jon added. Emma sighed. "Alright. Come on." Emma said. They locked themselves into a stall. "Incendio." Emma whispered. The toilet hole filled with fire. "Put a caldren over it before it gets any bigger." Emma said. Jon put on the caulren. "Alright..." Emma said with a sigh. "This is going to take at least a month. So are you guys-" "YES, EMMA!" Jon and Jared said at the same time. Emma sighed. "Alright. Fine. Let's get on with it." Emma said. "Did you get the 12 lacewing flies?" Emma asked. Jon nodded and pulled them out of a jar. Emma took it and put it in the brew. "Right. Now we need it to be stewed for 21 days. Until then, we need to make sure no one gets into this bathroom, or worse this stall. Or else we might be expelled." Emma said. Jon and Jared nodded. "You don't want anyone coming in here?" Myrtle moaned. "Yes Myrtle. Can you make sure of that?" Emma asked sweetly. Myrtle looked at her uncertinly. "I dunno..." She said. Jared sighed. "Please, Myrtle?" Jared asked, smiling at her. Myrlte smiled back. "Only if you admit that you love me..." She said. Jared rolled his eyes at Jon smirking. "Fine. I love you, Myrtle." Jared mumbled. Myrtle giggled. "Okay. I'll make sure." Myrtle said.
They left the bathroom. "Interesting that that worked." Jon said. Jared rolled his eyes again and Emma laughed.

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