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Jared, Jon, and Emma sat down at the Gryffindor table. "I wonder if Professor Vandalf will have a good speech today!" Emma said excitedly, straining her neck to see the teachers.
Jon pulled her down. "Don't do that! They'll see you!" Jon said.
Emma rolled her eyes. That's when the head master stould up. "Welcome everyone! I'm so happy to be spending another year with you here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! This year will be like the others as you probely all know! But we still will have a new great year with new students, new lesons, and other fantasic things! Now, let's have the first years come up." He finished.
Emma sighed. "Not as good as the last. Do you think he's ill?" Emma asked.
Jared shook his head. "I don't think so, he looks same as last year." He said.
Jon furrowed his eyebrows. "I dunno, Jared. He does look pale." He said.
Jared shook his head again. "No. He looks the same. Just getting older and more tired." Jared said.
Emma looked at Jon with a worried look. "Do you think he's alright?" Emma asked him.
Jon nodded. "Jared's fine." Jon said. Emma smacked his head. "No. Professor Vandalf." Emma said.
Jon shrugged. "I dunno. He looks paler." Jon said.
Emma nodded. "But don't get all worried. He's the head master! He's only 98! Do you know how long Professor Dumbledore lived?" Jon asked.
Emma smiled proudly. "Yes. He lived to be just about 154!" Emma said.
Jon widened his eyes. "Really? I didn't know that. Well, yes. He lived that long and he could've lived longer if he wasn't killed by Severous Snape!" Jon said.
Emma's eyes widened this time. "I'm suprised you know that." Emma said.
Jon glared. "Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny." He said. Emma giggled.

The grouping was over. "Now, feast." Professor Vandalf said.

Piles of food appeared on the table. Jon started eating fast. "Hungery much?" Jared asked, laughing. Jon nodded. "I'm starving!" Jon said. Emma rolled her eyes and took a roll.

Desert was over. "Now everyone go to bed and follow your new prefects to the common rooms.

Emma stould up proudly. "Come first years! This way to our Common Room!" Emma said. "Come one, Jared!" Emma said, nugding Jared in the rib. "Ow!" Jared hissed. "Alright... first years over here." Jared said boredly.

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Aspen walked into the Great Hall and sat down. She ate her food quickly, then stood up and walked over to Emma. "Hello!" she said happily.

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Emma, Jared, and Jon turned around. Emma smiled. "Hi! Sorry, got to take these first years to the Gryffindor Common Room." Emma said.

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Aspen smiled and nodded. "Ah, yes, of course. Care to hang out somewhere afterwards?"

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Emma smiled. "That sounds great. How about tommorow after lunch?" Emma asked.
Jon and Jared looked at eachother. "Hold on a minute." Jared said to Aspen. "Emma, remember, Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom tommorow." Jared whispered.
Emma nodded. "I know. We are doing it every day after Dinner." Emma whispered back.
Jared nodded.
"So, tommorow after Lunch?" Emma asked again.

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Aspen tilted her head, confused about what they were saying. "Yes, after lunch is fine."

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Emma smiled. "Alright see you then." She said. "Emma, are you still coming to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom tommorow after dinner?" Jon whispered. Emma nodded. "Of course I am. You have to admit that I'm the brains of this whole thing. I acculey know how to make it." Emma whispered back. Jon and Jared looked at eachother and nodded. "It's true." Jon said. Jared nodded again. "To true." Jared added.

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Aspen raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment. She smiled and walked off, going to her common room.

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Aspen walked into the Great Hall, smiling. She sat down at a table, not caring which one it was.

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Emma walked in reading her charms book. She glanced up to see where Jon and Jared were. She saw them at the Gryffindor table and sat down.
"What are you reading?" Jon asked through a mouthfull of food. "Charms. It's our first class today and I totally forgot about it! I need to study before it!" Emma said. Jon rolled his eyes. "Jared? What are you staring at?" Jon asked. "What? Nothing!" Jared said, snapping out of it. Emma smiled. "Charlie?" She asked. Jared shook his head and started eating. "No. Not at all." He said.

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Aspen glanced over at them, realizing that she had sat at the Gryffindor table. She bit her lip, wondering whether or not to go over to them, and decided to. "Hi!" she said brightly, sliding over on the bench. "What's your first class?"

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Emma looked over and smiled. "I have charms." She said. Jon and Jared looked over and smiled at her. "Remember, don't make plans after dinner." Jared whispered. Emm glared at him. "I know, I know." She whispered back.

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Aspen looked at them, a shadow crossing her face, which was quickly replaced with a smile. "Ah, nice!" she replied. "I have Charms, as well!"

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Emma blinked at the shadow across her face. When she blinked again she was smiling so she decided she was imagioning things again. "Great!" Emma said happily. She glanced at Jared. "Should we invite her." She whispered to him. Jared shook his head. Emma nodded and continued eating.

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Aspen kept smiling, but inside she was groaning. She was being left out from something; she knew it.

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Emma finished quickly, feeling quite awkward. "Er... I'm going to class early." Emma said, leaving the room. Jared and Jon watched her leave. Jon bit his lip. "Er..." He looked at his food. "I got to... go to the bathroom." Jon finished in a lie. Jared watched him go, too. He didn't want to leave also, so he stayed and watched Charlie.

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Aspen bit her lip, her smile disappearing. She turned away and looked at her hands, not knowing what to do. She stood without saying anything and left.

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Jared watched her leave and followed her. "Hey. Sorry about Emma and I whispering during the conversation. We were... er... planing a suprise for... Charlie acculey. I didn't think that you really liked her sooo.. yeah. Sorry." Jared mumbled.

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Aspen turned to him, her eyes glistening. "Oh, all right..." Aspen said, a small smile reappearing. "That's okay."

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Jared grinned. "Okay. Thanks for understanding!" He said. "Gotta run!" He added, running off. Not because he felt awkward, he just wanted to meet Emma and Jon in time.

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Aspen's face fell and she walked slowly, wanting to be included but not wanting to ask.

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Elizabeth walked in and slid onto the bench of the Ravenclaw table. She hungrily ate some mashed potatos and green beans. She managed to still not use bad table manners while eating though. She was very hungry, and her hair was dripping. She had just had a refreshing swim in the black lake and had the squid pull her around for a bit. It had been very fun, but tiring.

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Emma, Jon, and Jared walked in for dinner. They sat down at the Gryffindor table. "What happened to her?" Jon asked. Emma stomped on his toe. "Ow!" He yelled at her. "She probley heard you! Could it ever hurt to be nice for once in a life time!" Emma snapped. "Well, you were snapping at a first year!" Jon yelled. "I have a short temper!" Emma yelled back. "Oh, don't worry! Everyone can tell!" Jon yelled. "Alright, alright. That's enough! People are staring." Jared cut in. Emma rolled her eyes and started eating.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments Dan ran into the great hall and paused, looking for where to sit. He sat at the end of the Gryffindor table, waiting for Anja to catch up. He looked around, but no one seemed to gravitate towards him.

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Elizabeth heard Jon's comment and wasn't quite sure if it was directed at her or not. Either way, she really didn't care. Her hair dropped little droplets of water down her spine, which cooled her hot body. She noticed Dan run up. "Hey," she said to Dan really, but she made it loud enough so they could also say it was directed at Emma, Jon, and Jared too. She went back to eating, devouring a cup of rice in mere seconds.

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Emma looked behind her at Elizabeth. "Hullo! Sorry about Jon. He doesn't exactly care about anyone but himself." Emma said, with a sharp glare in his way. Jon rolled his eyes. Jared sighed.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments Dan rose from his seat and walked over to Elizabeth, sitting beside her and nonchalantly grabbing an apple off the table. "Hey Liz," he responded,not caring whether she liked being called that or not, cracking a smile and propping himself up on the table. The rain had grown heavy outside suddenly, and he glanced out the windows above the teachers table, taking a bite of the large green fruit.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments He turned back to her, running his hand forward to fix what little of a faux hawk his short hair would make. He smiled, and rubbed the deep bags under his eyes, sniffing in the wonderful smells coming up from the kitchen.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments He playfully punched her on the arm. "So, what's up with you.? Been to the bottom of any oceans lately?" He said, mocking her appearance and lifting the end of her damp hair in his fingers.

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Jared tapped Emma on the arm. "Remember tonight. Do you have the rest of the ingrediants... and the spell?" Jared asked. Emma nodded and opened her bag. Jared peaked into the bag and saw all the ingrediants. Emma took out a book called, An Advanced Book of Charms By Garloy Charn.
Jared nodded aprovingly.

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Emma, Jared, and Jon faced Lily, panniced for a moment because they that she was a teacher for a second. They sighed of reliefe and went back to their planing.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments Dan turned around, looking after the two who had entered the hall. He stared intently, studying them. He had to admit, the girl was hot, but to proper for him. Nice enough though. Her brother, he didn't care for. Dan could see the parallels between them, but there were differences in their off putting bad boy nature. Dan really had been bad, while this kid just posed as it. Dan sniffed loudly, rubbing the bags under his eyes as he looked at the girl.

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Rebecca walked in with her kitten Luna following behind her. She had a bag swung over one shoulder and one book under her arm. She was writting her notebook. Her hair in a side braid. She sat down at the Ravenclaw table and shut her note book. Luna jumped on her lap. Rebecca smiled and stroked Luna's head. She picked up a sandwhich and started eating.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments Dan glanced at the cat. He hated cats

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments And why someone would drag one here with them, he didn't know. Girls did strange things. He shook his eyes, clearing his throat and glancing out at the rain while taking another bite of apple.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments He rose from his seat, unsure whether to leave or not. He was alone, like usual. People strayed away from him normally, so he was used to it. Here, rumors spread faster than fiend fire. He sighed aloud, blinking wildly and rubbing his eyes. The bags under his eyes cast deep shadows like his past as he turned around to pick up his coat. The ceiling was growing wildly dark, reflecting the storm outside. He sat back down for a moment, enjoying the storm.

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Rebecca glanced at the guy. She looked him up and down, deciding weather or not to like the boy. She decided not when she saw the evil glare she gave her cat, Luna. She stood up and walked to him. "Why are you glaring at my cat?" She asked sternly and angeryly. She stroked Luna's head as she cuddled up into Rebecca's chest. Rebecca smiled down at Luna, then back at Dan. The same glare she gave him earlier appeared on her face again.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments Dan blinked. He was shocked. "I.." He cleared his throat. "I'm sorry.. I. I just don't like cats I'm sorry" he said, blinking wildly to try and forget his old gang boss's cat that had attacked him. Darned thing left scars on his back he still had. Thing had been half wild. He sparked back to reality, meeting Rebecca's gaze, and almost wincing when Luna looked at him. "I'" He repeated, clearing his throat mid- sentence and shifting his bag on his shoulder uncomfortably, rubbing the bags under his eyes and meeting her harsh gaze.

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Rebecca raised her eye brows, there had been something that made him not like cats, she knew it. She sighed. "It's fine." She said, smiling slightly at him and just noticing that he was kind of cute. She blushed slightly at the thought.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments "Okay," He said, half smiling and running his hand over the back of his hair. "It's really nothing against your cat," he said uncertainly, clearing his throat and rubbing the dark bags under his eyes again. "I mean.. I'm sure he's.. she's..just..*Sigh* Sorry" He said, laughing at his stumble.

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Rebecca laughed and ran a hand through her hair. "It's fine, truely." Rebecca said. "I mean, all cats can have their bad days so I understand." Rebecca said, blushing more. She bit her lip. "I'm Rebecca by the way. But you can call me Becca. Or Becky. Or Beck. Which ever you want," Rebecca said. I'm so stupid. She thought as she held out her hand. Luna had ran back up to the Ravenclaw common room.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments "Dan. Daniel Capaldi." he said, his shoulders relaxing as the cat darted away. He put his hands in the pockets on the front of his sweatshirt, and smiled, sniffing. His eyes darted momentarily to the ceiling, reflecting the heavy rain outside.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments Anja waled in at that moment. "Dan! Herbology! 15 minutes!" she called from across the hall.

"Okay!" he yelled back, laughing briefly before turning back to Rebecca. "Where is your next class?"

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"Herbology." Rebecca said, pulling her bag over one shoulder. "I'm guessing that I have class with you?" Rebecca said with a smile.

Avril of Themyscira | 77 comments "I guess so." he said apathetically. But his smile was kind enough as he turned and trned and yelled back. "Wait up An!" he quickened his pace a bit to catch up to the girl.

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Rebecca stopped, her heart sinking. He likes her? She thought. Then she shook her head. "I'm not going to get caught up with boys." She promised herself.

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Thetis ran into the Great Hal, only to find her worst fear-people had finished their lunch. She checked her timetable and sighed, relieved that she had a free period next. She slid into her solitary bench on the end of the Slytherin table.

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Jade went into the Great Hall, her stomach growling hungrily. She sat down at the end of the Ravenclaw table where no one was. She piled some eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and pancakes on her plate. Jade poured herself some orange juice all the way to the brim. She started eating quickly. She drank all of her orange juice and finished off her eggs when her stomach felt like it was about to explode. She pushed her plate away from her and looked around the Great Hall. She watched Dan and Anja walk out of the Great Hall and Rebecca look like she was about to cry. Jade sighed and stood up. She checked her watch. Breakfast was over now and she had a free period. She grinned and went to the library to find some more History of Magic books. She could learn so much. Maybe even some stuff about The Chamber of Secrets, or more about Voldemort, or maybe The Sorcerer's Stone. Or Harry Potter. Thoughts were zooming through Jade's mind like race cars. She ran, half skipping, to the library. A huge grin was planted on her face, sparkling just like her eyes.

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