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Nice warm fire place with confey couches and chairs around it. One big table by a window.

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Kenna walked down the stairs with her bag flung over one shoulder. She sat down at a table and took out her Care of Magical Creatures book and started reading.

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Moni | 260 comments Rovana came down and looked for the essay.She looked at the table but it was missing.She kept her bag down and started searching for it under the tableand all the places near it.

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Moni | 260 comments "Hello"Rovana paused,she didn't knew her name."...Mmmmm....excuse me..Did u see a essay lying on this table?"she asked Kenna.

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Jaya | 5 comments Nixel walked in. She saw rovana and called her. "Rovan! Rovan!" Here is your essay.I got it from under the table yesterday night.

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Moni | 260 comments Rovanna turned back."Ohhhh!....Thank you very much .....Nixel,I should submit this today....Thank you very much"

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Jaya | 5 comments Nixel replied to Rovana." No problem. It's ok Rovan".

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Moni | 260 comments "Nixel!Are You free now?"Rovana asked hopefully.

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Jaya | 5 comments "Ya!I'm free right now". Replied Nixel.

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Moni | 260 comments "Then can you come with me to the kitchen?"Rovana asked.She took the bag and hanged on her shoulder and was getting ready to go.

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Jaya | 5 comments "Ya!Of course."Replied Nixel.

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Moni | 260 comments "Come on!let's go"Rovana walked out.

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Kenna blinked. "Oh! I'm sorry! I was caught up with my reading!" Kenna said, feeling guilt spill over her. Why are you so pathetic?! Kenna asked herself in her head.

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Moni | 260 comments "Its okay !By the way may I know your name?"Rovana turned back to Kenna ,when she was about to open the door.

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Kenna blushed, no one had asked her what her name was before. She was kind of a loner, nerd, and dorky kind of person. "K-Kenna." She said with a smile. Then she relized that she stuttered. She blushed again. "I'm mean, Kenna." She corrected herself.

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Moni | 260 comments "Hi Kenna ,Nice name!"Rovana walked to Kenna and smiled,holding out her a hand"I'm Rovana,People call me Rovan."Rovan grinned.

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Kenna smiled slightly and shook her hand shyly. "Hullo, Rovan."

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Moni | 260 comments "Are busy right now?"Rovana asked,expecting a 'no' from her.

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Kenna shrugged. "Not much. Just book reading, but I wouldn't mind doing something else for a change. There's just been nothing much to do." Kenna said with a smile.

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Moni | 260 comments "Coming with me... for a walk?"Rovanna asked Kenna smiling and pointing at the door.

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Kenna grinned and nodded. She was finally making a new friend! She couldn't be more happier to have some one by her side. She walked over to Rovanna and smiled at her. She followed her out the door.

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Moni | 260 comments "Mmmmm.....Nixel is waiting at the door.Let's first submit this essay to professor slughorn and then go to the kitchen or to the grounds.Is that okay,Kenna?"Rovan held kenna's hand to express her acceptence of being friend with kenna and asking is she happy of being friend with Rovan.

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Kenna squeezed Rovan's hand back with a smile. "That would be absoulutly lovely!" She said with an even brighter grin. It was amazing having a friend that she could talk to. We could share secrets, have icecream, go to hogsmeade together! Kenna thought, getting more and more excited every second.

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Moni | 260 comments They walked out of the room,smiling.
((roleplay in corridor))

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((Kay! :) ))

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((this is after Kenna was hanging out with Rovan!))

Kenna walked back into the common room, her eyes drooping slightly. She rubbed them and told herself that she had to do her Defence Against the Dark Arts essay before going to sleep. She sat down in her favorite comfey chair and gave a polite smile to Aleksei. She waved at him and pulled out her quill, Defence Against the Dark Arts book, and a peice of parchment. She started to get to work on it. Reading it through and writing down notes to make a summery.

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Kenna jumped at the sudden voice. She turned her head to the voice and saw Aleksei. "Oh! Umm... I... uh.... m-my Defence Against the Dark Arts essay. Just reading through the book abit before wo-working on it." Kenna studdered. Boys never talk to me... She thought. She gulped and gave him another smile. "What are you working on?" Kenna asked him, nawing on her cheek after asking. She started to feel abit shaky and started twisting her fingures in her lap.

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Kenna blushed. "You must've heard a lie. I'm not that great at Defence Against the Dark Arts, but I'm not horribal either. Charms is pretty tough also, but you seem pretty smart to g-get through it all so qu-quickly. Wha-What year are you in?" She asked, trying hard not to studder but did any way. Kenna started to feel self consious. She tucked a strand of her hair behind on ear and looked at her shoes. Kenna started to naw on the inside of her cheek again.

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Kenna blushed again. "Those rumors are true... yes it is very advanced but, I honestly don't think that I'm all that great. But y-yes, I am better than others I must say." She said, couldn't helping but putting a smile on her face. "I think that the reason is because I read also." Kenna continued. She bit her lip and took in a small breath. "I am in my fith year. Still working on O.W.L's. They are torture!" Kenna said, getting over her studders and starting to feel confertable talking with Aleksei.

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Kenna rolled her eyes. "I bet that you weren't all that bad. You seem like a very smart person. OWL's are very hard and I truthfully don't think that I wont get to good of grades on things like..." Kenna thougth a moment, just relizing that she loved almost all subjects and studied them alot. She bit her lip, still thinking. Then a thought strucked her. "Trancefiguration." Kenna said suddenly. "Never could get to turning even a beetle into a button." She said, blushing abit at the thought of her first try. "That's about all I ever have time for also. It's a miricle that I get to talk to friends every now and then." She said, blushing again when she relized that she just called Aleksie a friend.

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Kenna bit her bottom lip and shook her head. "I think that your pretty sweet. You seem like you have always been sociol. But I really have had any friends for... well... I've never really had any friends." She said. The thought of her parents entered her mind. She sighed, trying not to let any tears get to your eyes. "I know it's not just my imagionation. You really seem smart." Kenna said firmly. Holy cow, he so sweet! Kenna thought. "I think that you'll be great in your seventh year. Not great but fantastic." She said, giving him a bright smile.

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Kenna blushed and put on a huge smile. "Well, alright then. My friends are parchment, books, and quills." She said. "Thankyou. I guess that big groups of girls who think that they are so cool doesn't really make me feel right. Soon I'd turn into them and wouldn't be pretty anymore. To much lip stick and masquara. I would never have true friends and I wouldn't ever feel happy. You are kind, smart, and handsom, I'm also suprised that you don't have a group of giggling girls sorrounding you." Kenna said, smiling at him. She let out a little laugh and blushed abit more.

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Kenna nodded, her heart sinking abit. Would he like me? She thought. I don't wear make up and I'm not a giggling girl. Kenna continued to think. Am I boring? He said I'm the same every time he sees me. She started to feel abit panicky. The blush left her and she nodded. "They just get on my nerves because the seem like they think they are so perfect, that's all." Kenna said. She bit her lip and looked down at her shoes again, feeling abit self consious agian. She ran a hand through her hair and took in a breath, feeling weary and tired.

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Moni | 260 comments Rovan entered,She waved at kenna"Hi Kenna,I will be in the dormitory........I am very tired"Rovan straightly walked to the Girls dormitory.

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Kenna nodded at Rovan and looked over at Aleksei. "Yeah... I'm alright." She said tiredly. So I'm wrong now? She thought. She bit her lip and swallowed the hot lump in her throat.

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Kenna smiled slightly when he touched her forehead. Electrisity shot through her. Then she shook her head and looked up. She hated to go to the hospital wing, but mabey she would need it. "Truly, I'm fine." She said. Then she started to feel a bit weary. "It's not that... it's just..." Kenna was starting to feel light headed. What's going on? Kenna asked herself inside her head. that's when it struck her. "Tim Riddle." She suddenly said, looking up at Aleksei. She took in shaky breaths as a sharp pain entered her head. Mmm... smart one aren't you? Asked a voice inside her head. And she knew it wasn't her own. She fell on the floor, putting her hands to her ears. That wont do ANYTHING!! The voice screamed. Kenna held her breath, her head starting to feel more and more painful. "H-Hospital w-wing!" Kenna managed to gasp.

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Moni | 260 comments When Rovan came down.....Her feeling was right......Kenna was lying down.She ran down and plopped near Kenna and tried to lift her,but couldn't,She looked at Aleksei for help....."Are u blind...can't you help me lift her?"She asked him ,in a raised voice.

((Sorry Alexis!Sorry for being rude .It was just to show how Rovan love Kenna.))

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((Ha ha!))

Kenna screamed again and started bawling. You are such a wimp and might as well die! Yelled the voice. She screamed again, scratching at the ground and banging her fists. Wah, wah, cries the little baby. Scream, scream. You can be stronger than that! I know you can, here comes more pain! Screamed the voice. More pain shot through Kenna's head and she screamed again.

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Moni | 260 comments Rovan was worried to see her friend in this condition.Rovan held Kenna's hand firmly to calm her down."I won't leave you in this condition Kenna"She told her ,taking fast breaths.She felt a power rising in her heart,which gave her the strength to lift kenna up and take her to the hospital wing,without waiting for Aleksei's replies.She took Kenna to the Hospital wing safe and sound.
((hospital wing....Next.....Right?))

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Kenna started breathing fast, her vision started to get cloudy. When Rovan picked her up she jumped and yelped. She started breathing faster, gritting her teeth and screams when through her head over and over again. "Mama! No! Dad! Leave them alone!!!" Kenna screamed, she started crying into Rovan's shoulder. "Help! Their dieing! He's killing them, you have got to help me!" She wailed.


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Moni | 260 comments ((Thanks!...))

Rovan understood the reason behind her screaming.Oh!Poor Kenna ....I think she is having a vision of her parents me.......Ohhhhh....How can I calm her down.She thought."Kenna don't worry.....We can Help them out soon......"She said her for calming her down.Even though she knew ,it is impossible to help her parents who were dieing in the past."Calm down...calm down....."She told Kenna."Aleksei....Help me!"Rovan looked back without ceasing.

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Moni | 260 comments As Aleksei took over Kenna,Rovan went to move the crowd out of their way."Pls give us the way...Emergency...Emergency"She called out until the crowd was clear and they disappeared into Hospital wing.

((Rp in hospital wing))

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Kenna continued to wail. "They need help NOW!!! She screamed just before going into the HW.

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