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There's a fire place with comfey chairs and couches around it and a big table by a window.

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Emma, Jared, Jon, and the first years approuched the Common Room door. "For now our password to get into the classroom is Pigsnout. Here that, Pigsnout. Remember to remember the password." Emma said. Jared yawned. "Pigsnout." Emma said to the Fat Lady. "Come in." She sad boredly. The walked into the commonroom.
"Boys dormitory is on the left, girls on the right. Remember that they are seperated for a reson, so don't go up to the girls if you are a boy and don't go up the boys if you are a girl." Emma said strictly. "All first years should be in bed by 10:00. I don't expect you to be studying to late because you don't exactly need it." Emma said to the first years. Jon smirked and Emma casted him a evil glare. Jon shrugged. "You did it all the time." Jon whispered in her ear. Emma stomped on his toe. "Ow..." Jon said falling into a chair to rub his sore toes. "Alright, get to bed everyone! It's nearly 9!" Emma called out. All the first years went into their dormitories. "Thanks for the help." Emma said sarcasticly to Jared. "Sorry. I was to tired to say anything." Jared said, falling into another chair by the fire.
Ginger hopped onto Emma's lap and she stroked it's fur. "If you are so tired, you should mabey get to bed. I read in a book-" Jon smirked and cut off Emma's sentence. "What?" She asked him. Jon shrugged. "Ovbiously you read something out of a book. And ovbiously you read something over the summer." Jon said. Emma sighed and started counting to ten in her mind. "As I was saying. I heard that it's good to get some sleep if you see visions and scary dreams at night." Emma said.
Jared rolled his eyes. "Emma, I honestly think I'll be fine." He said. Emma shrugged. "Suit yourself." She said. "Now, I'm going to study for tommorow. I expect that we'll be having a pre-pre-pre test before our O.W.L's. I heard that this test is very important. A big chance to get out there what you can do. Even to be something you want to be once you are old enough." Emma said, taking out her potions book. She started to read as Jared and Jon whispered to eachother about the O.W.L's.
"I honestly don't think that this is that important." Jon whispered. Jared shrugged. "Might as well try. I'm only studying alittle. Not every second of this year." Jared whispered back, glancing at Emma.

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Emma looked at her watch it was 12: 17 pm. She widened her eyes. "I better get to sleep. I want to be refreshed tomorrow." Emma said. Jon and Jared looked at her. "What time is it?" Jared asked. "Time for you to get to bed! I don't want your visions and dreams getting worse!" Emma said, pulling Jared to the boys dormitory. "Go! Get to bed!" Emma snapped. "Alright, alright!" Jared said. Jon followed him. Emma went to the girls dormitory.

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Arria/Finn Murdock was still awake as Emma walked in. She pulled the blankets up to her chin, her eyes wide and bright. She was not sleepy.

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Emma froze on the spot. "You should be asleep, Arria." Emma said. She was really good at remembering names. She reconized her easily because of how beautiful she was. "Tommorow is a big day and I expect a pre-pre-pre test tommorow." Emma added.

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Arria blinked. "Why are you awake, then?" she asked, curious.

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Emma crossed her arms over her chest. "Because I'm a prefect and a 5th year. Plus, I was studying and buried deep into my book so I didn't know exactly what time it was." Emma explained, trying not to let her angery side take over.

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Arria tilted her head to one side; Emma looked angry for some reason. "I'm sorry..." she said quietly. "I'll go to sleep..."

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Emma's eyes softened. "I'm sorry if I seemed rude!" She said sadly. "I just... have a short temper." Emma added. "I know that's a horribal thing to have, but I do."

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Arria nodded slowly, her eyes wide. "No, that's fine," she said softly. "It's who you are, and you shouldn't change that."

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Emma smiled. "Thankyou." She said with a sigh of reliefe. She got into her pagamas and got into bed. She fell asleep.

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Arria sighed and lay her head on her pillow, trying to sleep. Images came into her mind; images of her parents. Tears welled in her eyes, threatening to escape, and finally, she let them slide out. "Mommy," she breathed, barely audible. "Daddy..."

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((Aww... you're making me sweat through my eyes!!!))

Emma thought she heard whispers, but then decided that she was imagioning things.

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((So sad... Poor Arria...))

As the final salty tears slid from her eyes, Arria slowly drifted off to sleep. The last image that she saw before darkness consumed her was of her parents, right before they left to go to a movie, where they would be killed. They were waving and smiling, and she never saw them again.

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Emma fell asleep again, thoughts of what her, Jared, and Jon drifted through her mind. She was afraid some one would catch them.

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((I know... I like having sad characters... :) ))

Arria awoke the next morning feeling heavy. Her face was pale, but she put a small smile on her face as she got dressed and fixed her hair.

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((Haha! Wait... what's sad about Aspen's history?))

Emma finished brushing her teeth when Arria woke up. She smoothed out her robes then picked up her charms book. She headed down to the Great Hall.

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((Her parents died when she was seven, and she was sent to a bunch of orphanages.))

Arria wasn't hungry, so she decided to go outside. She left the dormitory.

((She needs a friend!!))

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Emma, Jon, and Jared sat at the long table. "You got the book?" Jared asked. Emma nodded and took it out of her bag. "Here it is." Emma said, putting it softly on the table. Jon widened his eyes as he flipped through the pages. "This are bloody discusting." Jon muttered. Emma sighed. "I know. But the polyjuice potion is the most discusting and dangerous. Not to metion a major rule here at Hogwarts not to use it. So we have to get two things perfect in order not to die or get expelled. We need to keep it a secret. And we need to get the potion just right so we wont change into either this," Emma said, flipping to a page on polyjuice. There was a very ugly lady. To ugly for her to just be like that when she was born. "Or we will be half of the person we change to and half of ourselves for the rest of our life." Emma finished. Jon gulped as Jared stared at Emma as if she was mad. "Alright. Do we all agree that we have got to do this no matter what?" Jon asked. Jared nodded. Emma sighed. "Alright. I really don't have a choice here do I?" Emma asked. Jared shook his head. "You're the brains. You're how we are going to get there in the first place." Jared said. Emma nodded. "That's right. Jon you need to find these." Emma said, turning the book to him. "Alright." Jon said. "And we have to wait while it boils to get everything else." Emma added. "This needs to boil 21 days." Emma finished. "Brilliant. Let's go." Jared said. They left to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom.

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