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message 1: by Candiss, Moderator (new)

Candiss (Tantara) | 1208 comments Mod
Please let us know if you're reading, planning to read, or have read The Killing Moon by N.K. Jemisin.

No spoilers in this topic please!

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) I know this is for next month, but I just started the book (and have limited time on it for now as I'm finishing "other reads"). So far mildly interested, looks good.

message 3: by Viv (new)

Viv JM I read this a few months back so it is *fairly* fresh in my memory! Look forward to seeing what others thought.

toria (vikz writes) (VictoriaVikzwrites) I read it when it came out and I really liked it, looking forward to discussing it with you

message 5: by Candiss, Moderator (new)

Candiss (Tantara) | 1208 comments Mod
I've got my copy and will start as soon as I finish what I'm currently reading, which should take me 3 or so days.

I really enjoyed the author's previous series, and I'm a total sucker for any book involving dreams, so I'm enthusiastic!

message 6: by Carol. (new)

Carol.  | 169 comments I really enjoyed this one; I felt it was a very fresh take on fantasy. Look forward to others' thoughts. I like Jemisin's general style.

message 7: by Helen (new)

Helen | 1075 comments This is on my TBR but I want to read her other series first. Why isn't there enough time to read everything!

toria (vikz writes) (VictoriaVikzwrites) Helen wrote: "This is on my TBR but I want to read her other series first. Why isn't there enough time to read everything!"

The two series are unconnected. You can read this series first. :)

message 9: by Carol. (new)

Carol.  | 169 comments And it's even better :)

message 10: by Random (new)

Random (rand0m1s) | 596 comments I think I've been on the second page for the last 2 week or so. I haven't been able to concentrate on diddly squat for a while now. :(

I am going to try to get this done before the end of the month. I really enjoyed The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms so I'm hoping maybe this weekend I can wind down enough to be able to get all the way to page 5. ;)

message 11: by Shel (new)

Shel (shel99) | 1453 comments I'd like to read this at some point, but it's not a priority as I still haven't finished reading her first series yet. One of these days!

message 12: by Oni (new)

Oni (onisur) | 46 comments I will try to juggle reading this books with Snow Crash. I prioritize Snow Crash though.

message 13: by Laura (new)

Laura I picked up a copy of this as well so I'll give it a try.

message 14: by Filipp (new)

Filipp Just started this book today. The beginning sets the mood just right.

message 15: by Christine (new)

Christine | 490 comments I read this a month or so ago and am now reading The Shadowed Sun. I don't think I realized there was a glossary until I was near the end; it is so helpful

message 16: by Jean (new)

Jean Hontz (Majkia) I finished this a couple of weeks ago and really loved it. Thought it was a lot better than The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.

message 17: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (JennyC89) | 127 comments I'm currently reading it and I'm about 100 pages in. It took me a while to grasp it but now I'm enjoying it.

message 18: by Oni (new)

Oni (onisur) | 46 comments I just give it a try, and I am hook-up. Marvelous beginning.

message 19: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Hi! I am glad that someone wrote about the first few pages of The Killing Moon. I read (listened) to them a few times until I realized what was happening...and now I am hooked!

message 20: by Helen (new)

Helen | 1075 comments Victoria (vikz writes) wrote: "Helen wrote: "This is on my TBR but I want to read her other series first. Why isn't there enough time to read everything!"

The two series are unconnected. You can read this series first. :)"

That's good to know. I haven't been in on a group read for a couple of months and tried then abandoned the sci-fi book. I shall add this to September's huge list and read next. Thanks

message 21: by Ashvajit (last edited Sep 14, 2012 12:11PM) (new)

Ashvajit | 1 comments I am venturing cautiously into what is for me this new genre - sharing comments with others while actually reading a book - in this case Sci-fi, or something 'Beyond Reality'. I like the notion of 'Beyond Reality' - it's rather more evocative than 'Sci-fi', and this book The Killing Moon: Dreamblood: Book 1, has already caught my imagination. Opening with encounters of the psychopomp Ehiru with some dying men, I found myself swiftly drawn into that world 'Beyond Reality'. Looking forward to more ...

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) I liked it. Well handled world building and magic system.

message 23: by Marne (new)

Marne I started reading the book this weekend. I'm now about half way through and really enjoying it.

message 24: by Helen (new)

Helen | 1075 comments I don't seem to have enought time in my life to read the books I'm need ing to read this month!

message 25: by Esther (new)

Esther (Nyctale) I started last night. I did not get far but I like it so far. The dreamblood world seems rich and complex and we plunge right into it. I like novel that starts this way.

message 26: by Morgan (new)

Morgan (Tribal) | 9 comments I am jumping on board a bit late with this one, but I have a 10 hr road trip to NC on friday, and 10 hrs back on I need something good to fill my time. I grabbed this book today and read the first couple pages, looks solid so far. I am actually looking forward to the ride now.

message 27: by Sandra (new)

Sandra  (Sleo) | 1141 comments I'm joining in even later, just a few pages in. Hope to finish by the weekend.

message 28: by Shel (new)

Shel (shel99) | 1453 comments Joining in WAY later :) I hadn't planned on reading this one until I finished her other trilogy, but it was on sale for kindle last month, so... I'm about halfway through and loving it so far!

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