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Crown walked in with Albany. Because of the shortage with teachers, Mr. Nightlock was teaching.

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Albany walks in and looked around. She smiled at mr nightlock

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Mr. Nightlock smiled at the class. ((Pretend there is one...)) "Hi, kids! Welcome to your last period of the day! Because I don't know sit about horses, I'm gonna let you wing it!" With that, he sat down over in a corner and started playing Angry Birds on his phone.

Crown sighs and climbs on a horse, smiling at Albany.

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((wait! I can squeeze a half hour XD))

Albany giggled at the teacher and walked up to a grey horse. She mounted it, but had no clue what to do from there "help?" she asked crown

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Crown smiled. "Try clicking your tongue." He said, and clicked his own tongue, causing his horse to trot.

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Albany did what he said, but when her horse started to trot, she flung her arms around its neck and squeeled a bit

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Crown made his horse go next to hers. He reached out to her. "It's ok, babe. Put your hands on his mane..." He touched her arm lightly, grinning.

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Albany grinned when he called her babe, it made her melt. But she hesitantly did what he said, feeling kind of dumb

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He smiled. "Just hold onto his mane, and you'll be fine." He smiled sweetly. "I'm gonna ride next to you just in case."

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Albany nodded and smiled, holding onto her horses mane. "this actually isn't bad" she said as her horse trotted

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"See? You're a natural."

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Albany rolled her eyes and laughed "crown, I was just screaming and grabbing its neck"

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"Well, now I can see that you're a natural. The screaming scaredy cat didn't exactly show it off." He sighed.

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Albany smiled, but her eyes were glaring at crown "kind of like you with rats?" she teased

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He frowned. "No, cause I'm not scared of rats..." He was trying to be a man.

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Albany giggled and squeezed the horses sides with her legs so it sped up "sure you aren't manly crown"

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"Am too!" He released the horses mane to flex his muscles. He grinned playfully.

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Albany rolled her eyes "woah, now I'm convinced....." she smiled and giggled at him

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He laughed and made his horse go a bit faster.

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Albany leaned forward, taking his speed as a challenge
((oh, maybe she should fall off the horse :o))

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((Ooh, draaammmaaa))
He smiled, going even faster.

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Albany smiled back, trying to urge her horse to go faster. It did, but Albany wasn't ready for it. She tumbled of the horse and to the ground with a thump
((no actual Albany's were harmed in the making of this post))

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He gasped and leaped off his horse, rushing to Albany. "Babe..." He murmured, grabbing her arm.

((Lol XD ))

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Albany groaned "oww" she called out, her left arm stinging as blood trickled down
((shel be bruised and have a scar, but fine))

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"Blood." He said quietly. He shook his head, mumbling something to himself. He picked her up and carried her to her dorm. "See ya, Nightlock!"

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Albany felt him pick her up and tried to smile though her grimace "I can walk, I'm fine" she said stubbornly

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"No, you're not." He carried her to her dorm.

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Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments Sammy walks in looking for her teacher.

(Hows the teacher)

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Ryan had just finished checking in at the main building with his dad. His dad was having his assistant take his things to his dorm and then would call him later to make sure he had settled in alright. Ryan had glanced over the map he'd been given, spotted the horse arena and headed over right away. It looked like the closest thing that would remind him of home. He hated being there but he didn't have much of a choice. He knew the sounds and smells of the horses would calm his nerves and raging emotions.
As he walked toward the paddock he noticed only one person there, a girl. She was riding a beautiful horse out. He raised his sunglasses and set them on top of his head, he leaned against the fence to watch her.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Ryan watched curiously as the girl seemed to be getting in tune with the horse, she had the pose of a seasoned rider. He could tell this wasn't her first time riding, when she urged the horse to make a jump he watched with a trained eye to see how rider and horse would do. When they cleared it without mishap and with a grace that would make most judges swoon he almost clapped. He checked himself though realizing it was probably weird that he was even there watching her to begin with. He caught her smile when she started to circle for another jump and he grinned back. He looked down at himself and realized he probably looked like the help. Much to his fathers dismay he still dressed in clothes from Target and other regular stores. At the moment he was wearing a tight v-neck t-shirt that showed off his muscled body very well, and a pair of Levi jeans over brown cowboy boots. He frowned, thinking maybe he should of changed into the required uniform for the school before wandering about the campus. He hadn't thought of it though since he wasn't attending classes that day. His eyes didn't leave the girl or the horse as they went for another round.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Ryan put his hands in his pockets as he watched the pair walk over to him, he raise a brow as she took the hat off releasing her hair. He had to admit she was even more attractive with the hat off, his eyes didn't leave her face, he liked the color high in her cheeks. "Yeah. You." He replied bluntly giving her a boyish grin. "You both. That was amazing out there, how long have you been riding? I can tell you're experienced." He told her as he took his hands from his pockets and climbed over the fence. He walked the short distance to touch the horse, rubbing his glistening neck. He patted him and spoke nonsense to him, then looked back up to the girl with his ice blue eyes.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Yeah I ride. I grew up all over the south, my mom usually got jobs working in stables so I've been around them pretty much my whole life." He replied as he watched her climb down. "Ryan, Ryan Lawless. Nice to meet you both." Ryan bent down and checked the hooves of the horse, he looked well taken care of. "Obviously he's not being abused." He chuckled looking at the muscles in his legs. He stood back up and leaned against Beau with one arm, while just staring at Hazel. Maybe school won't be so bad. Crap I should probably clarify I go to school here. She definitely probably thinks I'm part of the help after the mom works in a stable comment. "So did you start classes already? I just arrived today, I'm starting tomorrow." He added, glancing down, moving his boot around in the dirt.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "He does seem like he wants to just run and not stop. There's nothing wrong with that though, just needs the right handler. Which you seem to be." He gave her a flirtatious smile. "Skipping already? Sounds like you're going to be a bad influence on me. I like it." He backed up to the fence to lean against, folding his arms over his chest he watches Hazel handling the horse. With his experience growing up around horses he knew it was rare to find someone that cared about the horse as a horse not as just something to make money off of or a pet for their spoiled child. Hazel seemed to enjoy the horse for the horse not for what it could do for her.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "No ma'm. I'm from the states. Grew up mostly in Georgia, but I was in Alabama, Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee as well. My dad uh picked me up a couple years ago and took me to New York. Let me tell you that was a totally different place compared to what I was used to. People up there like metal and concrete instead of tree's and grass. It was awkward as hell. He sent me here to see if I'll amount to anything. We'll see." Ryan hadn't meant to tell her as much as he did but it sort of just fell out of his mouth. "How bout you? What has you here?" He asked watching Beau play, he chuckled softly.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Parents are a downer. Wow sounds like you've been through the ringer as well. Do they even care about what happens to us or how we feel?" He asked before staring at her hand a moment. He put his own calloused hand into hers, climbing up behind her onto Beau. He contemplated on where to set his hands. On her waist? Balance himself and hope he didn't fall off? Having an excuse to put his hands on her was too much for him to ignore, so he wrapped his arms around her middle snugly and grinned to himself. Day one and he had already found a hot mess of trouble. He could only imagine what the snooty kids his father tried to make him hang out with would say about riding bareback with a girl. Unchaperoned. He chuckled softly beside Hazels ear, his eyes were on her hands, they didn't look delicate like most rich girls which strangely made him happy.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Ryan was about to respond when he felt a jerk as the horse sprinted towards the fence. He tightened his grip around her waist, his chest flush with her back. He laughed freely as Beau cleared the fence with ease. His eyes glittered with exhilaration as they took off towards the forest, the wind felt wonderful with Fall crispness to it. "This is what lifes about." He spoke softly, not sure if he wanted Hazel to hear him or not. He loosened his grip on her waist a bit, afraid he might of hurt her when they made the jump.

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Amber led aurora in and looked at the horses

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"Wow! It's amazing! Look at all the beautiful horses!" She twirled around and went to go visit the animals, smiling happily.

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Amber walked up to a black and white horse, she slowly put her hand toward it and stroked it

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She continued to observe each horse with complete admiration.

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"I like this one" amber said. She saddled the horse

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"I love them all, I can't choose which one to ride!" She said honestly.

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"take the one that reminds you of a unicorn" amber chuckled and mounted the horse

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She grins. She walks over to the ugliest horse there and saddles him up.

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"that's your unicorn?" amber asked as she clicked her tongue and started the horse in a slow walk

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"Unicorns aren't real. This is Sweetie. He's fifteen years old, and I have a feeling no one has rode him in a while." She smiles and takes off, laughing. She is not wearing a helmet or anything, jest enjoying how free she feels as Sweetie trots around the arena.

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"this ones cookie, she cute" amber said as she took off after aurora, idling broadly

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"She is cute." She smiled at Amber and Cookie as she gently pushed forward so Sweetie would go faster.

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Amber made cookie go faster "youre on cuz" she called as cookie went ahead

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