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Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) What do you wanna do?

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments Um anything really it doesn't matter to me(:

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) Ok...enmity? Romance? Enmity then romance? Harry potter? Percy Jackson?

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments Um we could do enmity romance and something else. If you want?

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) Sure.:) from which book do you want to do?

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments Um Percy Jackson i guess

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) Ok:D you wanna be the girl or the boy????

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments Um girl i've been doing a lot of boy characters.(:

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) Ok.
Name: Skyler reese

Godly parent: Erebus, god of shadows and darkness

Appearance: < img src ="

Age: 17

Personality/ to be rplayed...

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments Name: Jasmine Melody
Godly parent: Demeter
Appearance: Long black hair, Brown eyes, Full bowtie lips, Skinny curves, and 5'5
Age: 17
Personality: to be rplayed...

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) Skyler was walking through the forest trying to avoid everyone.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments Jasmine walks out of her cabin she trys to keep to herself.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) (( how fa will the romance go?))

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments ((It doesn't matter to me))

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) (( ok... But since I don't know your age I'd rather not to something age inappropriate))
Skyler started to head back to camp

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments (Ok good idea.) Jasmine keeps walking.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) Skyler came across kalsomine and scowled.the very person he didnt want to see

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments She keeps walking she soon sees Skyler she tries not to get noticed by him.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) Skyler notices jasmine and tries to ignore her. He banged onto a tree instead.he fell onto the ground." ow" XD

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments She looks over and sees Skyler on the groud. "Are you ok?" She gives a hand out to help him up.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments (Still there?)

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) (( sorry, I went for dinner and then my grand mom started yelling T me))
Skyler ignored her hand. " I don't need your help" he snarled at her.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments ((Its ok.))
She rolls her eyes. "Just being recklace then." she muttered angrily glaring at him.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) skyler got up and glared back at her.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments She starts walking away dropping a photo.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments ((Sorry i took so long to reply my alarm clock just woke me up.))

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) ((its exams are going on anyway so im not on as often as i used to be*sigh*))

Skyler saw her drop the photo and picked it up when she had left.((whats it a photo of?))

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments ((It's fine and my notifications are not working.) (It's a picture of her dad and step-mom holding her when she was a baby.)

She keeps walking until she gets to the garden she decides to plant something again.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) he sees that its a picture of jasmine as a baby and two people holding her.-she might actually be cute....if she was someone else- he thinks to himself as he debated over whether to return it or not.-it doesnt hurt to be nice once it a while-he thought, sighing as he went to give it back.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments She finishes planting the flower pot and takes hee gardening gloves off. She searches her pockets for her photo sje shrugs thinking it might be in the cabin.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) he walks upto her and gives her the photo."is that you/2he asks her.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments She looks at the photo and blushes a little. "Um Yes it was me as a baby." She said taking it. she takes her hair out of her ponytail. Her hair falls down to her hips flowing bits of dark golden brown hair is revealed by the sun. (Sorry i was in school)

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) skyler shruggs "you should take better care of your things. you might not get it back next time"

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments She puts it in her pocket. "I know. Thank you for giving it back." She said a little annoyed.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) he smirked."and i thought you didnt have manners"he said, enjoying irritating her.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments She rolls her eyes. "Oh that's very funny Skyler." she glared crossing her arms.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) " I'm serious" he said, smirking even further." I can't help it if you go around acting like an uncivilised harpie all the time can I?" he said with an innocent look on is face.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments "I dont act like that all the the time. "She said

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) He shrugged." whatever. You keep telling yourself that until you believe it..."

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments "You don't even know the reason why Skyler." she said

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) He raised his eyebrows." enlighten me."

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments "Alright fine. My step mom was killed in a car accident three years ago. My dad got sick really sick now whenever i visit him i need to make sure he doesnt get into trouble." she saod tears falling down her face.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) Skyler didn't know what to say." I'm....sorry" he said, his voice gentle.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments She wipes her tears and nods.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) " um...don't cry?" he says lost for words.(( uh oh. G2g. :(. ))

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments "I'm trying not to." she said (Same:-))

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) he patted her head like he would treat a dog. he had no idea how to act around girls and he did what first came to him.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments She smiles a little.

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Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 823 comments Two of Demeters children run over to her they lokk at her and Skyler shocked. "Jas your needed in the big house its about your dad." they said she looks at them they start running ahead. "I'm sorry." she said running after them towards the big house.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101PERCYISMINE) skyler sighed and stared behind her. then he realizd that he was standing and staring like an idiot so he started to walk back to where he was before, only to bump back into the same tree."stupid tree"he muttered, just as the pretty tree nymph came and slapped him, hard.

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