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message 1: by Erika, Dream Thief (new) - rated it 2 stars

Erika (livingforthebooks) | 4468 comments Mod
What do you think of Luce?

Cassandra Giovanni | 331 comments Well, I find her to be a bit whiny...and rather flat. She doesn't strike me as a heroine at all.

message 3: by Fatima (new)

Fatima Well... I think she's a little bit weak and needs to have stronger traits.

Kylee shes unsure of her self alot

message 5: by Sydney (new)

Sydney | 3 comments She's to whiny an complaines a lot. She Nvr is very confident and is waaaay too needy

message 6: by Tua (new) - rated it 3 stars

Tua (goodreadscasper_) | 11 comments She comes off clingy to me.
I find Isabelle Lightwood from TMI a heroine.

Jojobean I guess I'm the only one who really liked her.

Lina | 81 comments I think that her character went through a lot, yes she was insecure and un-sure of herself, but that again i find her character really emotionally strong, remember the first book, witnessing 2 deaths, that is a big shock and of course she will have nightmares, trauma, feeling guilty, they sent her to a boarding school that was hard moving from an other to an other school, her parents thought she was crazy, than there is the boy drama,she wasn't whiny, so you can't really blame her for that, i thought that her character was absoultely fine even if she had a little Bella Swan in her.

Lacey (LaceyParisBooks) | 254 comments I think I'm on the minority when I saw Fallen is one of my favorite series

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