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Welcome, honoured descendant of the pharaohs and, from this day forth, a member of the House of Life!

To cover any confusion on your half, a few things should be explained:

- The Egyptian gods exist
- There are good gods, bad gods, tricky gods and downright stupid gods
- Let's just say that the real House of Life aren't exactly happy with you. Because you don't condemn interactions with gods. In fact, you quite like some of them - like Bast - and find them agreeable and useful.
- Chaos is emerging
- You need to save the world. Fast!

- Pick a name (either create a new character or use a pre-existing one)
- Pick an age (if you're a god no age is required)
- Pick your key ability (what you're good at e.g. Walt is good at amulet/charm using/making)

Good luck and may the gods be with you!


Name: Sadie Kane
Age: 16
Ability: Blowing stuff up! Ok, jokes; using magic, I guess - which in turn normally means blowing stuff up. It's the one thing (beside using my brain) that I'm better at than Carter, my stupid, yet endearing, brother - so I guess I like it.

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Sadie Kane:

"Sadie!" I heard through my 'sleep haze'. And it was a very nice sleep haze too, until I opened my eyes groggily..and saw Ivy's wide-eyed face centimetres from my own.

"Ah!" I gasped and kicked out, getting twisted in my bed sheets. Ivy jumped out of the way and watched me with concern.
"Are you ok...?"
"No! No, I'm an not ok! What are you doing here?!"
Ivy, barely nine, blinked puppy eyes at me. "Carter said to ask you whether I could have chocolate for breakfast."

I gritted my teeth and made a mental note to throttle my brother when I saw him next. "Tell Carter that I didn't realise I was this place's chocolate consultant! Go ahead and eat a bowl of sugar if you want to!" Ivy squealed in delight, hugged me and then ran from the room, leaving me strangely zapped of all energy.

Kids. They take their toll, especially if you're looking after more than ten of them in one house. I rolled onto my side, sighed and ran a hand through my messed up blonde hair. No sleep for me, it seemed, so I might as well get up and face the music.

And yes, in this case, there was music. Egyptian dance music to be precise, with some kind of whining yodelling noise in the background - bursting forth from the IPod speakers that sat on the kitchen bench.

It was courtesy of the lovely Zia Rashid who insisted that it was a "wonderful cultural influence on the younger ones". Needless to say Carter (the spineless git) agreed with her and so we were stuck with the ungodly sound 24/7.

"Can you turn that stuff down?" I grumbled, walking into the kitchen having changed and added clip-on blue streaks to my hair. The extent of my morning beautifying regime.

Zia looked up from her scroll, holding a mug of coffee and looking perfect (as usual). "What stuff are you referring to, Sadie?" she asked.
"The yodelling."
Zia rolled her kohl-lined eyes and reached over to the speakers, lowering it down a notch. "Here. Content now?" She was enjoying this too much for my liking.

"Do I smell pancakes?" a low voice said from behind me and I quickly grabbed a plate from the stack on the bench and busied myself with shovelling on pancakes, hash browns - anything I could find, in order not to have to glance back at the person I liked to call Wanubis.

That's right. Wanubis. Walt + Anubis. It's a loooooooooooong story (too long, trust me) but here are the basics:

- I liked a guy named Anubis
- He was the God of the Dead and of Magical Toilet Paper
- I met a guy named Walt
- He joined our little team and I liked him too
- I realised I was never going to be able to pick between them both
- Walt was dying from a genetic pharaoh-related, Tutankhamen disease
- Anubis couldn't be with me because he was a freaking god
- So when Walt 'died' he and Anubis became one smouldering hot mess that messes with my brain and feelings because it's sooooo awkward to even consider dating BOTH guys I was crushing on in one guy

Simple? I think not.

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Name: Lorey-Ann Atwood, usually just goes by Lorey
Age: 15
Ability: She's best with combat magic

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I woke up to the ungodly sound of my alarm clock. Gods, I hate those things. They never stop their annoying beeping until you get up and turn the blasted thing off. I groaned and walked over and slammed the "snooze" button. I didn't want to get up. Thing is, I stayed up so late last night reading books- oh wait. That's every night. After slamming the snooze button I collapsed back in bed face first on the pillow, and I was almost asleep again when the alarm clock went off again. I would've thrown it across the room or something like that that was similarily violent but my nose picked up the smell of pancakes. Great. Carbs or sleep? I loved both...
My stomach won. I slammed the alarm clock hopefully on the off button, and stumbled out of the room, my hair in a rat's nest.
I walked into the room and my nose led me straight over to the griddle and stacks of pancakes. I filled a plate, not caring that Zia was staring at my ranshackle appearance as if I was an alien from outerspace or something. I sat down next to Walt- or Anubis, I dunno. It's a bit confusing, but last time I asked about it I thought Sadie's head would explode. Anyhoo, moving on...
I started to eat, wondering if someone would say something or if we'd just eat in silence. Well, no, not silence. That awful Egyptian music was still playing in the background. If it was up to me I'd chuck the stereo out the window back to the First Nome.
Then I heard that annoying beeping noise coming from my bedroom. I cursed in Egyptian. Guess I hadn't hit the off button like I'd thought. I muttered some choice swears and then went back in the bedroom. This time I was careful to make sure that it was officially off; I smashed it into the floor. I'd fix it later. I went back into the breakfast room.
"Lorey, do you even try to look like an esteemed magician of the 21st Nome?" Zia asked with a sigh, looking over my disheveled appearance.
"Nope," I replied. I didn't like Zia that much. She's a wonderful magician and all, but she's a bit of a stuck-up prig who needs to be brought down a few rungs. I sat back down and dug into my pancakes, ignoring Zia's looks of disgust.

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Sadie Kane:

"Don't worry, Lorey," I said, shooting Zia a look. "Magician's are meant to keep the Nome safe and do magic - not pose as supermodels on the godly runway."

Zia sniffed and blew on her coffee. "Looks don't hurt."
"Wow, Zia - you look great!" My lovely brother strolled into the kitchen and kissed Zia on the cheek, grabbing himself a muffin from the pile by the waffles. Suck up. I narrowed my eyes at him and he had the good sense to look sheepish.
"See?" Zia said, turning to Lorey. Lorey rolled her eyes and I almost did the same. Saintly Zia, the Ever-Present-Pain-in-the-Backside. One day I would catch her failing at something.

I would be waiting.

"You haven't touched your food." This observation came from Wanubis, who was looking at me in concern. I shook of the feeling that both boys were watching me - which was true AND creepy - and shrugged.
"I'm good."
Lorey glanced over at me and grimaced in sympathy. She knew how hard this Wanubis stuff was on me. But I had more important issues to worry about than who to take to Godly Prom. Not that there was one, but still - the point stands.

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Lorey-Ann Atwood:

I just rolled my eyes and then glared at Carter. Good gracious, if he wasn't the king or whatever he is now I'd punch him right in the face. He is soooo hitting on Zia.
I heard Walt (or Anubis, whatever) speak to Sadie, something about food, and I grimaced. I still can't believe she hasn't gone mad or something yet. I mean, it can't possibly be easy having two boys you like being in the same body. Um, weird!
I turn back to my pancakes and their gone within seconds. I gulp down the rest of my orange juice and then stand up, wiping my mouth with my napkin. Zia was still looking at me weirdly and I just hate that. She needs a punch in the face too.
"See ya'll later," I said, but really I was just talking to Sadie. She's the only person who actually kind of likes me- and I'm following the ways of Isis so it is kind of cool that I know someone who actually hosted Isis. I walk back to my bedroom and dress in the customary cotton clothes of the magicians.
Damn those clothes are cold. I lived in Arizona before coming here so the slightest gust of wind sends me shivering. I sigh. Just another catch of being a super awesome magician.

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Sadie Kane:

"I better get going too," I said, hastily getting up - taking my untouched plate of breakfast, quickly scraping the food into the garbage bin and dumping the plate into the sink. "I've, ah, got some Egypt books to read. Lots and lots of Egypt books."

Zia narrowed her eyes. "But you said yesterday that you hated reading those tomes."
I smiled brightly, secretly wanting to slam her face into the table. Now was not the time for telling the truth. "I had a change of heart."

Zia didn't look convinced.

"Need company?" Wanubis' eyes were on me as I tucked in my chair and turned to leave.
"Nope. I'm good."
Wanubis gave me a shrewd look. Gods, this was uncomfortable. He - they - leaned forward, and said, "Sadi-"

"Gotta go!" I practically shrieked, fleeing from the room.

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Lorey-Ann Atwood

I go into the library to see Sadie sitting at one of the desks, staring glumly at the page of a tome that practically took up the entire desk.
"What are you doing?" I asked her.
"Poring over this book with enthusiasm," Sadie replied sarcastically. "I don't even know how you would turn one of the pages, they look heavy as anything... you could kill someone with this book. And make it look like an accident..."
"Sadie." She hasn't been quite right - not since Walt and Anubis joined together. The fact that Sadie Kane is rambling proves that something's not right. Well, at least she's not breaking apart over nothing. Most girls would've cracked just hearing the mention of themselves maybe being magicians and hosting gods.
I walk over to her, uncertain to the fact if she wants company or just to be left alone with her thoughts. An awkward sound slides out of my mouth, something between a greeting and a groan.

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Sadie Kane:

I slam the book shut and glare at the cover. "Why? Seriously, Lor - why me? I have stupid Carter for a brother, my uncle gets possessed, my parents die and then are alive, but really aren't - they're in the Underworld thingy and my dad has a green face. To stop it all off I also get partially possessed by Isis."

"But do you know what takes the cake, Lor?" I continue, my voice rising hysterically. "The two guys in my life that I might actually like...BECOME THE SAME GUY! I mean, I know all girls use that expression, "If I took his eyes and then the other one's body, and put them together, they'd be the perfect guy!" But both Anubis and Walt are in there! It creeps me out! Who am I actually talking to?! Who am I kissing?! Who actually cares for me?! Argh!"

I drop my head into my hands and pull at my hair. "That's it. I give up guys forever."
"Sadie," Lorey tried, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. "You don't mean that."
"Oh, I really do."

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