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Add the lyrics, not a video. And... YOU have to make them up! Have fun!

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I see nobody gets it, so I'll give an example.

Oh, Susanna by Stephen Foster

Oh, I went to some place in this world, that was real screwed up, but when I met my best friend in there, that made me feel awkward. What-cha doin'? I thought I was alone! But he said these few dumb words: I followed you to here.

Now it's whoever's turn.

Sam/Applejack♆ I throw my chainsaw in the air sometimes
Sayin' ay oh. Where'd my hand go?

Sam/Applejack♆ Hah.

ϮAʛʛⅇℛʊℵʛ {Supernatural Freak} (Taggerung) | 40 comments Okay so little back story to this: I work at a subshop, Kyle is the meat slicer, and he also likes to make parodies about subs...all the time. So I made this one to sing at him.

When I walk in the shop, this is what I see
Kyle's slicing meat
and singing sub parodies
I've got a sandwich in my hands
and I ain't afraid to
Show it, show it, show it,
I'm making subs and you know it!

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Elizabeth (elizabeths01) One my friend made up based on the song that goes "Hey I just met you."

Hey sheep are evil
and sheep are grazing!
So solve that problem
and eat lamb baby!

ϮAʛʛⅇℛʊℵʛ {Supernatural Freak} (Taggerung) | 40 comments Hey I just met you
And I feel lazy
So clean my room now
I'll tip you maybe!

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Liana | 9 comments parody of "call me maybe" ...

Hey i just fucked u
and this is crazy
but delete my number
and take the baby

Sam/Applejack♆ No profanity. DX

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I dont know the name of this song....

you know medusa will come and turn you to stone
and Zues will be overthrown thrown
so you must tell yourself that you are strong
and fight to save his throoooown

ϮAʛʛⅇℛʊℵʛ {Supernatural Freak} (Taggerung) | 40 comments That one works to the Pokemon themesong, but idk if it's what you put it to...

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no its that one that goes

turn to stone
dreaming when im alone lone
and so i tell myself that i'll be strong

somethin like that...the lyrics slip my mind...

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ϮAʛʛⅇℛʊℵʛ {Supernatural Freak} (Taggerung) | 40 comments Oh, that's lights by Ellie goulding!

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^^ yeah that one!!

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Part of Me (Katy Perry) Parody

This is my fluffy bed

That I love and care about with all my heart and soul, yeah!

This is my fluffy bed

That is what I'll keep until I retire with my dough, yeah!

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Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) Parody

La, la, lalalala, la, la, lalalala, la, la, lalalala, want to sleep with a dirty fly,

Making dirt all over the bed

Thinking that I'll have some love in my head

With my pet fly

La, la, la, my favorite fly


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Sam/Applejack♆ How?

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Sam/Applejack♆ I don't get it...

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Andrew | 33 comments yeah. um. you really sont need to get it. espacially if your a person like me.

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Andrew | 33 comments *Dont

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