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The Marriage Bargain (Marriage to a Billionaire, #1)
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Q&A with Jennifer Probst > What's your favorite quote from The Marriage Bargain?

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Danielle Barclay | 7 comments Mod
What's your favorite quote from The Marriage Bargain?

Heather (HeatherMarieChristine) | 1 comments That's easy! "I love you, Alexa. I want you and I want our baby. I want this ridiculous hound dog because I've grown to love him, too. I also figured out what I don't want. ......" I love that part! I love happy endings!

Jennifer Probst | 24 comments Mod
Aww, Heather,, I love that one too! I cried the whole time Nick made that speech and it still gives me goosebumps!! Thanks for sharing that.

Sarah (sarahlr802) | 6 comments "I won't wear any Yankees gear,but the same applies to you. No Mets junk." I love her response..." I disagree. we haven't won a series since 1986,so I get to wear mine. "
I am a die hard Mets fan...

Tiffany Tabor | 5 comments My fave is definitely Nick's speech to Alexa at the end, also! *sighs* What a fantastic HAE!!!

Jennifer Probst | 24 comments Mod
Yay Sarah! Good choice Tiffany!

Allyson | 1 comments I loved Nick's speech to Alexa...How sweet was that! I love endings like that:) Now I can't wait for the next two too come out!

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