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Promo vs time LOL

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Amy | 58 comments Mod
So my question is...promo. I had no idea it was so time consuming. When do you find time to get 'it' all in? Different people tell you this is important or that is important, no do this, you can't not do that. AH!!!!! When do I get to write LOL? What works for you, and how much time do you REALLY set aside for promo?

message 2: by Hayley (new)

Hayley Linfield | 7 comments Considering the fact that only a handful of people have bought my book (and I think most of them were friends and family), I'm obviously not very good at promo. :) Some 'experts' insist that promo doesn't have to mean being pushy, but then it certainly takes time. I'm now supposed to be blogging and twittering, but what I want to do is write deeply, if that makes sense. So what works for me? I don't know. I do know I've barely written anything meaningful since I book was released, but summertime and kids takes up a lot of time anyway...

Others more qualified than I should answer this one.

Katie Mettner (KatieMettner) | 9 comments I agree that promo takes as much time as writing, and even for the highly paid authors! There are tons of books published every day now and so your goal is to be heard above the clamor. I agree with Hailey that it doesn't mean being pushy, it just means getting your book out to people in a manner so they can make the choice if they want to read it. I have joined an author forum and we go around the area and hold author panels at local libraries etc. Those are fun and informative, I have learned a lot from the other authors and their experiences. Social networking is huge, having friends tweeting and facebooking is a huge promo help. When people get from a friend or family member its a good book they will read it! Doing the interviews for the blogs are also a great way to get out there, they are extremely time consuming, but after you do a few you can generally go in and reuse the answers and that makes it easier. For me I've found going out and doing speaking events solo (another one next week already)have been a great way to promote Sugar. It has surprised me how many people just really want to sit down and talk to an author! Find a local book club and have them read the book and then go in and discuss it with them. For you find a motocross track that might let you set up (I would suggest have you have at least one more in the series out) and see what happens. Yes its all extremely time consuming, but also a lot of fun! One tip that has worked great for me with Twitter is Hootsuite.com. You can schedule in your tweets and do everything right from your dashboard. I can sit down and do a weeks worth in one hour and then forget about it until the next week. Facebook is harder because of the stipulations they put on pages now, but try to find something that you can put up everyday (like I do with the Song of the day) and keep a presence. Try to keep it about the books, a teaser, a video, a picture etc. The answer to how much promo is different for each person AND the type of books you write. Plain and simple if you want people to read it you have to tell them its there :0)

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