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rosebee (Rose33) Everyone is served the same food every day, and there are games in a cabinet by the corner for your enjoyment. You eat here in the open with what they serve you, or you don't eat at all.

the sound of Autumn Trin sat in front of a tray with a small serving of some food that had been served to her. She wasn't paying attention to the warm food though, she was idly looking about at her surroundings with a light, fiddling with the tie of her sweatpants. Today was one of her better days, or at least for now it was. She was just waiting for the moment the nurse turned her back so she could draw on something; she'd chosen to bring the dark blue marker out today, but now she found herself wondering if she really wanted red instead.

the sound of Autumn Trin blinked for a moment, carefully removing herself from her mind-wandering, and placing her gaze on the boy who had placed himself in front of her. Ah, a familiar face. Peter. "Hello," she replied quietly, the corners of her mouth just barely turning upright enough to be considered smile. She watched him separate his food into sections with interest, her fingers sliding over the cap of her marker.

the sound of Autumn (( Alrighty! I'll try and get on when I can. ))

the sound of Autumn Trin blinked again, her fingers wrapping around the marker tighter, specifically around the cap. Instead of answering his question, she quietly asked, "Could I draw on you?" She watched Peter with interest, carefully seeing how he would react. She suddenly had the urge to lean over and smell him, but if she did that, he probably wouldn't let her draw on him.

the sound of Autumn Trin hesitated a moment, before getting up and moving herself to the other side of the table, sitting right next to Peter. She liked how much taller he was than her, though had not the faintest idea why. She ignored this thought though, slowly reaching out and taking his hand, her fingertips skimming lightly over his skin as she soaked in her surroundings. It wasn't until she'd been satisfied with the position of his arm before she uncapped her pen, quietly murmuring, "A list?" without looking directly at him. She was expecting to be pleased by his reaction of her knowing about his fondness of lists, the tip of the marker still hovering above his skin.

the sound of Autumn Without another word, Trin carefully set to working on Peter's hand, making a list going from is knuckles to just a little below his wrist of different kinds of colors. In her neat writing, she'd written down Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Magenta, Teal, Gold, Silver, and Brown. She didn't stop there either. She kept writing down his arm, zoning out as she moved the marker across his skin, as though it were something magical.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) Ace, who was sitting in the center of the room with his head down, perked his ear slightly and opened his jaw to hear better. Apparently, she, Trin was writing something on Peter's hand.

How did she do that? Every time he got near Peter, he'd just flinch and act frightened of him. Ace shrugged his shoulders/ Oh well, it wasn't his fault.

But those markers...

His fingers started to twitch and he got the uncontrollable urge to steal them. He swung his leg over the bench and stood up, and slowly walked over to the couple, acting like he was on some sort of leisurely stroll.

the sound of Autumn "Colors..." Trin replied in a slow, but light voice, like she was sucked into what she was doing. She didn't notice Ace walking over as the list drawled on, all her focus on Peter's skin as she carefully aligned the ink strokes into letters, and letters into words. Soon though, the words were going further down his arm, and getting more complicated. Carmine, Byzantium, Cyan, Harlequin, Viridian, and Amaranth.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) Eventually, Ace reached his destination, standing in front of the two. Inside his pockets, his fingers twitched and shook, eager to take what wasn't his. Between his ears his gears whirred in thought on how to take a marker, without setting of Trin's annoying "alarm".

"Hey." he said softly to the two, pushing his hood back.

the sound of Autumn (( She only has one marker on her, by the way. The nurses only allow her to carry one of them around, otherwise she'd bring along all of them. The rest are in her dorm. ))

Trin's eyes flickered up for a moment to look at Ace, before they returned down to her work. She scribbled on and on with the list of colors, barely able to reply a hardly audible, "What?" He was lucky she replied at all, she usually didn't speak when she got in the zone- though, that didn't mean she wasn't listening. No, Trin had always taken pride in being a very good listener, and the satisfying thing was, people thought that she couldn't hear them when she was staring off into space. No, she could hear very well, she just didn't react. Sometimes it felt like she couldn't at all.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) ((Hmmm, ready Ace?
Ace: Aye-aye Cap'n.))

"Nothin'." Ace replied, sitting down, "So...did you hear what happened yesterday in the basement?" he asked, a plan formulating in his mind, and it played out just so that he could have the marker.

"There were EMTs everywhere..." he sighed, "It was awful."

the sound of Autumn Trin blinked for a moment, her writing slowing down slightly. "EMTs?" she asked curiously, wondering what that meant, and searching through her mind to see if she'd heard it anywhere. It wasn't sounding familiar though, but she guessed that that wasn't very surprising. The nurses didn't talk a whole lot in front of the patients. Trin wondered what it'd be like to be in the nurses shoes, watching all the patients from the outside...

No, focus, EMTs, EMTs... What were those?

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) "EMTs are people that show up in an emergency." Ace explained, gesturing outward with his hands.

"They show up for all sorts of stuff..." he continued casually, leaning back a little, crossing his arms over his chest meticulously. He was thinking fast, and he could feel that buzz of excitement in the back of his neck.

"Fire...sever injuries....murder...." he said, then scratched his cheek, looking over at her, "Sometimes they even come to take certain people away from situations."

the sound of Autumn Trin heard a some vague scuffling, another glance up showing to her that it was his fingers briefly brushing past his cheek. She was getting distracted from her work, the absentminded scrawling on skin with the marker slowing down even farther. Who was this boy again? Ace, Ace. What did she know about him? He got in trouble often, she could overhear the nurses talking to him about... taking stuff. That's what he did, he took things. That's why he was here, right?

Still, she didn't see where this conversation was going, and she waited for him to get to the point he had obviously wanted to get to. Or maybe there wasn't a point at all. This thought cause Trin's attention on him to begin to drift off again.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) Ace glanced at the marker in her hand and then back to her face, "And they were in this place, just yesterday,and I found something they left behind. So I was wondering if you two wanted to come with me to check it out." he looked around nervously, brushing some hair from his dark eyes, which oozed false trust.

"Listen, the nurses creep me out." he explained, very convincing honesty steaming off his words like a hot towel, "And...things happen when I'm alone with them, so, I want you to come with me, so that they don't hurt me..."

He relaxed the muscles in his face and tilted his head slightly to the side to give him a more pathetic look.

"Please, Trin?" he pleaded.

the sound of Autumn Trin mumbled something under her breath, before carefully putting her marker in the pockets of her sweatpants. "Fine," she finally replied, carefully standing up and giving a final stroke of Peter's arm with her fingertips. "I'll be back," she muttered with a sigh, before she turned around and faced Ace, not looking him in the eye. Her hands hung loosely at her side, not bothering to brush a stray strand of thick hair from her face. She was silent, waiting once again, wondering what this all looked like from another person's eyes. What if she was dreaming this very second?

"Is this a dream?" she asked Ace cautiously, with a hint of suspicion.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) "I don't think so..." Ace replied, eyeing the marker loosely in her fingers. He licked his lips nervously, biting back the plea to have her marker.

Ask? That would get him nowhere, she'd say no. The desire to hold the sinfully tempting object over came him and he took a quick steps towards her.

"Never mind." he breathed to her, reaching out and simply snatching the marker with shaking fingers. Once he had it safely in his hands, he grinned nervously.
"N-n-never mind...I don't want to show you." he told her, turning the colorful tube over in his hands while he took precautions steps backwards.

He suddenly felt giddy and wanted to laugh at his small win. Or had he won it? He clenched his hand around the marker and looked up at her, daring her to move to get it back.

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the sound of Autumn Trin blinked once again, this time at her marker in his hand. "Hey," she said, a confused sort of tone to her voice. "That's mine..." A small pout was beginning to work on her lips, her eyes wide. She loved those markers, they were the closest things she had to family around here, and they entertained her, made her happy. Why was he taking her marker? It wasn't his...

Wait, now he was walking away. Was she supposed to follow? Would he give her the marker back if he showed her whatever he'd wanted to show her? Was this a trick, or... or what?

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) Ciel stopped moving, looking into her face for a while. What was he doing again? He clenched his hand and remembered he'd stolen her marker.

"O-Oh..." he stuttered, had he stolen that? He smiled down at it, "It's very pretty Trin." he told her, rolling the tube of ink over his palms.

"Can I...Can I have it?" he asked, holding it up so there was a light behind it.

the sound of Autumn "Can I, can I have it?" she repeated his words, as if tasting them on her own tongue, to see if they were really real. Suddenly she took a step forward, looking directly into his eyes. He was a couple inches taller than she was, so she had to tilt her chin up a little bit when she was that close and looking at him, but she didn't really mind.

"I'm not stupid, I'm really not," she said to him, a somewhat hurt tone folded within the layers of emotion in her voice. "People always do that, they always assume I'm stupid. One time, one time there was this boy, and he was looking at me in the park, I know he was. And he said, 'Dad, who is that girl over there?' I think he liked me, I'd recognized him, I'd overheard him with his friends at school. And his dad, his dad said, 'Don't you get too tangled up with her, that is a sick girl. Something is not alright with her.' And they don't think I hear, but I do hear, and I'm not stupid, I'm not."

(( Heh, Trin kind of rambles on if she's on one of her better days, but gets upset. ))

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) ((Uh... he's defiantly not taller. He's only 14.))

"I didn't say you were." Ace retorted in a level tone, "I just asked if I could have the marker." he told her, his eyebrows scrunching just a little.

"Why are you asking?" he asked with a cocked eyebrow, "Is it because you think I'M stupid? I just want the marker." he told her.

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the sound of Autumn (( He's 5'7, she's 5'5. ))

"I want the marker!" she repeated, her hands traveling up to run her fingers through her hair over and over again. "I want the marker! I want the marker!" Her gaze had fallen to the floor, her fingers moving quickly through her knotty, thick locks of hair, brushing and brushing.

But then, there was a shift inside her. Like the cogs in a machine suddenly beginning to turn another direction. She was calmer, and her hands had fallen to her side again. "You don't want me to give it to you." She was looking into his eyes again, though this time her head was tilted slightly to the side, her tone neither hurt nor upset. It was calm, smug, because she had remembered something about Ace. "It won't be a reward if I give it to you, that'd be no fun. That's not what you like to do, you like to take, not receive."

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) The muscles in Ace's neck tightened slightly and he swallowed hard, making the small lump of an Adam's Apple that he had bob. So...she'd figured it out. A lot of people were still just wondering where their things had gone. Minus his "cell mate", he knew because he's seen The Box.

So maybe he had underestimated her, she did know how this game worked. He thought quickly, and then smirked down into her face, baring his eyes against her's, like a saber tooth-tiger showing off his teeth to a Dingo.

"True." he replied in an unusual tone, "But who is to say I haven't taken something else while your focus was on me?" he asked and snapped his hand out, brushing his finger tips across her stomach and then shoved his hand right back into his pocket. He smiled.

"Joy. Trin? I just stole any "new" feeling your shirt had." he said, looking down at the colored streak across her shirt.

"I don't want your marker anyways." he said, holding it out to her. "I just wanted to steal it."

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the sound of Autumn Trin took note of the change in his tone. She'd remember that, and wonder over it later. Like the pieces of a puzzle, she couldn't put it all together unless she got more experiences, more pieces. So, she listened carefully to all that he said, her gray eyes calmly watching him the whole time.

Then she had felt the dragging of the marker across her brand new white shirt, the tip of the thing tickling her stomach through the cotton fabric. How curious. Was he trying to anger her? Trin narrowed her eyes at his face, as though weighing and measuring each change in his expression.

"I just said that," she replied in response to his admitting his wrong doing, which he obviously didn't see as very "wrong" in the first place. She then slowly reached her hand out, as though waiting for him to trick her again and yank it away, before taking her marker back.

And then, in what she classified as a simple act of defiance, she uncapped the marker again an drew three more blue streaks across the front of her shirt. She then quickly gave Ace a blue line across his cheek, before capping the thing again and swiftly depositing it into her pocket. Her large, soft eyes blinked at him, another airily smug smile lingering across her lips.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) Ace raised his fingers to his cheek and rubbed the spot where she'd marked him.

"Hmmm, well, I suppose blue does look nice on me. Creamy complexion and all you know. Thank you Trin." he smirked and patted her softly on the top of his head.

"Anyways, I'm sure you'll get a new shirt soon." he told her, leaning back on his heels and giving her a suppressed look of some sort.

"The nurses will think you've been trying something. Anyways, you can go back to writing...uh...whatever you were writing him." he told her, turning slightly on his heel.

the sound of Autumn Trin watched him as he began to leave. She made another mental note- the second one today. She would remind herself to follow Ace around more often. She didn't know why she felt the need to do so, but she didn't know why she did half of the things she did, and didn't necessarily want to know. She did find him interesting though, and figured if anything, she'd see how he reacted to a small insane girl following him around.

Then, after having determined this in her mind, she turned back to Peter without another word to Ace, her marker still in her pocket. She knew he had probably heard the whole thing, and Trin didn't know how she felt about that. She just sat there silently, staring at Peter's knees, waiting for him to say something.

the sound of Autumn "Life is interesting," Trin replied in a calm, simple tone. "You just have to pay attention to notice it." She had managed to shift her gaze from his legs, and to his shoulder instead, particularly his collarbone. She imagined patterns of weaving blue being drawn onto it, eventually winding around his neck and curling up behind his ears. The thought of doing this pleased her, but she doubted he would let her draw on him anymore than se already had. She'd noticed that he liked being clean- and he always smelled nice. Another thing she liked about him.

"Have you ever wondered what it'd be like just to be covered, head to toe, in art?" she asked suddenly, her eyes still grazing over his collarbone. "Just drawings, patterns, all over your body."

the sound of Autumn Trin studied Peter's expression for a little while, before taking a glance down at her shirt. The dark blue streaks across what was a previously unstained, crisp, clean white shirt didn't really bother her. They didn't exactly please her, but she wasn't troubled by them either; obviously not as disturbed as Peter was by their presence. She figured that if someone smelled so amazing all the time, there had to be a little negative, so that way everything couldn't be just 100% dandy. No, if you constantly had an aroma of cleanliness, then you must have a prone irritability to mess.

She finally replied, "You can if you want to," with a shrug of her shoulders, and calmly took off her shirt. As she sat there, now in just her gray sweatpants and sports bra, she handed the apparently soiled shirt, her eyes flickering up to his face. Soon enough though, a nurse had strode over, held up Trin's arms, and gently slid the shirt back over her torso again. Then, as soon and as silently as the nurse had come, she returned back to her post in front of an empty fruit cup sitting on one of the tables.

"Sorry," Trin apologized; not because she was embarrassed (this rarely happened to her) but because of what she assumed would be Peter's ultimate disappointment in not being able to immediately cleanse the marked up oiece of clothing.

the sound of Autumn Trinity pursed her lips for a moment, before asking, "Peter, what would you do if you were able to get out of here?" She herself had wondered about this question, and it was a somewhat confusing one. Many of the patients, including herself, had been there so long, the outside world seemed like a mystery. What would happen if one day they were all thrown back into the wild, with the other people, the normal people?

█║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (sirsly) Alazne walked into the cafeteria poking her head out of the door as she entered walking slowly to get food. Not minding anyone she kept her eyes down even though she could hear others. She wished she could talk to them; she was just so scared someone else might talk. She grabbed the tray that had foot sitting on it like a lump she walked to the table and sat at random. Brushing her hair out of her ear she kept her glance down.

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the sound of Autumn She didn't know what she would do if she got out. She'd be behind education-wise, and wouldn't know where to start up again. Her family would go back to being stressed out, those whispering conversations late at night when they thought she was asleep would come back again. At least she'd see her brother more though.

Trin was quiet for a moment, before softly going on, "Do you think you'll ever get out?" Out. Of this place. It seemed like a dream. So many patients had come in, but not nearly as many had checked out. Trin had found herself wondering once or twice if anybody had died here, and had heard stories of the tunnels and such, but she'd never gone down there. Had people really gotten lost down there, like they said?

the sound of Autumn Once again, Trin was silent for a little while, thinking over his response. She was slowly beginning to get lost in thought again, though not on the ways that she did on her worse days. If it were a worse day, she most likely wouldn't have even begun talking to Peter in the first place. But here she was, admiring his tallness, his clean smell, his collarbone.

"Peter," she said finally, her eyes kind of shifting around as she spoke to him. She licked her lips nervously, the faintest smile gently lining across her lips. "Do you think... have you ever explored this place?"

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█║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (sirsly) Alazne couldn't help but look over at the voices talking about exploring, her right eye only visible as she was far left. What caught her attention the most was the one named Trinity. Go talk to them.. Samara urged, Something fun might happen. "No.." She whispered silently looking the other way. She looked back over greedily, her chestnut eyes begging for more than a peek.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) | 101 comments Mod
Mark was siting at a table at the back of the cafeteria. He was tapping his fingers rhythmically on the table and looking at the other people in the room. As far as he could tell right now, none of them was a threat. He had already spread out all of the food on his tray to make sure that it was all safe to eat. He picked at his food, chewing it slowly and carefully.

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syd ♡ Kelsey kicked open the door of the cafeteria, the doctors hated that but she didn't care right now. She walked up to the small lunch line and cut in front of of one of the younger patients. Kelsey sighed and grabbed an apple, she wasn't hungry anyways, the less food she had the quicker she could either away.
"Baby girl, you really need to eat more.." Hallie whispered, the tiny little blonde girl squeezed her hand. "Please for Preston.."
Kelsey looked down at her wrist and saw the small tattoo, she squeezed the hallucination's hand back and then nodded. "Sorry, Hallie.." She mumbled and got a full tray of food. The only open seats were at the tables in the back. A boy she knew sat at the table. Kelsey walked over and sat across from him. "Hey Mark.."

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) | 101 comments Mod
Mark nearly jumped right out of his seat when Kelsey sat down across from him. He clutched his fork tightly. "Hello Kelsey," he said. "I wish you would give me a little more warning before just popping up out of nowhere," he said with a sigh. He was still tapping his fingers absentmindedly on the table.

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syd ♡ Kelsey frowned a bit and mentally kicked herself, usually she was good about remembering each of her fellow crazies' special quirks. She patted his clenched hand ever so gently, though she didn't linger because she knew about his stand on extensive touching. "Sorry, Ana brought another f**king clown into my room this morning.. I haven't really been looking out for anything." She stirred the spaghetti in front of her and pushed her dark, yet golden curls away from her face.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) | 101 comments Mod
Mark had known Kelsey long enough that he didn't flinch at her touch. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but it didn't bother him as much. "That sucks," he said quietly, staring at his food. "I got a new roommate a few weeks ago. He switched rooms. I don't like him, he touches my stuff," he said, showing no emotion whatsoever. "I don't like it when people touch my stuff." He watched her twirl her spaghetti. "How are you?" he asked.

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syd ♡ "Want me to beat him up? God, people should know that you don't touch your things." She laughed a little bit, hoping to lighten his mood ever so slightly. She had known him the entire time she has lived here, and they had become what some might call friends. For this reason she felt the need to e there for him no matter what. Kelsey heard his last question as he watched her hand spin the spaghetti.
"Besides the almost clown attack, I'm doing okay. I have another session today and don't want to go alone.. Would you mind coming with me again?"

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) | 101 comments Mod
Mark smiled. He liked Kelsey. She was a good friend, funny, and also one of the few people he genuinely trusted. "Of course not," he replied. He didn't mind going to her sessions with her. He felt it was his small way of protecting her. Therapists were highly suspicious people and he always worried about her when she went wthout him. "You should eat that instead of spinning it," he suggested, still looking at her spaghetti.

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syd ♡ ((Aw they are cute little friends :) ))

Kelsey's smile widened to that of a completely genuine one, Mark was probably the only person she entrusted her entire life story to besides the therapists that were required to know. It was a comfort to her that he agreed to be there for her, even when it pained him to be with the suspicious doctors.
She looked down at her spaghetti and chopped a small bit of it, then ate it. It felt nice to finally have food in her stomach, she had been practically starving herself for quite some time now. "Hallie said the same thing.. She's too protective.." Kelsey replied, she didn't want to seem weak though she knew Mark had seen her at her lowest.

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((I know right!))

Mark knew all about Hallie. He didn't completely understand it all, but Kelsey wasn't the only one at St. Augustine's who saw things that weren't really there. "She has a good reason to be," he said, glad that she had started to eat. He really didn't have any right to tell her to eat though, seeing as he had barely touched his food. He never so much as took a bite unless he was completely sure that it was safe. He scanned the room one last time before taking a bite of his bread roll.

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syd ♡ ((I didn't think it was gonna go that way at first then it just sort of did.. :) ))

Kelsey finished the food in her mouth and stuck her tongue out at him. "I guess you are almost right, I listen to her because she can control Ana better than myself."
She shoveled up more food this time seeing that Mark was finally eating as well, it bothered her when he wasn't taking care of himself. She couldn't always been there for him, and if he was having one of his paranoia episodes he could get really hurt. He needed his strength, just in case. She didn't want the monsters to hurt him and she wouldn't admit that to anyone, but him. He knew she genuinely cared for him.

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((Haha, I'm glad it happened this way :) ))

Mark took another bite of bread. If Kelsey could eat, then so could he. He liked that about their weird friendship, they were in tune with each other and were able to spur one another on. "I was thinking of going outside today, if you want to join me," he said. Mark didn't go outside very often, and if he did, he always chose times when there would be fewer people around. Going outside on a nice day when other patients would be walking around was a big deal for him. And just in case something went wrong, it would be nice to have Kelsey there.

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syd ♡ Kelsey looked out the shatter-proof windows of the institution. The weather was boarder line rainy and it was perfect. She looked back to her friend and nodded carefully. "I would love to go outside with you."
She knew that going outside must be a challenge for him, especially with there was going to be other people. Kelsey believed that the less than happy weather outside would keep most in, but not them. She enjoyed the pouring rain now, at first it scared her, made her feeling like she was drowning once more. Mark helped her through that tough patch, he seemed like he was the only one there for her, he even hugged her which had to have almost killed him inside.

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syd ♡ ((Me too. :) ))

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) | 101 comments Mod
Mark smiled once more, glad she had accepted his offer. He saw one of the nurses walk into the cafeteria. She was only checking to make sure that everyone was eating their food, but he tensed up nonetheless. After all the years he'd been here, he still didn't trust them. He tapped his fingers even faster on the table. Mark watched the nurse closely, she usually didn't talk to him, but on principle he didn't like anyone who wore that blue and white uniform. "Um, on second thought, maybe I'll just stay inside today," he said quietly. "It looks like it might rain anyway," he added, knowing that Kelsey would probably see through his excuses no matter how hard he tried.

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syd ♡ "Come on, let's be brave together my little Marky." Kelsey smiled and set her fork down on the table. She had given up once before and tried to cut herself with the fork, but they were dulled down like no other. Stupid nurses.
She followed his gaze over to the nurse, it might have been Mikayla, she couldn't remember. Mikayla was the bubbly, rainbows and sunshine nurse, and she couldn't stand her.
Kelsey brought her gaze back to Mark, he was tense and tapping on the table quickly. She followed his suit and made a beat start working with his taps. It kept her calm and less likely to snap, as much as she loved Mark, the tapping was hard for Ana to stand.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) | 101 comments Mod
Mark's tapping gradually slowed down, but he still didn't take his eyes off the nurse. "My name has one syllable, not too," he said calmly. He knew that nothing he said would ever stop her from calling him Marky, but he still felt the need to point it out. He took a deep breath and stopped tapping, clenching his hand into a fist. At the same time - and with some difficulty - he tore his eyes away from the nurse. "Okay, let's go, before I change my mind again," he said determinedly.

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