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Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) It isn't large, but it is well equiped with doctors and nurses who care for injuries and specialize in dealing with injuries cause by use of elements.

Some people from town work here.

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) ((you guys post first))

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*Kaitlin directed the gust of wind that carried her and two others to land at the doors of the hospital, astounded by the size and complexity of the building, but quickly refocused her attention to the matter at hand* "Hurry, get her inside." I hope this was a good place to bring her...

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) "Thank you, thank you!" Thaddeus said getting his feet under him. He ran into the hospital calling for help. Nurses came quickly and took Zola from his arms. "I'll be right here, these people will take care of you." He called to her and she was taken. He looked down and saw his chest smeard with blood and his hands red.

((I know I am not suppose to rp your charter Payton, so if you want something different I will edit my post))

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) ((oh no its all good!!! Little things like that are totally ok!))

As she was swarmed with nurses and doctors she took one last look at Thaddeus. "It's ok" she said to him as they got her on a gurney. She saw the look on his face and she wished she could sit with him and help him clean up but she couldn't. They wheele her off to an operating room and she was put under. She awoke later in a white room laying in a bed.

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(( Moving her character by stating a position or location that resides in the same topic area and within the same bounderies of that topic area by using a physical outside force that belongs to another physical being that is either controlled by you or neutral that is also moving without constricting or binding her character in anyway and the stated action remaining an undefined constant is not necessarily classified as RPing as another person's character, but as defining positioning among different entities. If all of these are true, then her character could defy the positioning by performing an action that removes her from the outside force. So defines the restrictions of RPing of another person's character legally. Sorry if this definition confuses or upsets anyone (as things like this have in the past...). ))

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) ((Okay, but I've got permission so it's okay right?))

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(( Anytime you have permission to do something, if it does not affect another entity that is not a part of the agreement, then it overrides all restrictions within boundaries and the limitations set within the agreement. ))
*Kaitlin blinked as she watched all of the commotion, the wind still blowing around her* "What happened? What's going on?" *She felt uneasy during all of the excitement, as she was unused to such events*

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) ((lol guys. He just set her down. You don't have to make such a big deal haha(;))

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(( Sorry. One thing you'll learn about me is that I like to keep things logical and precise. :| ))

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) ((That is great, thanks, I don't mind and I of all people should keep the rules.))

"Shee...sh..she got shot in the woods." He said his mind not at all focused. He forgotten the woman was there. "There was a guy in the woods." he said trying to buy time and not wanting to betray Zola's trust.

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*Kaitlin looked at the boy with the eye of her mask* "Shot? As in with an arrow? It didn't look like her wound came from an arrow." *She was confused greatly by the difference that she's seen as she's been wondering around this area, unsure as to what these new places were nor how they came to be without her knowing*
(( Again, all four Lost Elders wear the same mask. XD ))

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(( Since my I-touch is dead and my brother lost our one and only wall outlet I-pod charger, I'll be back in about an hour after it charges, assuming I don't fall asleep, so we might have to continue this tomorrow. Sorry. ))

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) ((thanks for the update, we'll wait for ya ;D I'll probably be off in an hour or so anyways, I got to go home))

Thaddeus frowned at her. "With an arrow, what the hell? No...no with a gun." His tone rose as he tried to understand who the hell thought people get shot with arrows. "Why would you think that?" He asked.

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) Zola lay her her hospital bed. It was very white and shiny and it smelt like sterilized metal. All she could think of was her brother. "No, he's not my brother anymore" she whispered to herself. She assumed that Thaddeus was gone. A crazy girl he just met got shot by her twin brother and he had to save her. Yeah, he probably wasn't coming back.

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(( Sorry, thanks. :) ))
*Kaitlin remained silent for a moment, speechless at the word "gun", as she had no clue what one was* "What's a..."gun"?" *She continued to stair at the boy with the eye of her mask, but began to become nervous as the boy seemed to become tense*

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(( *whistles* ))

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) ((I'm only on for a bit, lots more things to get done today.))

Thaddeus stared at her unamused at her attempts to be either funny or play stupid. "That's not funny." He said still thinking about Zola. He wondered if he hsould go home and get in some news cloths or find out what room she was in and go see her right away. But he was a mess and Zola would hardly want to see him like this, maybe she didn't want to see him at all. "

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(( It's alright. ))
*Kaitlin blinked* "How am I trying to be funny? I really don't know what a "gun" is." *Her voice began to sound upset, slightly frantic as she began to think that this guy was being mean to her for no reason, even after she saved his friend's life*

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) Thaddeus sighed, he caught the change of tone with the woman. "A gun is a metal frame with small parts that through the use of force and gun powder project a small lead ball at you with the intent to kill you." He tried to explain. But there was so much more to a gun than that. How could a woman of her age not know what a gun was? Was she living under a rock? "I didn't catch your name."

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"Uhh..." *Kaitlin was still speechless about the whole "gun" thing, but shook it off for a moment* "My name is Kaitlin. What's your name?" *She started to recover slightly from her frantic state*

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) "Thaddeus. Thaddeus Kelper. Fire Elemental." He said staightening up as he said it to show his pride. "The girls whose life you just saved is Zola, and we are both very gratful to you Miss. Kaitlin." He add the last part even though it about choked him to say it.

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) ((I'm off now, sorry, I'll try to be on tonight, but don't count on it))

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*Kaitlin remained silent for a moment* "A...Fire...Elementalist?" *She started to back away a bit* "I...uh...I have to go..." *She started to quicken her pace backwards*

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) Zola lay down and stared at the too white ceiling. She suddenly realized that she was wearing a hospital gown. She got out of the bed and dressed in her own clothes, they were still bloody and dirty but she didn't care. She felt naked without her knives. She sat on the bed and couldn't help thinking about Thaddeus. She wanted to see him. He had saved her and his scared face was still in her mind.

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) Thaddeus frowned in confusion, most people either didn't like fire lementals and tried to fight or didn't care so didn't do anything. Not many would show fear and back away. "Oh okay...Well thanks again, if I can ever do anything for you ask the fire elder to find me." He said.

(Payton, thaddues is going to go home and wash then come back and check in on Zola))

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*Kaitlin continued to back away* "Stay away from me... STAY AWAY!" *A heavy gust of wind appeared from behind Kaitlin and knocked the boy over as she turned and ran away, back toward the forest*
(( Sorry for the dictation of your character's action; I just thought I'd define it's strength. If there's a problem, I can edit. ))

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) ((nope not a problem.))

"Hey!" Thaddeus yeeled as he was blwo head over heels backwards. He knocked his head on the desk that stopped him from going nay further back. "Ahh." He groaned holding his head. Whatever, wierd lady he thought getting up slowly. He headed for the door himself after telling the nurse to tell Zola he would be back. He needed to get cleaned up.

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) She smiled with relief as the nurse told her Thaddeus was coming. She layed down on her bed still in her normal clothes, feeling safer now with her knives touching her skin. Zola relaxes for a moment and realizes the pain she was in. She didn't mind though, she'd seen worse.

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) Thaddeus wasn't gone long. An hour tops. He was in fresh jeans and red and black t-shirt that matched his mask. He had pulled his hair back but a few strands still fell across his eyes. He got directions to Zola's room from a nurse and went right there. He hesitated outside the door, the fear that Zola would not want to see him still present in his mind but there was only one way to find out. He knocked softly on the door and stuck his head in, not wanting to wake her if she was asleep.

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) She smiled lightly at him. "You came back" she said. Zola still didn't believe he would've. He was wearing better clothes and he looked handsome. She was now very conscious of her bloodied attire.

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) ((I'm bringing in my earth elder, cause after all Zola did get shot and that wouldn't go unnoticed.))

Thaddeus smiled at her. "Yep, just like a bad habbit, you can never get rid of 'em, but I can go if you like." HE added. He thought she was happy to see him, just weak so she couldn't show it with hugs and kisses, but he could be worng. The lack of enthusism might mean she would rather he went.

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) "No don't go. I'm just happy to see a familiar face" she smiled and her face got serious for a moment, she stood and took his hand in both of hers. "Thank you Thaddeus" Zola looked into his eyes.

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) Thaddeus met her eyes, then looked away. He felt awkward around gratitude since he so rarly felt any himself. "Don't mention it." he said pushing her gently so she would sit back down on the bed. "What did you tell the nurse?" He asked

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) "Earth mishap. She didn't look too convinced but she was a little distracted by the fact that I was bleeding all over her" she said. "Who was it that helped us?" she asked curiously.

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Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) ((Hey I had to send my elder to the bridge, so you can either wait till I get him free again or bring Serinity here to deal with Zola))

Thaddeus shook his head. "I'm not sure, she said her name was Kaitlin, but I mentioned being Fire and she threw wind at me and ran away. Not sure what that was all about." He was still concerned about that too. It was one hell of a day.

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) ((we can just wait and talk if that's ok?"

Zola furrowed her brows. "That's curious?" She came upon a realization. "Sh*t. What I he knows I'm alive? Thaddeus... He knows your face. Oh god I'm so sorry" she said almost shaking.

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) "What?" It took Thaddeus a moment to realize she was talking about Trenton again. "Oh don't worry about that, I don't plan on being far from your side until this whole thing is over so you don't ahve to worry." he paused and added somthing he hoped would ease her mind. "And it is not the first time I have been hunted."

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) "Oh really?" she asks, her tension easing a little. She counted where each of the knives were just to be sure. She smiled when he said he wouldn't be leaving her side. She knew that it was only for help but it made butterflies appear in her stomach a little.

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) "Really really. I've been around." He spoke easily but the thought of some of the dark places he had been still gave him nightmares. "Why did you put those dirty cloths back on?" He asked. "Weren't you given a robe or something?" He smiled at the thought of the backless hospital gowns.

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) "I felt safer with knives on. I'll change when they discharge me. And I wasn't about to give you that satisfaction of the no back in them" she laughed. "God I want to get our of here! It's not like there giving me anything, I took my IV out hours ago"

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) ((?????))

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Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) ((I'm sorry, Spent Sunday outside and then went to bed wihtout turning on my computer. I'll try and do better, or at least give warning.))

Thaddeus laughed at her high spirits. He was glad she was not all doom amd gloom. "The thought never even crossed my mind." He pulled a chair next to the bed and sat down in it with a thump and a sigh. "The nurse said you were to stay the night at least and I agree with her. You have just been shot, you should rest for a minute." Never mind that Trenton knew she had been shot and might come looking for her, maybe she had better get out of here.

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) "Thaddeus, I will rest when my brother is dead. I will be at more risk staying here and having him find me then I will if I'm constanly moving. I need to contact my family and I want to talk to my friend Adena who is here at the school. I also need to get to my own weapons, better clothes, and maybe some light body armor. I need to leave this infernal place!"

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) Thadeus scratched the back of his head with a guilty look. "I thought you might say that. So um...the nurse." he rubbed his mouth and looked out the window. "She um...she thinks I'm your Fiance." He watched to see how Zola would take that before continuing.

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) She laughed. "We're marrying very young!" Zola said. Smiling. She was curious to why he told the nurse that. Waiting for his explanation, she say cross legged on her white hospital bed.

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) "Hey, I'm 22, if I wern't broke and imature and umm a number of other reasons Iwould be fine." He said indignatly, but realized how not ready he was to be married at the same time. "The point being." he continued "They probably wouldn't let you out by yourself, but btweent the two of us they should, not to mention if Trenton asks what room you are in they will tell him you've gone hom. Which of course we won't" He finished.

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Payton (Paytonthedancer3) "Ok good plan!" she pushes the call button to summon her nurse and grabbs her things. "Honey, I think it's time to leave" Zola said holding out her arm, smiling at Thaddeus. She was suppressing laughter but kept cool. The nurse came and Zola explained. "You see our wedding was scheduled in a couple of days and well there's just so much to do! With the dress alterations and the flowers attracting to many bees and such. I just need to be getting preparations finished and I can't very well do that in a hospital bed now can I?" she put in her best I'm in love smile and gazed with googly eyes at Thaddeus. The nurse nodded and signed the discharge papers.

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (Christa-RonPaul2012) Thaddeus was tempted to take advantage of the sistuation but he refrained himself. Mostly. Smiling like a maniac he put his arm around Zola's waist and gave her a kiss. "Is there anything I need to watch out for, I'll be keeping a close eye on her tonight." He snuggled at her hair barly containing his laughter. The nurse gave him a list and told him to call if Zola passes out or starts to loose any more blood. With a thanks, smile and wave he let Zola lean on him and they walzed out.

"So sweety, wanna go back to my place?" He asked outside the doors.

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