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((Have fun))

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Henry ran into town and stopped.

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Badger layed down and sat there

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Cassandra was hunting in the forest

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Purpleperson | 5 comments Isabella was running through the forest.

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Cassandra smelled a human and ran away

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Badger sat up bored, she heard someone running, "Hi!"

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Isabella said."Hi." To Badger.

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Badger ran after Isabella

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Henry jumped from tree to tree.

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Henry stopped and looked at a girl below him.

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He rolled his eyes. "Are you seriously into that whole 'vampires and wolves are enemies' thing?"

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He frowned. "Well, I'm sorry to hear that. To be truthful, I'm not a fan of my species either."

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"They took away my human life. My wife. My child." He shook his head. "Killed all but me, and in a way they did kill me."

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"So really, I don't buy into the stupid vendetta between races."

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He raised an eyebrow. "You sound as if you are from my time, and not the current."

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He raised an eyebrow. "So it seems."

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"I'm 67."

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"From before my time." He raised an eyebrow. "Nice."

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"What does good?"

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He nodded. "Indeed it does."

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"Ah... I guess that is a pro of being a vampire."

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He chuckled and jumped to the ground.

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He laid down by her. "They do."

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"I was born in this town. Married someplace in these woods."

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"And I'm sorry about yours." He said, deep in his memories.

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He grinned. "You should find someone. Another wolf, perhaps."

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((Yeah. I'll be answering more frequently now. I was watching a show.))

He sighed and ran to the cemetery.

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((I said that then was kicked off...))

He sat at a grave, staring at the headstone.

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Destiny looked around and sighed. she walked to the graveyard, the 1 that her family was burried in. she sat down next her her brothers and mothers grave, her dads next to her mom. she sighed, laying down.

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Destiny quickly sat up, watching Karen. "uh... hello. what are you doing? and why are you touching my brothers gravestone?"

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Destiny nodded. 'he was a vamp, like me." she showed her fangs. she started feeling thristy, but ignored it.

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"this is MY brother! and i wasnt there at the time." Destiny got up, glaring at Karen.

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"that IS my brother! thats all his favorite things and these are my family that YOUR kind killed when they did nothing!" Destiny growled, glaring at Karen.

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Destiny nodded. "of course! it was a mountain lion!"

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"thats my brother! and its on there!" she yelled back, pointing to the mountain lion on the gravestone.

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Destiny tackled Karen. "shut up! i havent seen him since i was 3! my whole family died except me when i was 3 and i was nearly killed!" Destiny yelled.

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"the only reason why i survived was because a were-wolf helped me. it was the nicest were-wolf ever. she gave me blood AGAINST my will. id rather die than drink another vamp, were-wolf or human or any other creature. except animals." Destiny got up and blinked back tears.

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"get what? iv been trying to make our kinds friends ever since i was saved by a were-wolf. i really have. you dont know how much!" Destiny felt a tear go down her face.

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"i dont know. i think 21. yeah she was 21." Destiny felt more tears going down her face.

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Destiny started crying too. "if you want... ill be your friend, kinda like a sister."

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"i wont hate you 'cause your a were-wolf. i actually had were-wolf friends, but they died 'cause these people are hunting me done and killed them." Destiny cried harder.

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Destiny hugged Karen back. "its ok. im sorry."

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Destiny smiled. "thanks. your like my only friend thats alive right now. the rest died 'cause they were killed by those people who are still hunting me." Destiny frowned.

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Destiny smiled again. "and ill protect you too."

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Destinys smile grew. "yup!"

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"i have acouple. mind control, control weather, control elements, shield and invisability."

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"what is it?" Destiny was interested in other peoples powers.

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Destiny smiled. "thats so cool! illl help you control it."

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Destiny laughed.

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