Gregor the Overlander Box Set (Underland Chronicles, #1-4) Gregor the Overlander Box Set discussion

Love it

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message 1: by Kristin (new)

Kristin I absolutly (spelling?) LOVE these book. but im sad now becuase i have read he whole sereis like twice now. I wish she had written another book. Or may they should make it into a movie.

Shauna Have you read Hunger Games?

message 3: by Eva (new)

Eva My boyfriend shared these books recently with me as I am an avid reader of fantasy for all ages and because he shares the name of the lead character Grego. We both loved the first two and his step mom has now provided us with book 4 and 5 and we cant wait to read those as well.

AnnieB Loved them

Madison I am writing a 6th book to the Underland Chronicles if any are interested in reading it. The 1st chapter is on my page.

Heather Bergstrom This Gregor series of books (Underland Chronicles) by Suzanne Collins is second only behind the Harry Potter books in my ranking. I push them on anyone and everyone who has kids. Both Harry and Gregor face extreme difficulties and challenges and have to call forth enormous courage. One main difference is that more sadness lingers at the end of the Gregor series than at the end of the final Harry Potter book. There is no epilogue in the final installment of Gregor--no forward leap in time to let us know things are okay, as there is at the end of the final Potter book. I think I like this lack of epilogue. Gregor will get up the next day and if he ever has to fight again, he will. Harry marries and has children. My kids loved the Potter epilogue. I have mixed feelings. One other thing, I think the Gregor books have just as much humor as the Potter books. Ripred is hysterical. But Harry Potter books get the biggest piece of my heart--as far as novel series for kids. If you haven't read this Gregor series, I highly recommend it!! Strong side characters that stay with you, adventures galore, heartbreak, excitement, vivid and imaginative descriptions and settings, and a main character whose integrity and courage astounds and humbles me!

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