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message 1: by Ellese (new)

Ellese (FaithfulUmbrella) | 54 comments Alright ya'll, I need help. I have wayyy too many books that have GOT to be read soon. I included ARCs because they are in the TBR pile as well.

What I need from you is encouragement! Tell me about your TBR pile, what all have you got in there? Anything you bought and were so excited about it but never got around to reading it?? Do you just need to vent about the ever-growing stack of the literary bane of your existence? Ready, set, discuss!!!

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Faize) | 1090 comments Mod
I have hundreds on my TBR pile. Although, if some of yours are ARCs, I suggest reading those first.

message 3: by Ellese (new)

Ellese (FaithfulUmbrella) | 54 comments Yes...the problem is I have hundreds of books in my room that will most likely never get read...the ARCs I got from my bookstore so there is no hurry on them, but still annoying lol

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Faize) | 1090 comments Mod
My biggest problem is that I buy books witout reading them first, and then I think that I don't have to rush to read them because I own them. So they get stashed on my shelf and get all dusty:(

I will put an end to this!! I need to get around to reading all of my books.

message 5: by Martha (new)

Martha  (theshortone08) I've got ARRs and some ARCs plus library books plus about a thousand kindle books plus books I've won and haven't gotten around to reading yet.
No worries Ellese you're not the only one with a massive TBR list :)

message 6: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Faize) | 1090 comments Mod
ARC stands for Advanced Reading Copy.

Martha can answer what an ARR is, because I don't know myself:P

message 7: by Martha (new)

Martha  (theshortone08) ARR is Author Reader Requests. they don't have to be ARCs but they can be.
Basically is just an author asking for people read and review their books. :)
does that make sense?

message 8: by Ellese (new)

Ellese (FaithfulUmbrella) | 54 comments Oh I have never even heard of an ARR lol but that would be awesome! Martha, it is good to know I am not alone!

I dont have quite 400, maybe over a hundred just in my room but as for virtual ones I want to read? There are literally hundreds that I want to read soooo bad!! I will never get around to them all but I can give it a heroic try!

message 9: by Martha (new)

Martha  (theshortone08) we should do a readathon!
i have so many books is ridiculous!

message 10: by Christine (new)

Christine Marie | 220 comments Me too! Just look at my TBR! It's actually really frightening and sad! I mean even my TBR soon pile is giant! GAAAH!

message 11: by Martha (new)

Martha  (theshortone08) Who's on Turkey Day Vacations this week? Readathon anyone?

message 12: by Christine (last edited Nov 19, 2012 12:51PM) (new)

Christine Marie | 220 comments me! and that's exactly what I've been doing! having a book club tomorrow!

message 13: by Martha (new)

Martha  (theshortone08) Whoo!
I can start tomorrow (I have people over today).
I'm excited! Just got a few books in the mail that I want to read!

message 14: by Christine (new)

Christine Marie | 220 comments cool! I got a ton i own i still have to read :/ like 200!

message 15: by Dale (new)

Dale Ibitz (goodreadscomdale_ibitz) I have to work Mon and Tuesday...then freedom, sweet freedom. :)

message 16: by Martha (new)

Martha  (theshortone08) Ok yayy!! Lets do a readathon then. :D
Starting Tues?

message 17: by Christine (new)

Christine Marie | 220 comments yep that's the day of my book club :)

message 18: by Christine (new)

Christine Marie | 220 comments Our poor piles :/

message 19: by Martha (new)

Martha  (theshortone08) I have more then 700 books on my kindle alone!

message 20: by Susan (new)

Susan | 2 comments I have so many books as well. I love picking them up even if I don't read them right away.

message 21: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Wallace | 14 comments I have two book cases overflowing with books TBR. And I'm always compelled to buy more..

message 22: by Christine (new)

Christine Marie | 220 comments Seriously I have just so many on my to-read soon shelf...GAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! And thousands on my actual TBR!

message 23: by Martha (new)

Martha  (theshortone08) and i love it! :)

message 24: by Ellese (new)

Ellese (FaithfulUmbrella) | 54 comments Red Solo Cup wrote: "I always feel like I'm adding more books to my TBR pile then actually reading books! And not to mention the massive collection of books on my kindle that I haven't gotten around to!

You guys are ..."

Agreed! I get so busy reading, working, and doing everything else that I even forget about goodreads! *gasp* I know...I'm working on it! Good luck with your TBR pile, I just started one today so hopefully it will be full steam ahead!

message 25: by Heidi (new)

Heidi I don't have a pile I have a bookcase. I take that back, there is that pile next to the bookcase...hmmm I think I need help.

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