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2012 Book Archive > 9/2012: The Ivy Chronicles: Part Five: Chapters 6-10

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Laura (lauraactually) | 55 comments 1. What do you think about Ivy’s conversation with Tipper? Do you think that they will remain friends? Do you think Tipper takes being seen together way to seriously?

2. What do you think will happen with Ollie and Lillith?

3. Do you think Irving will get accepted into a private school?

4. What are your feelings about Sassy and Omar’s marriage? Why do you think they eloped so soon?

Chelsi | 47 comments 1. I think their friendship is pretty much done. I think Tipper, like ivy, needs to take a course in ethics or something.
2. Lillith better sit in jail for a while and I hope Ollie has a better life with Faith.
3. I really hope so. He is genuinely smart and deserves it.
4. That's a joke. I think sassy is just looking for money so she doesn't have to change her lifestyle and Omar is offering that

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