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2012 Book Archive > 9/2012: The Ivy Chronicles: Part Four: Chapters 11-15

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Laura (lauraactually) | 55 comments 1. What do you think about Sassy lying? Would you say something to her?

2. What child interviewed the best in your opinion? Which students will get into Harvard Day?

3. What do you think about the Patsy and Stu breakup? Do you think it was a long time coming? How will this affect their future?

4. What do you think lies ahead for Phillip and Ivy?

Chelsi | 47 comments 1. She is obviously very insecure about herself so I wouldn't waste my time saying something. I think its sad that she just most her husband tragically and she is already looking for someone else.
2. ollie's little boy did best but I think Moses will get in too.
3. Yes it was definitely a long time coming. I feel bad for their child that it had to happen in her interview. Ivy is in trouble too because Stu always looks for a scapegoat.
4. I think they will be friends in the end.

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