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Is Martian civilization a dystopia?

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hnatt Right now I'm reading Yevgeny Zamyatin's We and while "Stranger in a Strange Land" is still fresh in my memory, I recognize the society of Martians described by Heinlein in what Zamyatin described (or, with a smaller approximation -- what Aldous Huxley described in his Brave New World). Every individual can be sacrificed for the good of the society (and even more -- he gladly does this by himself, when has such opportunity), personality is totally depreciated while the social organism in whole is highly intelligent.

I may be exaggerating (or misunderstanding) a little, but haven't you thought that Martian civilization depicted in this book is a nightmare dystopia in all it's glory?

Atli Freyr Wow. Good point. I think you might just be right.

David Haywood Young Hadn't thought of it that way. Maybe. But maybe not for the Martians?

One of the things I hate most in books is when it turns out everybody's got "normal" human drives. Think Spock & Data on Star Trek--whythehell did they have to start smiling and laughing? Why couldn't they just remain, you know, different?

So I say let Martians be Martians, let boys be boys, and don't begrudge the zombies the brains they crave.

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