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Sep 2012: Cthulhurotica > Descent of the Wayward Sister *spoilers*

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message 1: by Jillian (new)

Jillian Coleen (Jilliancoleen) | 22 comments Just finished the first story. I am new to Cthulhu, but let me just say I absolutely giggled. Bored and horny? Let's go exploring! Find a random, nude, shackled woman? Of course I'll service her! Notice monster lurking in the corner? Sweet, someone to service me!

Somehow both sexy and incredibly funny to me. Looking forward to the next chapters.

Nicole (LunaKaos) | 165 comments She only really had two options 1.ask questions or 2. go with it.
Seemed a rather tenacious character really, sordid past and not ashamed by it in the least.

message 3: by Katie (new) - added it

Katie | 348 comments I thought the best part (of all of the stories so far) was her description of picking the lock! lol ;)

Becca (herblackwings29) | 84 comments The lock picking was a bit of smutty on it's own.

Ashlynn | 22 comments Am I the only one who after reading this story got the strong sense they will be highlighting/bookmarking A LOT in this book? A few lines just totally got to me and I could not help but laugh.

Vicky (librovert) | 493 comments Mod
I also giggled. The most outrageous part for me was the servant girl - I'm shackled to this table but don't free me, I'm horny and that's more important! I suppose that's what happens when monsters make you go insane. ;)

The lockpicking line was clever. I'll be adding it to my favorite quotes!

Candace (CSavvy) | 13 comments Add me to the list of people who loved the lockpicking line. I also highlighted that one!

As I first read this story, it really frustrated me... mostly because the main character really annoyed me. But, once I: 1) remembered that I was reading a short story, not a novel, and 2) stopped taking the story so *seriously*, I ended up finding it really funny.

message 8: by Brandy (new) - added it

Brandy | 6 comments Two days ago, I got a Kindle. Yesterday, reading this, I saw that 6 people highlighted the lock-picking line. At first I didn't realize what that meant (since my Kindle was completely unused before) and when I did I snickered.
Definitely enjoyed her care-free, go with it attitude... once I stopped taking it so seriously and stopped focusing on figuring out more about her brother.

Molly (AnIllLuckName) | 153 comments I really enjoyed this one as well. Great way to kick off the collection!

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