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Tyler and Alana's Dorm
Alana's side-
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Tyler's side-

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Tyler walked into the room, she looked around and put her bags on an empty bed.

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Alana walked in and saw her roommate. "Hey! You must be Tyler! I'm Alana." Alana said, putting her things on the other side.
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Tyler nodded." Hi."

(( Her side: But, different sheets and no games.))

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Alana smiled. "So we'll be seeing a lot of each other! Yay I like you already!"

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Tyler smiled. She pulled of her jacket. She wore a graphic T underneath." I guess we will." She fingered her necklace as she spoke.

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Alana saw the shirt. "I Like your shirt. Where'd you get it?"

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" I got as a present." Tyler told her.

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"Oh." Alana said.

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Tyler looked at the ground.

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"I gotta go. See you around?" Alana said, grabbing her purse.

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" Sure." Tyler said.

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