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Seaspray13 I haven't read my name is memory, but from the synopsis, it seems like the eternal ones! Anyone read both? (but please no spoilers!)

Jenn I have heard people compare My Name is Memory to the Fallen series but I didn't think they were really that similar other than the fact that they both deal with eternal lovers searching for one another through reincarnation. Personally I felt My Name is Memory was a much better love story and very well written. I've also heard it's supposed to be part of a trilogy but have yet to see anything definite about the other two. I haven't checked out the Eternal Ones though- I will have to!

message 3: by Rose (new)

Rose It's only similar in the sense that they both deal with reincarnation (I'm sure I didn't spell that right) but in my opinion My Name Is Memory is a bit more mature and has far better writting than Eternal Ones or Fallen. I'm not trying to bash the other series cuz I have them both and loved them but this book is my far the best book I have read in my whole life! If you liked the eternal ones you will definitely love this one. The bad thing about this book is it ends with a major cliffhanger and the sequel (according to the author) is no where in sight :(

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