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sixth grade

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do you think that girls should ask the boys out or vice versa?

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i really dont care but i think the boys should ask the girls out

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Gracie | 3 comments yeah i agrees wit lily on that one

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why?? is it more proper that way??

message 6: by Gracie (new)

Gracie | 3 comments yeah i guess and then u no that if u like them then they like u back instead of u asken them and they only say yea so they dont hurt ur feelings

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

true. wow thanks you guys.

Jack the annoying freak (idkw) | 8 comments ok so this sucks b/c i can't date anyone b/c mom won't let me i guess i have 2 wait until the dance whenever that is

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ha ha. u like somone?

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well. why don't you just break the rules or atleast tell me who you like.

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this is somewhat a date dress.

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whose that? WHEN she says yes, you have two options. Go to the movies with like another couple or a romantic eat out.
But if you want to be creative, go do something else.

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ask a friend if you can sleepove or sumthing and them at the slepepover or sumthing you guys go eat or watch movies.

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I know its not the RIGHT thing to do, but does that matter? Thats what i would do.

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jack, you and a freind should go to the movies with yo date. or sumthing like that.

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shure you can do that.

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Carrie Goodall (booklady1) Hey guys...just a reminder. These discussion aren't PRIVATE! idk if you care that EVERYONE on your friends list can read this, but if you do, you might want to take the discussion to "messages" or email or somewhere more private. Just a heads up! ;)

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yea you guys. i'm just kidding.

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Gracie | 3 comments k well........ uhhhhhhhh.............. k

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