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Will (wjmcomposer) The folder is open for discussions!
Jason is leading the discussion for this book.

Jason Baldwin-Stephens | 131 comments Thank you, Will!

As the title says this folder will be for sharing any resources we find that are worth sharing about A Visit from the Goon Squad or any subjects that anyone feels are of importance to the topic on hand.

Also, if everyone is okay with it I think we can go ahead and use this area for general discussion of the novel but please refrain from any spoilers here.

Either later tonight or tomorrow I will set up some spots where we can get our spoilers on and really dig into the meat of Egan's work.

Deborah | 983 comments Mod
I already have the book and I'm looking forward to the read and discussion.

Lily (Joy1) | 2158 comments Shoot! Just had to reconstruct this post. Hope that wasn't a warning that I shouldn't be posting it! (Grin!)

First, if you are reading this on an ebook, know that the author's web site has a full scale view of the chapter that you will likely find hard to read on your device. (It has pretty colors, so you might want to take a look, regardless.)

Second, at some point you are likely to want some type of aid for the relationships between the various characters. Know that a lot of others have already been there and have been kind enough to place their efforts on the Web. Pick your search words and look if you don't want to take the time and effort to create your own. If/when I find it again, I will post a link to one brought to my attention by a member of my f2f book club, who investigated several before sharing.

Third, there are already some good discussions of this book on Goodreads. Since Jason cautioned about spoilers on this thread, I am enclosing links to those within the spoiler option. However, know that besides links to specific chapters, there is a link related to the time line of the novel. I found that one particularly useful, but not until I had read all or at least most of the novel. The contributors here included at least one person who already has taught the novel. I found several of his comments particularly insightful.

Have fun! I may join the discussion from time to time, although am not certain I shall take the time to reread the novel right now. I am more likely to be a lurker.

(view spoiler)

Jason Baldwin-Stephens | 131 comments Thank you, Lily!

I had completely forgotten about the difficulties one could run into with an Ebook copy of this so, thank you especially for the heads up on chapter 12 being available on Egan's website.

Glorianne | 3 comments Just in case anyone is slow on the ball and likes listening to audiobooks, Audible is offering this title for $4.95 until September 18. Likely there will be some lost for this book by listening instead of reading, as it sounds like there is a lot of visual information in the actual book, but that's how I first read the book (by listening) and I still got a great deal out of it.

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Sophia Roberts | 1324 comments Mod
Goodread's quote for the day (Thursday 6th September):

“I don’t want to fade away, I want to flame away - I want my death to be an attraction, a spectacle, a mystery. A work of art.”

— Jennifer Egan

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