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message 1: by Becca (new)

Becca | 160 comments So I may not be in the majority for thinking this way, but I like how to work for the government (in chapter 37) you have to want to. They aren't there for the pay. I wish our politicians weren't paid so well. I would rather have people do the job, that want to do the job, instead of people that do it for the money. This is the same reason, I am not to sad that teachers get paid what they do. I want someone to teach my kids, that wants to teach. I don't want someone teaching my kids because they get paid loads of money to do it.

message 2: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle | 49 comments I totally agree, it's like people want a certaiin profession, not because they love it but because they get payed very well. I'm not saying all people that are teachers, doctors and politicians are only doing it for the money but you get my drift.

message 3: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany | 194 comments Mod
I wish I got paid lots of money! I can agree that someone shouldn't get paid lots of money if they don't deserve it, and politicians are paid more than they're worth. But...

Take for example my two brothers. They are going to be millionaires. Do I think they deserve it? Absolutely. They have been in school for 11 years: 7 of those years to learn how to be a dentist. Generally, the more you get paid to do something, the more competitive the field becomes and therefore only the best are going to get in that school, job, etc., meaning any dentist (or whatever) you go to is going to be amazing and you are going to get the best care possible.

Or, the teacher example: If teachers got paid $200,000 a year to teach, then thousands upon thousands of more people would be applying for the teaching program at university's compared to now. If 1,000 people apply at one university, that university now gets to pick the best of the best out of those 1,000 people. Whereas nowadays, a lot of teaching programs will take whoever applies, because frankly, not a lot of people want to be teachers because it pays so low. And just because these people want to teach, does not mean they will be good teachers.

Like I said before, politicians are not someone who fall under this category. They usually get their position by knowing someone, not by working especially hard.

But I know when I decide to get LASIK surgery for my eyes, I will probably end up paying more than average, because I will only go to the best and often times the best cost the most.

I can however see your point and I think it's a valid one, I just like to play devil's advocate.
Hope I wasn't too harsh. I feel like in disagreeing I am being a jerk or something. But that is not my intention. Please still love me.

message 4: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea | 58 comments I agree with you, Tiff. And to add to your (the need for it, desire for it) can be a huge motivating factor in excelling at a job, receiving addiional training to stay competitive, etc. I think it's easy to get discouraged in doing a good job when it seems as though your efforts aren't appreciated and valued...and one big way to show that a job is valued is by how much money it demands! Anywho, my two cents. Loves!

message 5: by Becca (new)

Becca | 160 comments I do see your point of money being a good motivator, and I agree.
As far as Tiffany's comment about her brother's going to school for so long so they deserve to get paid more. I say that the longer you go to school for teaching, the more you will get paid. If you get a Doctorate you will get paid more then if you get a BA so it is not that different.
As for the comment on the more you get paid the more competition to get into the school, there for only the good get in I say initially there would be more competition to get into the schools, but then they would just start opening up 2nd rate schools and 3rd rate schools to accommodate all those who didn't get good enough test scores to get into the good schools. Your brothers are at a good school and are getting a good education, that does not mean all dentists are worth what they get paid. I also happen to know that your brothers LOVE teeth and love learning about them. ( I have known them longer then you )
Chelsea your comment about the need/want for money is a huge factor when wanting to excel at a job. I agree, and the harder you work at any job the more you excel, and the more you get paid. They don't promote someone just because, they promote (and give better raises) to those who work harder, further their education and show loyalty to the company/ organization.
Look at the Church that you two belong to, they don't pay anyone for the jobs they do(well a few get paid, but its next to nothing), but look how much it grows, how well organized it is. These people that work in the church do it because of the love for the church, not because they get paid.
I am sticking to my original thoughts of I would rather have people that work in government/schools that are there because they love it, not because they get paid.

message 6: by Erich (new)

Erich Franz Linner-Guzmann (erichfranzlinnerguzmann) | 81 comments Becca... you crack me up! It's true, you have known them longer, haha :) And I think all of you have really good points! I agree with Becca that I would rather have the government work because they want to and not because they get paid a ton to do it, but I would rather someone work for the government because they get paid a ton over someone that wants to work for the power. Sometime when you take the money away you get the people that already have money and do the job for power. Now that is scary!

message 7: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany | 194 comments Mod
I can see your point once again Becca. But...

Those second rate schools will be known as second rate schools and therefore the private schools that are hiring and paying lots of money are only going to hire the people from the 1st rate schools. People going to the 2nd and 3rd rate schools will not get paid as much.

It is also true that I will get paid more the further I get in school. But going from my BS in Special Ed to my Masters in Special Ed will only earn me about 3,000 more a year to start with. (So nowhere near what my brothers will get paid for furthering their education. And you may have known them longer, but I've known them less longer than you. so... ha! Wait a minute...) It will cost me a lot more than that just to get through grad school. So it will probably take me years just to get my money back for furthering my education. That being said I am almost positive I missed the deadline to apply for grad school. Please cry for me everyone. I have no crying left in me, but I'm not done crying, so I need someone to do it by proxy. I appreciate it.

True story: I happen to know a very nice young woman who is a teacher and went into the profession because she wanted to teach. Unfortunately, she doesn't have what it takes to be a teacher. These kids have all regressed, no matter how much she cares, she just doesn't have the necessary skills. So, is it fair that they are falling even further behind, but she gets to teach because she cares about them?

message 8: by Becca (new)

Becca | 160 comments So would that teacher be a better teacher if she got paid more?

message 9: by Erich (new)

Erich Franz Linner-Guzmann (erichfranzlinnerguzmann) | 81 comments I would say, not necessarily, but I do think that the better the teacher the better the pay should be. But who decides the pay of teachers in government schools right now? I believe the government has large amount of persuasion in that. The best way to determine how much a teacher is worth is to let the individual who is getting taught to decide. Good teachers will be in high demand and therefor will get more than the teacher that doesn't have the desired skill the student is looking for. It's when you get the giant sized government involved is where this all goes wrong and it's because they don't care what the student wants per se, but more so in there own agenda, which sadly doesn't have the teacher and student at the top of the list.

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