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Homecoming: A Discussion on the Rose and Dimitri Short Story

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message 1: by Mic (new)

Mic Now that the book is out, we can finally get our hands on that short story we've been dying to read! What did everyone think?

It was a let down for me. I was expecting more Rose and Dimitri cuteness and time with Dimitri's family. It wasn't really about that at all. And am I the only one that thought Rose was a shadow of her usual self? It felt too much like Richelle wrote this to cash in and stick it in this anthology than what the story was supposed to be. The Blood King was flimsy and it felt sooo rushed through.

I hate comparing authors, but I wish Richelle had done this like Cassandra Clare does with all her extras. Either stick it in the back of your next book, or post it online for free. With Cassandra, it feels like she wrote the extras because she genuinely wanted to. With this, it felt like Richelle half assed it so she could put it in the collection and make some more money.

Anyone else feel the same? Different? I wanna end on a positive note, so lets see... what did I like about it... I liked that there was an Alchemist in it. Everything from the world was included, Lissa was mentioned, that spirit couple she met in Siberia, and of course, the Alchemists. Richelle really has created such a world for these characters and I really wish I had been able to enjoy this short story.

Kaina Yeah, I was kind of let down by this story :/ It felt as if something was.... missing. Rose felt really flat and as if she weren't herself. I definitely agree with you about the expecting more cuteness between Dimitri and Rose.

message 3: by Dawn (new) - rated it 1 star

Dawn I expected more story all together. 40-50 pages isn't enough for me to have spent money on that book. It was to short, the story wasn't developed, and I agree seems like she just wanted to cash in on her fan's long wait. Next time just write a new story for the couple and put it out as a stand alone, or new series.

Kaina Couldn't agree more

message 5: by Nja (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nja I generally like to read about Rose and Dimitri, although it was very short.
But it's nice to know Dimitri had a chance to see his family and it's sweet to know he thinks about marriage

Since everything is concerning him, I'd liked to read this from Dimitri's perscpective too!
I think what was missing is Rose in action, here she's just an observer.
(She has no serious interaction, except for the grandma-witch-rhymes-with-B... thing)

Kaina Yeah it was great to read about them again and dimitri talking about marriage was too sweet. I think Rose wasn't in action as much because maybe it was centered around dimitri more? And I loved seeing dimitri seeing his family again, it would have been cool to read in dimitris POV though..

Whitney St-Marseille You have to remember, that it is a short story. All of the authors in the anthology have a page limit that they have to respect. She had to make the most of the allotted space, so of course it wasn't that developed.

Sandra I had the feeling there was something missing from both of the characters. It didn't add up to how they were throughout the VA-series. Both their bad-ass-ness were tempered. And it felt kind of one-sided. Doesn't matter how short the story is, I just had expected more, since she really is an incredible writer. (and I kind of bought the book just for that - good thing there are more amazing stories in there lol)

Kaina and Nja wrote: " it would have been cool to read in dimitris POV though.. "
That I DO agree on that :D Since the story was about him returning to his family, it might as well have been.

message 9: by Firefly_Lili (last edited Sep 26, 2012 12:28PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Firefly_Lili I too had the feeling something was missing... or... anyway, it felt different. I understand that Richelle had a page limit to work with but still.. the story developed too fast.. Like Richelle rushed things.

Doesn't mean I didn't like the story though :p I loved reading about Dimitri's return to home. He's been missing Russia since before book 1. And I like the thought of them getting married someday :)

Athena I was a bit disappointed but I still loved it. It was rushed but Richelle Mead fit in the biggest story in the book. There was very little Rose and Dimitri time but at least it was something.

Bonny Bon Bon I think i had high expectations on this short story thats why i was disappointed. I was expecting more love and action like in the vampire series and agree rose sounded flat and felt like RM did a half ass job

message 12: by Gina (last edited Jun 29, 2017 12:20AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gina Bowman I needed this story though. I hated that Dimitri's family didn't know he was restored and alive. They had a funeral for him and mourned him, still were.

So yes, I needed this story. I don't care for the Blood King part but overall this story gives me closure of Dimitri finally getting to go home and see his mother, and grandmother, and sisters and all. Plus the whole accepting Rose story.

It was needed. Perhaps Richelle thought no one would like it if there wasn't a battle in the midst of it and she might have been right. I would like to see an epilogue book where Sonya and Sidney have done research and they are able to fix the mutation in the genes where they can all have families with whomever they want to have babies with, where the Stragoi can't drink their blood due to the vaccine, and humans get the vaccine as children along with their other vaccines. In some innocuous way.

So the Stragoi die off. What a great way to end the whole thing. Stragoi dying off, humans still blissfully unaware of the Court and the others living among them, Sydney and Adrian having babies along with Declan, Rose finally growing up enough to realize she can parent just as well as anyone else, Lissa and Christian filling the palace with children, Lissa being an amazing queen making good compromises and everyone feeling better about the stresses between the classes of people, and so much more.

Perhaps we could have a single, last visit ever, to the Vampire Academy world set in the future where Rose, Sydney, Sonya, and Lissa's children are at the Academy and something happens where they work together to solve something. Then we get to see what has happened in their world over a few years time and get that final piece of closure.

With the Stragoi gone they wouldn't need so many guardians so the Dhampirs could actually develop in other ways and perhaps even have more family style living arrangements like kids going off to boarding school.

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