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who should have played peeta mellark in the movie?
Rachelle Rachelle Aug 29, 2012 06:51AM
according to the book, Peeta is....
"....16 and has bright blue eyes and blond hair. stocky built and medium height with bright blue eyes and ashy blonde hair that falls in waves over his forehead"

in the movie, it was played by josh hutcherson. the looks will definitely pass the description but the height was quite shorter than expected. i can't feel any screen chemistry between jeniffer lawrence (katniss) and josh (peeta). no butterflies and sparks.

i can see sterling knight or zac efron will fit the role. production just have to do something about the hair and turn it to blond. who is your choice?

Rachelle wrote: "according to the book, Peeta is....
"....16 and has bright blue eyes and blond hair. stocky built and medium height with bright blue eyes and ashy blonde hair that falls in waves over his forehead"..."

I can sort of see zac efron... but in my mind, if it was him, it couldn't be jennifer.

deleted member Sep 03, 2012 11:00PM   1 vote
William Moseley could've played Peeta, but I reckon Josh did a good job!:)

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Summersa He is awsome he is so hot he played Peeta and yes he did a good job who is the other guy
Mar 12, 2015 06:36AM

Sophie (last edited Aug 31, 2012 03:19AM ) Aug 31, 2012 03:19AM   1 vote
Bradley James, he would have made an excellent Peeta.

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Summersa What
Mar 12, 2015 06:42AM

I loved Josh as Peeta. Okay, I'll admit, he's not what I was expecting Peeta to look like, but I think Josh's superb acting skills made him absolutely perfect. I loved him so much.
At first, I thought the height difference was really strange but now, I can't imagine it anyother way. It makes Katniss seem that much more intimidating and harsh over Peeta's nice, boy-next-door demure.

I don't know many younger actors, but I did feel that Josh Hutcherson wasn't quite right for the role. His hair didn't look naturally blonde and like you, I didn't get the feeling of any chemistry between him and Jennifer Lawrence. Plus I remember when he was just a little kid in Journey to the Center of the Earth and I just couldn't see him as any sort of grown-uppish love interest.

I feel like Josh and Jennifer looks more like siblings rather than lover , partners , couple or whatever. His face also looks too cute (like a child) which is not quite what I imagined. I imagined a more masculine and matured handsome face for Peeta. You're right that Josh is a little too short, as well as the guy who'll play Finnick. Too many height problems for the film :)

Uh...Josh Hutcherson? He was perfect, in my opinion. I can see why you would say there wasn't much chemistry, but keep in mind that Katniss is unsure about her feelings for him and is playing up their relationship for sponsors.

The only person I didn't really like was Liam, but then again, I don't like Gale very much either.

Josh Hutcherson was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I think he was the perfect Peeta, and Suzanne Collins does too! (At least that's what I heard)

I have to say in the book I wasn't imagining Josh Hutcherson, but instead some dreamy guy that probably only exists in my universe. I think Josh Hutcherson did a fantastic job though.

Also, Alex Pettyfer? I thought he would do a good job too.

I recant my earlier suggestion William Moseley would have been perfect.

each one was quite perfect.

I think he doesn't look old enough or bold enough. He needs a stronger phase and to be bigger as well. He's supposed to be super strong, don't forget.

I'm a huge Josh Hutcherson fan. I think he did 'ok' in the film. I do NOT like Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss. And I agree...absolutely no chemistry. I was also sad to see there was no chemistry between Katniss and Gale. They just tossed him out like week old leftovers!!

logan larman

Funnily enough, I thought Josh was the only actor they got right!!!
I still don't think Jennifer or Liam fit their roles that well.
And I still think Emily Browning would have played a perfect Katniss.

Have you seen the new Finnick?
He looks nothing like I imagined either!

dammit, yes! he is wayyy to short to be peeta who is stocky and well built. josh may be muscular but he hardly fits in the desciption of peeta. i just couldnt see him in that role and that is exactly what ruined the movie for me. jennifer lawrence as katniss was OK for me but if shes paired with josh, a complete nono! how can the directors choose josh!!! god! william moseley would have been a much better choice! soft eyes, calm, tall, blond hair and blue eyes as said in the book. whats best is i can totally imagine him with jennifer lawrence as a couple! dang! they really screwed this one cast up.

I think Alex pettyfer would have been a good choice for peeta

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