Hetty Feather (Hetty Feather, #1) Hetty Feather question

Any one think Hetty Feather is sphyco?
Karla Rades Karla Aug 29, 2012 12:06AM
I like the book but hetty feather definitly has anger managments

hetty feather is a great book, and the love the fact that her red hair matches her temper!

Hetty feather js a good book i hope they make more series on the tv

this book is very good i loved reading it i read it all in one setting so i recoomend u read this book

I LOVE Hetty Feather but she does have a temper, and I can't wait to buy Sapphire Battersea!!!! I LOVE Jacqueline Wilson!!!

It's a very good book and she does have quite a bit of a temper however she has calmed down in sapphire battersea and emerald star i personally think

deleted member Jan 30, 2013 10:56PM   0 votes
Its a good book

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