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i hate this book

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Sarah  thomas why did you like it?

Courtney I agree. This book was a total and complete waste of time. The story line goes nowhere.

Sarah  thomas thank you cause i just can't believe their coming out with more

Courtney Sarah wrote: "thank you cause i just can't believe their coming out with more"

I KNOW!!!!! If no one liked the first book, then why would anyone think to even read the second one?!?! It's so poorly written. I KNOW I could write better than that, and I'm not that good a writer for a 15 year-old. It's just a terrible book all-round.

Anna I thought that this book was good, not great by any means, but not horrible. I wouldn't pick this book up automatically read it, but I was flying to Rome when I read it...and I wanted a, I bought that one.

It's a good book if you have absolutely nothing else to do, or no other books to read.

Kristen "Kirby" Personally, I enjoyed it. Vamps was a very fast, short read with some interesting scenes and drama. I admit it was a shallow, unthinking book that is easy to be forgotten but it was a nice way to pass the time. (:

harlequin {Stephanie} Couldn't get more than 25 pages into it. I felt dumber the more I read it. If that is harsh i'm sorry, but I just could not go on. This will be going onto my never-touch-again shelf which I plan to create for this book.

ROSE  HATHAWAY  I didn't like it as well, i'm glad to know that I'm not the only one.

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