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message 1: by Belle ♥ (new)

Belle ♥ (Bellabeautiful) | 352 comments what are some good quest ideas for the rp's???

message 2: by Belle ♥ (new)

Belle ♥ (Bellabeautiful) | 352 comments Gather quests: also known as collection quests, require a character to collect a number of items. These can either be gathered from a location or environment, or require the character to kill creatures in order to collect the required items. The quest may also require the character to collect a number of different items, for example to assemble a device.

A kill quest: sends the character out to kill either a specific number of named creatures, or a specific non-player character or NPC. These types of quests often require the character to bring back proof of their work, such as animal fangs for a creature kill quest, or the head of an NPC

Delivery quest: also known as a FedEx quest or fetch-carry quest. This involves the character being sent to deliver an item from one location to another.[7:] Sometimes the character may need to collect the item first instead of being handed the item to deliver when starting the quest. These quests are made challenging by asking the character to journey through unfamiliar or dangerous terrain, sometimes while facing a time limit.

Escort quest: This type of quest is a combination of slaying monsters to maintain the well-being of a non-player character all while exploring an area alongside that NPC. A typical escort quest would involve protecting a character as he or she moves through a monster-infested area. A majority of the time the quest will demand of the player to slay multiple monsters to ensure the safety of the NPC.Escort quests can be beneficial, in forcing the player's focus to a particular area in order to play out a scene or reveal a section of the plot

message 3: by Alex , "Dance you guys! You look stupid just standing there!" -Thalia (new)

Alex  | 2536 comments Mod
the last two sound fun

message 4: by Belle ♥ (new)

Belle ♥ (Bellabeautiful) | 352 comments it's hard to decide! i made a poll about it fyi

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