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Does Miri get married to Peder?

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message 1: by Heba (new)

Heba yes, Miri and Peder end up deciding to marry each other. Timon is the guy who almost comes in between them.

johanna l0l. Yush. Peder proposed to her eventually xD

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"peder" means "homo(sexual man)" in Croatian, just that you know

Erica I'm sure they'll get married eventually, but not before Miri graduates. Education first, after all.

Autumn Brooke There are 3 books. They are betrothed, but do not actually get married in the books :( (but I love them so much they were my first ship (I was in 3rd grade... 6 years ago)

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Juliana Do you know where can I read the book online? I could read the first one only

Samantha Yes,it was so sweet!

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