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More than 1,000 chimpanzees—some who were captured from the wild, used by the entertainment industry and kept as pets—currently live in nine biomedical research and testing laboratories around the United States.

Despite extensive knowledge of their rich social and emotional lives and their ineffectiveness as models for human diseases like HIV, chimpanzees continue to be subjected to painful and invasive experiments—some for more than 40 years now. However, at any given time, the vast majority of chimpanzees in laboratories are not being used, while their care and maintenance is spending taxpayer dollars.

It’s time to end the wasteful and poor treatment of our closest living and endangered relatives.

Take Action for Chimps
1. Support the Great Ape Protection Act

2. Take the quiz to find out your chimpanality.

3. Do more with our Action Toolkit.

The HSUS seeks to end the use of chimpanzees in invasive biomedical research and testing and to retire those chimpanzees currently in laboratories to permanent and appropriate sanctuaries by:

influencing policymakers
gaining support from the public
growing support among members of the scientific community
scientifically challenging the arguments advocating harmful chimpanzee research
preventing breeding of additional chimpanzees into the research system

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Kayla Testing on any animal ,especially chimps, is wrong. I mean how can we test on something that is so close to us.(DNA wise) It is animal cruelty.

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Thank you Mattie, and I hope others also agree.

Emily ♥ monkeys | 19 comments of course....i definitely agree! chimps and monkeys also.... :*( so sad

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