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Where is your favorite place to read a book?

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message 1: by Ed (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ed I loved this book but found that reading this book in a very quiet place while my daughter was at swim practice somehow drew me more into the world of this book. Where is your favorite place to read? Does it depend on the book? When is your favorite time to read?

Lori Anderson I read in bed, with a snack! Absolutely my favorite place to read, and ironically I never seem to fall asleep when reading in bed.

Lori Anderson

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Amina Definitely snuggled up on the couch, and to me, it doesn't seem to matter if its noisy or quiet... i can't hear anything anyways because i get so into the book!

Colleen My favorite place to read is the beach. Just a book and a cooler-no phone, laundry or other things I should be doing.

Melissa Dee In bed, holding the book over me with one hand. I try to avoid big hardbacks because I often drop them on my head.

Maureen Rue I love to read in my big comfy chair by my fireplace. But I need an ottoman!

message 7: by Krizza (new) - added it

Krizza Sombra same with Melissa..

Marianne I like to read anywhere: on the treadmill, out walking, while I'm having breakfast/lunch, in bed. But except when I'm on the couch or out walking I use my bookseat. see
I got one of these for Christmas a few years ago and I bought myself another to permanently sit on my treadmill, they're so handy. I think they are available in Angus & Robertson (if your store hasn't closed down...) for $45 but also online for $40 plus postage (follow the links in the shortcut above). I think they're also available OS now. Melissa, you would find this great for big hardbacks in bed.
Oh, and no, I don't have any financial interest in the Aussie company that makes them (wish I did!), I just think they're a great idea.

Melissa Dee They do look a good idea, but, for some reason, I feel most comfortable reading when lying on my back so would need some sort of hoist/pulley system.

I used to have one of these chairs from the pier, but even though it was supremely comfy I still used to read in bed!

Maureen Farrimond I read absolutely anywher but my favourite place has to be in the bath on a day off when I can take my time with no iterruptions.

Trish Wow! That bookseat thing looks awesome. All it needs is a built-in booklight.

I prefer to read lying on my couch with at least two kitties snuggled with me. I read before bed every night, but hubby usually falls asleep first so I feel bad reading even with a small booklight. At night, I don't usually read for too long before falling asleep anyway.

Calli there used to be this old tree in the park in my hometown. the branches were low and all worn smooth from people climbing on them. I used to climb up into one of the low branches where it formed this seat against the trunk and read there on warm days.
good lord, I miss that.
also, it was fun to freak out people walking by who didn't think to look up.

Karen Melissa, me too! :)

Susana Silvestre In Portugal, thankfully, we have a lot of warm sunny days, even in the winter, so, the very best place to read a book is a "esplanada" wich is a kind of a cafe outside.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

In spring and summer - outside on my front porch or back patio. Just wish the nosey neighbors would get the hint "I"M READING"
In the winter in our warm den, sunlight through the big windows and a nice warm comfy blanket while sitting in my reclining chair. Cup of tea anyone!

Devilyn (Emily) Usually in my room on my bed, unless its a really nice out and then i like reading outside in the garden... although its kinda hard to concentrate with all the neighbours and outside noises.

Tracy I love to read in bed before I fall asleep. But my back porch swing is probably my favorite place -- with the air, the birds, the sunshine and the kids playing nearby....ahhhhhh nice!

Rachael Pedersen Nearly always in bed, my fiancee sometimes works nights so I get the whole bed to myself and can sit up until late reading to my hearts contence!

Imogen Calli wrote: "there used to be this old tree in the park in my hometown. the branches were low and all worn smooth from people climbing on them. I used to climb up into one of the low branches where it formed ..."
Wow that totally sounds as if its from a fairy tale story but I really wish that I had a tree like that

Adriana My fav place is after ive put the kids to bed at night and i get nice and cosy in my bed and read untill i cannot keep my eyes open anymore....its a nice way to drift off!!!!

Sheri i am not a good sleeper so

itnd to get up very in the morning.

i love to read in my recliner in the wee hours in the morning
{like 4am} when the world is still quiet


Washi I love to read in my bed any time of the day but i really love to read before sleeping and i put some music (i love toread while listen to rock)

message 23: by Bez (new) - rated it 3 stars

Bez i love to read on my porch from sunset till i can barely read the words its so dark

Calli Immie wrote: "Calli wrote: "there used to be this old tree in the park in my hometown. the branches were low and all worn smooth from people climbing on them. I used to climb up into one of the low branches wh..."

I realized that after I had submitted it. :D I swear, it's true though. It was awesome.

Imogen Calli wrote: "Immie wrote: "Calli wrote: "there used to be this old tree in the park in my hometown. the branches were low and all worn smooth from people climbing on them. I used to climb up into one of the l..."
yeah so cool

message 26: by فهد (new) - added it

فهد الفهد I like many places. in the bed. coffee shops, planes, trains, but must the time is in my library using chair and resting my feet on the table. i am thinking of get a lazy boy chair but no space in my tiny apartment.

Holly Hood In my livingroom on my chaise, or wherever is a quiet spot.

Hodan ( Mostly on my balcony or in bed but i do read when i walk to and from school or when its just a really good book and i have to be somewhere but i don't want to stop.

Krissi I love reading in bed, about an hour before I hit the pillow. My 12 year old daughter is now kissing me good night and putting me to bed. LOL

Angela Sellers I love to read either in bed, at the library, and on the couch. It really doesn't matter where I am though. The problem is that I don't really have a lot of time to read these days :(

Jessica I love to read on my balcony. It's sunny and warm and there's a percolation pond right behind my back fence, so there's lots of ducks and geese and an occasional swan. There's also a nice view of the mountains. A wonderfully private spot for reading.

Torrie I have a few spots,
1. When its nice, on my porch with my legs dangling over.
2. we have a couch with a thing that pulls out, bed of course.
4. We have a giant freezer downstairs that I sit on , wierd yet none of my siblings come down there, so its quiet. :)

Robin I like to read on my reclliner, or in bed at night. When my daughter was an small, I used to read in the bathroom, I read so many books in there. I also read before sleeping at night. If I had a hammock, I would read in that, but would probably fall asleep mid sentence. LOL

Frank Kerner I love to read everywhere, and when I can't read... audiobooks! It's great to devour stories 24/7.

Kathryn In bed snuggled up with a cup of tea :-)

Robin or a cup of cocoa. but sometimes just me and the book. Whenever I am feeling stressed out I carve out a few minutes of reading time, and it defuses the situation, and what I thought was earth-shattering has left me and I can resume life on an even keel.

message 37: by Eva (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eva In bed or on my balcony :D

Robin I have both, but I usually go to bed to read. Balcony is not that nicely furnished.

message 39: by Eva (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eva Robin wrote: "I have both, but I usually go to bed to read. Balcony is not that nicely furnished."

Then you need to furnish it nice...? :)
Mine is, has nice flowers and a comfy chair with a cute balconytable :) Perfect scenery! (Except for my neighbour who is building his own little motorcycle... argh!)

message 40: by Anne (new) - rated it 4 stars

Anne I love reading in bed, but to tell the truth I love reading anywhere, no matter where I go I always take a book just in case.

Robin Eva, not enough space, to do it up as I would like. It is just one of those balconies that comes with condominiums. Not much space:(

Michael In my bedroom or my living room.

Celine There's this big beautiful tree outside my house, and I would love to read in that tree. The branches are really low, so you can easily climb in it. I don't know.. Reading in nature is kind of.. relaxing.

That bookseat thing looks very comfortable.

Robin I used to love reading in parks but found it too distracting with tanning, etc. Trees sounds good, but what if you forget where you are and fall out. I like to see people walking and reading books, I think they must have holes in their books, how can they walk and read at the same time.

Marie I have a few places that I read. The couch, the spare room, the treadmill, but my favorite is outside when it is sunny.

Shereese Maynard I love to read while sitting on a floor pillow in my bedroom floor. Love it. I sit as I did in kindergarten, legs crossed and I read until I get sleepy.

Danyelle I have a few places where I love to read. In the winter, its the couch with a nice cup of tea. In the summer, its sitting on a lounger on a nice sunny day at the beach.

message 48: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy I love to read in bed when it is cold and raining outside and on a weekday when I should be at work. Bliss! Long, long ago I devised a strategy to hold a book one handed while laying on my favourite side to read it.

But I do love to be alone in the park on a sunny day with a book and a can of ice cold Diet Coke, too. :)

Robin That sounds like lots of fun, Amy. Any place where I can sit, either waiting in the car during daughter's piano or violin lessons, or sitting on my lazy boy lounger at home, is perfectly fine with me.

*Kashi* I have a few spots, but my favorite has to be a Hammock

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